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Mary Frances Prevost

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  • Domestic Violence Case DISMISSED!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mary

    Thank you, Mary, for believing in me when so many other I interviewed with had only bad news. I am glad I found what I endearingly call "a warrior." Finding a really exceptional Riverside domestic violence defense lawyer was difficult. Maybe it's because we are two tough women named Mary and we made a good team that you were able to succeed for me. I don't know. All I know is that you are my courtroom warrior and my guardian angel. The kids and I will be alright now, thanks to you.

    Hired attorney
  • Best in the West for Dui Defense

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Dana

    First, it is extremely embarrassing and humbling to be arrested when you've never been arrested before. It is a very horrifying experience. Second, it's really hard to weed out who are the good DUI lawyers from the ones who just claim they are.

    After doing extensive research on who was the best top tier DUI lawyers, I ended up interviewing three. I ultimately settled on Mary because of the length of her experience, teaching credentials, and what just seemed to be her plain knowledge of the system.

    My money was well spent. After being charged with a felony, I ultimately ended up with a misdemeanor. That was pretty amazing considering that the prosecution claimed my blood alcohol level was .19 and there was a fender bender involved. And the driver said she was injured. I mean, pretty amazing.

    I wanted to come to court, but Mary assured me over the time the case took, and that was about 7 months, that I would be wasting my time if I came to court when she was just asking the judge for a continuance. She told me if I wanted to really see her in action, that I should come to court when she was going to be arguing one of the motions she filed. So, I waited.

    I'll tell you, she really put the DA to shame. The judge was not impressed with the DA, which Mary said was unusual since most of the judges just rubber stamp whatever the DA says. So, I guess we got lucky. But luck had nothing to do with Mary's experience. You could tell she is a master of the courtroom and knows her stuff.

    I am immensely pleased that I did the homework to find such a good lawyer. That took many hours of sifting through websites and such. Bottom line...Mary is just a great lawyer who knows her stuff. I recommend her to anyone looking for a DUI Lawyer.

    Hired attorney
  • She Worked Crazy Hard and Won

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Bruce

    All I can say is "WOW." Mary came referred to me by another lawyer. He told me she would work her fingers to the bone for me. That's what was needed, since I was looking down the barrel of a felony domestic violence charge, and I needed a strong female lawyer to counteract the crazy that was my ex-wife.

    Don't get me wrong. The case took a LONG time. Mary and her investigator worked every angle of this mess, and ultimately were able to prevail with the DA ad get the felony completely DROPPED. That is even more than I thought could happen.

    What do you say to a lawyer who took the reigns and fixed a case that was spinning out of control? THANK YOU MARY

    Hired attorney
    Mary Frances Prevost’s response: “Thank you so much bruce for putting your faith in me. I am excited that I was able to secure the result you needed. I've handled many cases of false allegations of DV, but yours really was a mess. I'm so glad we could sort it out and get the prosecutor to see the truth of the matter. Much praise to you for sticking with it when it was such a frightening and depressing time in your life. Please keep in touch.”

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Darren

    If I could give her a "Perfect 10", I would. But there are only five stars. Mary Frances , against all odds, got the DA to back off my case. Her investigator is amazing, and stealthy. She waa able to get information regarding my ex that even I didn't know.

    My case started off with an arrest for felony DV. It ended in a dismissal. Thanks to Mary and her super investigator, she was able to show the DA that the allegations were totally trumped up and totally false.

    If I could give her a "Perfect 10", I would. Thanks Mary, for putting in the elbow grease on my case.

    Hired attorney
    Mary Frances Prevost’s response: “Thanks, Darren. I appreciate your commitment to staying the course with me through this long and debilitating journey through the corrupt legal system. It took a long time, but we were finally able to get the DA to see the light, and that all that seemed true on the face of it was really all false!”
  • Brave Attorney in the Face of Adversity

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ken

    I think the headline is fitting. Mary is a brave attorney in the face of adversity. The adversity began when I was wrongfully charged with felony domestic violence. I consulted with five attorneys and finally settled on Mary. In part, because of her reputation as a tough advocate, and in part because she demonstrated that toughness - even with me - during our meeting. She drove right to the points that needed to be addressed. I found it refreshing. Other lawyers I spoke to provided assessments of the case that just didn't seem reasonable. Mary was straight to the point: this was going to be one, long battle. She was right.

