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What a Car Accident lawyer can do for you

If you are in an car accident that results in injury and/or destruction of property, an attorney specializing in personal injury can help you to sue for reimbursement for your pain, medical expenses, and lost wages.

How to find the right lawyer

Consider your location. Each state has its own car accident and personal injury laws, but procedures and common practices may also vary between counties or even cities. A lawyer who specializes in the area where the accident happened is likely to have the most relevant knowledge that an out-of-town or neighboring city attorney may lack.

Start your search online. Local lawyer directories are good places to begin compiling your list of lawyers to work with. On Avvo you can compare their experience and read reviews from past clients as well as see if the lawyer offers fixed fee services. Consider using a lawyer who speaks in your native language so that you are able to communicate effectively.

Questions to ask your car accident lawyer during your initial consultation

Understanding who your lawyer is and how suited they are to taking your case can greatly influence the outcome of the case. Understanding the difference between someone specializing in trucking accident cases and motorcycle accident cases can make or break a case.

  • Who will personally manage my case?
  • How long have you practiced car accident law?
  • How would you approach my situation?
  • What types of cases have you handled that are similar to mine?
  • How much do you charge?

Do not hesitate to interview multiple lawyers. The attorney you choose should not only have experience with your legal issue, but also be someone you feel comfortable working with. It is important to understand the fee structure that will be used previous to beginning your work together as it will be difficult to argue a lower price in the future.

How to pay a car accident lawyer

Most car accident lawyers charge on contingency, which means that rather than paying costs up front, you agree to pay the case expenses and attorney fees from any settlement you receive. Generally if you don’t win the case, the lawyer will waive his or her fees.

Contingency fees may be charged as a flat percentage rate of any money you are awarded, or on a sliding scale, where the lawyer gets a higher percentage if the settlement is large, a lower percentage if the award is smaller. Some lawyers take a percentage of the gross award -- the amount you are awarded before expenses are deducted -- while others will take a percentage of the net award, the amount you are left after court costs. Be sure to understand how your attorney has calculated fees before signing a contract.

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