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What an Intellectual Property lawyer can do for you

Artists, inventors, and business owners that want to protect their ownership of the ideas, images, and processes they've created will benefit from the services of an intellectual property lawyer. Intellectual property includes all of the ideas and work you have created, and you have the right to determine how it's used. An intellectual property attorney in your area can assist you with various issues from copyright to trademark to patent and licensing.

Why hire an Intellectual property attorney

If you a creative person, such as an artist, author, software developer, inventor, or business owner, you can use the services of an intellectual property lawyer to protect your ideas, images, or processes from being used without your consent. There are various types of intellectual property lawyers: There are copyright attorneys who help protect your unique ideas in things like music, film, software, paintings, and pictures. There are trademark attorneys who protect your valuable logos, images and slogans. There are patent attorneys who help you get government protection for your inventions. There are also licensing attorneys that write contracts which set the ground rules for others using your copyrights, trademarks, or patents.

Did you know?

Less than two percent of intellectual property cases get through a trial and reach a verdict. Hire a lawyer to put together the best possible strategy for you.