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Daniel J Conidi
Review: "Attorney Daniel Conidi is indeed a rare gem. His persona is not one that is taught but one that is innate and that's what sets him far above the rest. He values your time and make you feel important. He's never too... " more

Posted by Dave 9 minutes ago

Daniel J Conidi
Review: "Attorney Daniel Conidi is a straight up professional... He is always available for his clients. He walks you through the whole process and fights to get the job done. Could not be more pleased."

Posted by Alan 14 minutes ago

Sabrina Li
Review: "这个律师根本不专业,没有做过的业务都接,只要给她钱,她什么都接,接了之后也不知道后续如何处理,结果是什么样子,她自己都不知道,而且没有任何专业能力,完全一副死猪不怕开水烫的样子,专门骗中国不懂美国法律,英文不好的中国人,请大家不要上当受骗!"

Posted 28 minutes ago

Kaysia Monica Earley
Review: "Back in 2020 I had a small set back in my life and kaysia came to my rescue I couldn’t thank her enough for making the entire process smooth and stress free. "

Posted by Kelvin about 2 hours ago

Igor Alexander Shapiro
Review: "Took care of my ticket without delay!!! Success I would recommend this attorney and his firm to anyone with traffic ticket. "

Posted by Sarah about 2 hours ago

Jorge Luis Del Villar
Review: "This individual is burnt-out, he lies, hides and never ever answers the phone, neither returns calls. Be aware that he partners with other attorneys just to get the cases, then ignores the people that pays him, and... " more

Posted about 2 hours ago

Orgesi Pandeli
Review: "I highly recommend Orgesi Pandeli's services as an immigration attorney. We retained Orgesi to provide support and advice for a Green Card application. Orgesi provided clear and helpful advice at all stages of the... " more

Posted about 2 hours ago

Juan Carlos Martinez
Review: "Mr. Martinez was great to work with and was able to resolve my case quickly with a good outcome. Would recommend highly for any need."

Posted by Tony about 3 hours ago

Jacqueline C. Ledon
Review: "This attorney is the epitome of incompetence. Lacking essential skills, her strategy relies on your inaction, allowing her to file baseless claims and secure default judgments. Her representation of debt collectors... " more

Posted about 3 hours ago

Zoe Robinson
Review: "Did not respond fast, took other side. Didn’t put an effort to communicate with me. Believed my abuser. Acted confused and arrogant. Very rude and disrespectful. Will treat you like an idiot just because she’s a lawyer.... " more

Posted about 4 hours ago