    So, the first adversity we encountered was in the arraignment department with a recalcitrant judge who seemed only to take into consideration the prosecutor's sordid and false assessment of the case. Mary strongly countered the prosecutor, ensuring that the judge would not raise the bail, although it was touch and go.

    The next adversity was dealing with a prosecutor who could not - no matter what proof we provided - accept that a "victim" could falsify facts. Mary went to work, finding two other false statements and allegations my ex had made against other people in TWO other states. Two other people - just like me - were the victims of the psycho woman.

    The prosecutor still refused to budge.

    Mary went to work and her investigator found a woman at my ex's workplace who my ex had confided in, who proved that she was making up different stories to different people.

    Mary's investigator was able to find one - but not both - of the men who my ex had gone after before, Between getting the green light from the other "ex" that he would assist, coupled with the differing statement from the confident at work, we set to go to trial.

    My ex folded, and apparently told the prosecutor she didn't want to go to court, and she hired a lawyer herself., Bingo.

    Ultimately, after more than a year of turmoil and stress, my case was dismissed. Had it not been for Mary and her superb investigator being able to battle the prosecutor - who was totally in the dark about my ex's past and believed every false word she spoke - I would have been false convicted of e felony, lost my job, and much, much more.

    Mary is a really touch, touch person. She's busy, but that just means she is sought out, as it should be. I cannot thank Mary enough for her hard work, day and night, on my case. I highly recommend her.

    Hired attorney
  • Best Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer Ever

    5.0 stars

    Posted by James

    I have known Mary Prevost for about five years through the insurance industry. Like most educated people, I never thought the long arm
    of the law would reach out and snatch me. Well, it did.

    My ex decided she wanted to extort more child support out
    of me. So, when dropping off our daughter to her, she made up a false allegation of domestic violence. When cops
    showed up at my door three hours later, and told me I punched her and caused a black eye, I knew I was in for a long ride. Arrested? Yes. Charged with a font? Yes.

    It was more than a year later that Mary got all charges dropped. She developed witnesses that had
    communicated with my ex via email who were willing to share the evil plan my ex had hatched to extort money out of me. She put it in writing not thinking her Gal pals would snitch her off. it took a lot of finesse on Mary's part, but she cracked the case open.

    Now, along the way, the domestic violence prosecutor was crazy. I'm wondering if the prosecutor herself was a used and trying to take it out on anyone accused - guilty or now. Anyway, Mary was able to convince the "true believer" crazed prosecutor that my ex made the whole entire thing up.

    I can't thank Mary enough for the never ending hard work she out into the case. I'd be sunk and my career over without her. Oh, and as an aside, the family court was pissed and changed our arrangement to JOINT custody because Mary worked with my family law lawyer.

    Mary is a real viper in the court room.

    Hired attorney
    Mary Frances Prevost’s response: “James, thanks for this supportive review. I'm just glad that not only were we able to secure the right result in criminal court, but that the family law attorney I sent you to was able to get the same result in family court. Good luck to you,”
  • !!!Outstanding DUI attorney!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Paul

    Mary Prevost handled my DUI case with the utmost professionalism and knowledge. I believe she is the go-to lawyer for your specific needs. I'm convinced that Mary is the best choice. The court offered a wet reckless plea bargain but Mary was able to help me get a dry reckless! I highly recommend having her represent you in court and handle your cases.

