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State v. Cantu (names changed to maintain confidentiality)

Practice Area: DUI & DWI

Outcome: Dismissal of all charges

Description: Mr. Cantu's vehicle struck a pedestrian with his vehicle. Pedestrian was an off-duty police officer, who, with other police assistance, forcefully arrested Mr. Cantu without conducting any field sobriety evaluations. Mr. Cantu was arrested for DUI and Reckless Driving, despite the lack of any evidence that he was intoxicated or less safe due to alcohol or drugs. Mr. Cantu was respectful and compliant with all requests, including requests for a breath test. Mr. Cantu's blood alcohol content was below the limit. No police report was ever written or submitted regarding the arrest or alleged DUI. Mr. Cantu's case involved very poor work by the police. It is unfortunate that he had to take the case as far as he did to see that justice was done and that the charges were completely dropped.

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