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What a Child Custody lawyer can do for you

A lawyer experienced in child custody cases can help you get the custody arrangement that's in the best interests of your child. If you're going through a divorce and you have children, you and your spouse must work out a parenting plan that sets out custody and the frequency of visitation. If you and your spouse cannot come to an agreement, then your child support attorney can petition the court on your behalf for custody.

Why hire a Child custody attorney

If you are getting divorced and have children, part of the divorce agreement will involve determining where and with whom the children will live. A child custody lawyer can help you negotiate custody, either by agreement or in court. The custodial parent (the one the child lives with) earns the legal right to make decisions regarding the child's lifestyle, welfare, and education. Some parents opt for joint custody, which means children divide their time between both parents' homes, and parents share the right to make decisions on behalf of the children. If you as parents are unable to agree on child custody, a judge will decide for you.

Did you know?

About 1 in 6 custodial parents were fathers (17.8 percent).