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Peter Christopher Lomtevas

Peter Lomtevas’s reviews

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  • From Disaster to Light at the end of the tunnel...

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mark Solomon

    Peter is a brilliant thinker, he's kind, compassionate and is 100% on your side! He is the first lawyer that I have ever met that couldn't be bought or influenced by the opposing side. When I first retained Peter, opposing counsel called him to suggest that he team up with her to damage me. Not only was Peter shocked by this unprofessional behavior but he bitterly complained about it to appropriate authorities and used this behavior against the lawyer in my proceeding. Peter is available to his clients at all times of the day and night, you literally become a family member. His ability to think outside the box and anticipate the exact legal strategy the opponent will employ has resulted in the complete demolition of the oppositions case. After Peter was done at my trial, opposing counsel, the AFC and most importantly the judge were stunned into speechlessness. Peter is my attorney for life!!

    Hired attorney
  • Highly Recommended!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tracey

    Peter Lomtevas is smart, highly capable and was able to navigate the complexity of my situation. I'd spoken to a few others lawyers who said there was nothing I could do in regards to a divorce stipulation. I spoke with Peter a few times on the phone, he looked at my paperwork, and offered not only his advice but a solution, which worked in court. And another plus: he charges a flat rate so you don't feel like the clock is ticking when you speak to him on the phone, which is the case with most lawyers. I can't say enough positive things about Peter. He knows and understands the law and will tell you clearly what you are dealing with—and how to navigate the issues at hand.

    Hired attorney
  • Clear Consice and Swift

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Giovonna

    I needed a question answered online and I had gotten 4 responses one of which Peter Lomtevas and he was the only one who understood the question and answered it precisely and to the point.

    it was a refreshing experience for me. Thank you so, so much.

    Consulted attorney
    Peter Christopher Lomtevas’s response: “I can assure you the government employees and other associated entities absolutely do not like my answers to these questions. I'll have to stop when the First Amendment is repealed.”
  • Eased my mind...and saved me quite a bit of money...before even taking the case!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Noah

    What a first impression! Peter spent 35 minutes on the phone with me at no charge, answering my questions and helping me realize I did not need to spend the thousands of dollars I was about to spend on an attorney for a prenup. What a stand-up guy! I can't thank him enough for his time and wisdom, and there's no question that I will use him in the future for a potential custody case that will need to be handled.

    Thanks, again Peter! You saved me a ton of money and really put my mind at ease.

  • I do not recommend Peter.

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    I retained Peter Lomtevas almost two years ago to represent me in an action case brought against me in a family matter. Even though I was extremely dissatisfied with the way he handled my case, I must at least state that Peter is usually very responsive when you need to speak to him.

    However, other than his responsiveness, what I did find was that Peter is at times condescending when I did speak to him on the phone. I often felt he had a difficult time speaking to me in a civil manner. Sometimes it seemed he was fighting against me rather than for me.

    In the end, the case was lost. Peter appeared to place the result on everything and everybody but himself. He even blamed me for losing the case?

    I do not recommend Peter.

    Peter Christopher Lomtevas’s response: “I believe your mother wrote this review but I will address my reply to you. You attempted family court litigation for years on your own and then retained me on a relocation case after a family member guided you to assemble evidence they thought would work. You saved pennies and lost dollars. I'm sorry that sounds harsh but when you are in court regarding your children, the results can be harsher including losing custody of your children which could be imminent. Specifically, your step dad, a veteran of dozens of years in the family court system as a respondent father, appears to have conjured up a plan to help you relocate to another state after you and your ex fought in court with dozens of petitions for almost all the years your children have been alive. Your plan included showing future education plans leading to a lesser degree than you already had, employment plans you have not yet been hired for (at a lower rate of pay than in N.Y.) and living accommodations you could not afford. To move to another state, your situation must go up immediately, not down. Your step dad must have then suggested that in order to save money on counsel fees, you should take all this useless evidence -- photos of a home, school brochures, work brochures and various other advertisements -- to a lawyer to push the case past the finish line. You remember best my advice to you as to what other areas had to be testified to. We had a trial and the judge denied your move. The judge reasoned that your intentions were merely wanting to get away from the ex because your education and work plans were not credible. Your brochures would have made the decision worse than it already was. Now I see that you have more petitions with the ex. At the rate you are going, you will lose custody soon. Your ex knows what buttons to push to make you upset and you launch new petitions every time he does so. Eventually, the court will try new ways to make the petitions stop and the ex will get the kids for the court to see if that works. Lastly, you remember how you and I bonded well and worked together well. It was your mother who said I was condescending and it was your step father who came to my office to cross examine me as to why I did not put your brochures into evidence. It was from that meeting that I realized he was the manager of the case. Too many cooks spoiled the broth and now your mother is on a quest to humiliate me here and on Facebook in an attempt to cost me future business by saying she does not 'recommend' me. Please have her stop and I suggest you stop the petitions.”

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Michael

    Peter Lomtevas represented me for two(2) years on criminal charges.These criminal charges were in Brooklyn Criminal Court.I did not accept a plea.I was not guilty.The trial was non-jury.Peter is a fighter.He never avoids his clients.He is dedicated.He is diligent.I was referred by a top quality attorney to Peter.Clients receive quality for a "FLAT FEE."