    I needed help with my case because I had no knowledge about DUI court processing and DMV hearings for my license. I made a call and showed up to her office. I found out her space was a little small and it was evident she was a busy woman. Don't let that fool you or discourage your initial impression of her! We sat down and she knew I needed a DMV hearing within 10 days. She immediately picked up the phone and made an appointment for my hearing. The result of the hearing was that they had not enough evidence to suspend my license.

    I'm a enlisted sailor in the military and when anybody needs time off to handle anything, the rest of the division will have to pick up your slack and do your job. I hate to leave extra work for someone else to do. Mary made it easier to focus on my job at hand, knowing that I was represented by her during the hearing and all my court arraignments. The prosecutor was very aggressive and apparently wanted to throw me into a Wet Reckless verdict but Mary immediately noticed flaws and kinks in their case. We even had the most stubborn prosecutor she's known.

    She fought for me and believe me when I say for a first timer, it made me nervous and it felt really heavy knowing that something bad was going to happen by the end of this. I think it's very natural for anyone to worry about something like this. Most people I know wouldn't feel comfortable with someone else handling their business. Mary would be the few who can make you proud, knowing she did everything she could to the best of her abilities. Don't let her office fool your first impression, it may be small and less flashy like what you see on TV or movies but it's her who will be out and about. I was amazed by her work and experience.

    I highly recommend having her be your legal representative.

    PO1 Paul Lin, USN
    Surface Warfare
    Littoral Combat Squadron

    Hired attorney
    Mary Frances Prevost’s response: “Thanks, Paul! How long did this case take? 18 months? I told you it would take a great deal of patience to prevail. Thanks for sticking with me!”
  • When the FBI kicks your door in

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Thomas Prendergast

    When faced with legal enforcement threats, criminal threats, or actions in San Diego, Mary is the best. When I became a competitor to an online business retired law official, I found myself starring at 40 FBI agents knocking my door down and tearing my house apart for allegedly hacking his servers. The charges where never filed, because the supposed evidence was false Photoshopped documents.

    However, the moment they left I immediately looked for the best criminal defense attorney in San Diego (I am well connected) and every one all said to call Mary and I did.

    She took immediate action to get to the bottom of this harassment. I believe her aggressive reputation and immediate actions ended what could have turned into a long expensive legal battle.

    The FBI returned all my PCs within weeks. I took those PCs directly to the recycling center and had them shredded. There was no way I was going to bring them home, much less turn them on.

    Mary Francise Provost is the best! Thank you Mary, I will always hold you in good regards.


    Thomas Prendergast
    Markethive Inc.

    P.S. I am emotional about this Mary. You have my heart and I will always have your back. There are very few true warriors in the world today. I am one of them,. Mary is one as well. I think of you as a sister.

    Hired attorney
  • Simply The Best There Is

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Mary is the best. She was able to get my felony reduced to a misdemeanor so I wouldn't have to go to trial. Dion't get me wrong, I was willing to go to trial. But at the last minute, the DA folded and offered a misdemeanor. She was ready to fight for me. She did a great job. I can't thank her enough for her hard work.

    Hired attorney
  • One Tough Lady; Winner, Winner!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Cops raided my house. I was charged with multiple felonies, including cultivation and resisting arrest. I called some lawyers if Googled with great websites, but after talking for a while noticed they were licensed only a few years and bragged about successfully handling hundreds of cases. Bull! How do you "successfully" handled hundreds of cases, and every kind of case, in a 2-4 years? Don't bullshit a bullshitter.

    So, Mary Francis came referred to me by a friend she helped four years ago. She said the search was bad, and it was. The cops lied. She was able to get into their personnel files and dig up info that showed one of them was caught lying before.

    End of game, we won. She's totally worth every penny I paid. Post script: She's tough as nails and takes no crap. The judge (a former DA with an attitude problem) and the judge's DA buddy weren't fans. But Mary pinpointed the issues and when the judge began acting like a DA, Mary reminded him of the LAW. She had no problem reminding the judge he was a judge and not a DA. So there's that.

    I think other lawyers would have been scared to take that step. Not Mary. She has balls!

    Hired attorney