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Rex C. Anderson
Review: "Simply one of the best ! He delivers more than what was expected. I would without reservations recommend him."

Posted by Robert 7 minutes ago

Rami Bishay
Review: "Rami was not fighting for my case, he took a back seat. He ran through the $15,000 retainer in just one month of hire. He wasted so much time sending b.s. emails, phone calls just racking up unnecessary fees, dragging... " more

Posted 21 minutes ago

Stacey Michelle Goad
Review: "Would I recommend Stacey Goad? 100% If you ever need an attorney, it will be hard to find someone better than Stacey."

Posted by theresa holmquist 31 minutes ago

Christian Smith
Review: "I don't even know where to begin with this review. Christian is just amazing. She is genuine and truly cares about her clients and their case. I could not have asked for a better attorney to work with. I HIGHLY suggest... " more

Posted by Katelyn about 1 hour ago

Warren Dean Morten
Review: "I was contacting attorneys to find one to asist me with a deadline driven court matter. Warren Morten emailed me and said he could help me. I emailed him a copy of my court matter and waited for him to contact me to... " more

Posted by Cathy about 1 hour ago

Lee Byron Shelton
Review: "Mr. Shelton is easy to contact and engage, very responsive through the process, and extremely knowledgeable. In my case he obtained a very favorable outcome - more successful than I ever imagined. I highly recommend... " more

Posted about 1 hour ago

Ronald J Cappuccio
Review: "I have referred a number of potential clients to this attorney and he has always been accommodating and helpful to them with their tax and business questions and concerns."

Posted by Lynda about 2 hours ago

Ryan Daniel Sutherland
Review: "I was anxious about needing to contact an attorney after suffering an injury because I had never done so before. Now I can say that I'm incredibly happy that I came across Ryan and his team. I highly recommend Ryan... " more

Posted by J.B. about 2 hours ago

Kellan Patterson
Review: "This atty did not represent my family properly. He led us on for over 2yrs. He would not provide our family with any information during the discovery phase. He would not respond to phone calls. When we did speak with... " more

Posted by Cheryl about 3 hours ago

George H Margetas
Review: "George is well-known and liked by the judges in York County. Not only was he able to keep me out of jail he was able to lower some of my fines. The man’s been at this for 15+ years and is only going to get better I... " more

Posted by Richard about 3 hours ago