  • A Lifesaver!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Mr Lomtevas has an encyclopedic knowledge of Civil procedure, and it's most appropriate application. Listen carefully to his advice and take heed. It is invaluable to have someone like Peter Lomtevas in your corner; someone who is a greater authority on rule of law than most judges.
    I cannot thank him enough.

  • Great lawyer

    4.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    I think Peter is a great lawyer,he closed a chapter of my life, that was very, extremely stressful to me and my family. Mr lomtevas is very punctual, straight forward and persistent, throughout my whole case I felt very confident that the matter would of been resolved the right way, meaning without Him, I would of been another statistic of the system. Peter is very understanding, and very intelligent in his field, he took the time to explain each and every matter that occurred, and last but not least, even is team is very helpful to other situations, such as being helpful to ways of employment, due to stressful situations of being in court and still having to survive in life. Thank you Peter and ms Vera for being in my corner, I'm sure that any case that Peter in counter or takes, that he will do the best he can for a good outcome for his clients.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    I have owed Peter a rave review for well over a year.

    But my tardiness is the testament to his work: I've spent that time living life with my son—maximizing ‘being there’ as he grows up. Peter gave us, rescuing us from a court system that stacks against “the best interests of the child.” He reversed stipulated custody and now our son resides with me full time.

    I write today, because I read the review, “Avoid This Attorney At All Cost.” It’s simply unfair to Peter and counter to everything I know of the man. I hope my review convinces others to ignore it.

    To that writer: it’s obvious that you suffered a painful loss. I have been there, multiple times, and feel for you. But one battle does not decide the war.

    Countless times, judges stole my son. E.g. John Hunt eliminated all contact with my son WITHOUT A TRIAL, even as my son’s own lawyer objected that this would do “irreparable damage” to his child. Lizbeth Gonzales went further, literally telling us there was no basis to mom’s temporary order of protection, yet allowing only mom to testify before removing all contact. She didn’t even allow me to speak in my own defense or present an expert witness! This all happened even though 3 different court forensics evaluators and the child’s law guardian recommended custody to me and directly refuted all accusations.

    If you approach court like it plays out on TV—where a judge a rules based on an evaluation of fact & evidence—you will be disappointed and steps behind your adversary.

    Court is a Chess game, where your life & your children’s lives are the pawns, and any judge can knock the whole board over at any time, for no reason at all.

    Judges are first, creatures of power. They get their position via politics; frequently they begin ruling without ever having been inside a courtroom before. With rare exception, judges regularly ignore basic ethics and due process, and make decisions based upon a template manufactured to cultivate their own career advancement. Half the judges I’ve been before have significant mental and emotional problems. AND they get total immunity from any action they take.

    Peter comes in like the knight in the Chess game. He plays on the board, but like the underappreciated knight, can make some wickedly unexpected moves. You need that to have a chance in family court.

    Peter is a “good talker.” And I want that in my lawyer! He’s also an exceptional thinker, knowing when to speak and when it’s best to be silent in court. There are points you can’t win, even when fact and the law are technically on your side. (See experience above)

    Yes, as a client you are vulnerable, dealing with tremendous loss. No lawyer can guarantee justice, but Peter excels at giving hope. You can’t present your best self in court without it.

    During our losses, I found having Peter’s whole family part of his practice to be a true asset. (I owe a whole other review to his wife, Vera, who in addition to managing the business, offers a woman’s perspective and insight as a mother of four. Her contribution saved the day on many occasions.) With family at stake, they take you, your children, and your case personally. We’ve had major losses. We’ve had bad judges. We’ve had injustice that hurt my child every step of the way. But what his family practice excels at is plugging along and waiting for opportunity to present. There is no better lawyer to recognize opportunities and turn things around. For me, it took 4 years to undo where my previous lawyer left us (after a year for $80k). Peter’s family was there to see us through it, every step of the way.

    I highly recommend Peter Lomtevas.

    p.s. Doing your own legwork and some paperwork is a good thing. It saves Peter’s time so he can charge less, frees him to concentrate on the issues in your case, and it trains you to be able to better represent yourself.

  • Highly recommended. Helped me when others wouldnt.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Bushra

    I contacted several Attorneys a few years back and was only given a positive response from Peter, whilst being knocked back by others. When I finally had the courage to fight for my rights, Peter's assistance and support was indebted. He went out of his way to contact me and ensure that I was not only fully informed before ,during and after court proceedings, but also was genuinely concerned with my general health and well being during a tough period in my life.

    I was taken care of by both Peter and his wife when they traveled over 500 miles from NYC to Western New York to the courthouse in hazardous conditions. He had the energy and strength to take a case hundreds of miles from his office and took the case from pleadings through trial before an unfamiliar judge at the opposite end of the state of New York.

    As I couldn't drive, Peter & his wife picked me up from my home and drove to and from the courthouse, over two hours drive back and forth. They also looked after me for the two days during the court days and I never felt alone in the courtroom or out of the courtroom at any time. Although there was a slight language barrier I always felt at ease and they both helped in every way they could..

    Peter's wife/assistant/paralegal traveled across the state to file the pleadings and serve my "husband".

    I am most grateful for what I have and it wouldnt have been possible without Peter or his wife's support and re-assurance. Thanks to you both.