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Farid Yaghoubtil
Review: "My husband suffered a knee injury after tripping and falling while getting off an airplane (he tripped due to the sudden change in flooring that was unleveled). This team helped us understand the right to file a lawsuit... " more

Posted by Francina Morse about 1 hour ago

Jo Ann Elizabeth Coughtry
Review: "When the divorce started I was not in my right mind. I have no idea how I could have gotten through any of it without the support and information JoAnn was able to offer. She helped make sense of things at a time... " more

Posted by Daisy about 1 hour ago

Jennifer Isso
Review: "Jennifer came through for me, she did a fantastic job and I can't thank her enough. It was so stressful Jennifer was always there updating me on my case. I would highly Recommend Jennifer. To see her in action during... " more

Posted by Monique about 2 hours ago

Bryan Owens
Review: "Attorney Bryan Owens is not only a fantastic lawyer but he has a very professional attitude, does outstanding work and is also very compassionate when it comes to his clients family and understands the importance as... " more

Posted by Faheerah about 2 hours ago

Steven Paul Bertolino
Review: "This lawyer has no morals. He’s a criminal. Do not give this lawyer or this firm any business he’s been pretty much shunned from the public. "

Posted by Simera about 2 hours ago

Gary D. Stone
Review: "I needed someone actually listening and you did that. Thank you for helping me out so much. I never thanked you enough. Hope all is well "

Posted by M about 2 hours ago

Olga Bychok
Review: "We found Olga through a happy client (our friend) who highly recommended her to us. Olga is a very good Lawer, she has a great personality and most importantly she’s a wonderful human being. We won a very difficult case.... " more

Posted by Rustam about 3 hours ago

Ryan W. Cooper
Review: "I enjoyed my experience fielding law. Savannah was my main source of communication and is such a sweet heart. She wasted no time. They got me the medical attention I needed and was able to reduce my hospital bills and... " more

Posted by Jazmine about 3 hours ago

Wesley James Schroeder
Review: "Mr. Schroeder is one of the most experienced criminal defense attorneys in the bay area. He was extremely knowledgeable of the system and very professional. When I got into my legal issue, I was super worried and... " more

Posted about 3 hours ago

Jim McGovern
Review: "I hired Jim McGovern after I unknowingly continued to work with a lapsed RN license. My license and my job was in jeopardy and I was beyond stressed. His direct and calm demeanor allowed me to have total confidence in... " more

Posted by tonya about 3 hours ago