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Timothy L. Miles
Review: "The way this man spoke to me was the most degrading and disrespectful way I have ever been spoken to. Would not recommend to anyone but ESPECIALLY females. You will feel completely violated, disrespected, and... " more

Posted 1 day ago

Jonathan Goldsmith Cohen
Review: "Due to Covid-19, I had lost my job and got so far behind with my finances needing to file a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. Jonathan Goldsmith Cohen made this situation painless! He was welcoming, polite, and talked to you like... " more

Posted by Kristina 1 day ago

Mary Guy Mendini
Review: "I naively paid an out of state speeding ticket, supposedly going 19 mph over in a 55mph zone. Due to Covid we were informed that we would not be able to appear in court to fight it and to just pay the ticket! We were... " more

Posted 1 day ago

Michael Drew DiFalco
Review: "Michael DiFalco was an excellent attorney. I would highly recommend him. He was kind, patient, fair, and always always available when I needed him. I never hesitated to ask him any questions and he always had answers... " more

Posted by Laura 1 day ago

Danilo A. Borgas
Review: "Danilo Borgas recently represented me in an employment matter. He took time to educate me regarding my case so I was fully informed and understood the process. He was knowledgeable, helpful, professional, and responsive... " more

Posted by Carolyn 1 day ago

Ilham M. Soffan
Review: "I recently hired Ms Soffan as my immigration lawyer. I needed her expertise in maintaining my permanent residency that I was at very high risk of losing. I spent years obtaining my greencard. I have 2 daughters in the... " more

Posted by Wafeda 1 day ago

James Samuel Werter
Review: "James Werder was professional and an expert in the process of filing and finalizing a property settlement. He completed the transaction quickly and was very fair and reasonable in price, I highly recommend Mr. Werder. . " more

Posted by Marjorie 1 day ago

Jerome Paun
Review: "May 8, 2021: Having to hire a criminal lawyer to represent our son was extremely stressful, particularly when you take into consideration of being a minority in this day and age. Therefore, our primary concerns were not... " more

Posted 1 day ago

Nelson Gonzalez
Review: "My family hired Nelson Gonzales in 2009. Afterwards, everything went downhill since I was order deportation since he never showed up to the court hearing. Read this article if you need proof of the type of lawyer he... " more

Posted by Mono 1 day ago

Guillermo Lara Jr.
Review: "Mr. Lara is the best lawyer in San Antonio hands down.He will fight until he gets the best results and or a dismissal in your case. He was there for me every step of the way.Being that I had a bad state and federal... " more

Posted 1 day ago