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Any legal matter can be the worst experience of ones life. It it imperative that there is someone to guide... more
Philadelphia  Richard Quinton Hark

Richard Hark

Philadelphia, PA Administrative Law
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Mr Chacker represented me in a litigation matter that was rather involved with insurance issues ,benefit... more
Philadelphia  Edward F. Chacker

Edward Chacker

Philadelphia, PA Civil Rights
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My name is Steve Brantley Spence, I am a financial advisor and I live in the state of Virginia. A weekend... more
Philadelphia  Kevin V. Mincey

Kevin Mincey

Philadelphia, PA Criminal Defense
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Kevin explained in detail exactly all the steps that needs to be taken to ensure all the legal documentation... more
Philadelphia  Kevin Martin Malloy

Kevin Malloy

Philadelphia, PA Personal Injury
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This is an actual client writing. I had an easily winnable case but he gave me false information that lead to... more
Philadelphia  William J. Reilly

William Reilly

Philadelphia, PA DUI & DWI
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Thanks to NiaLena, the world will never know my name, at least not in the criminal context. When I first... more
Philadelphia  NiaLena Caravasos

NiaLena Caravasos

Philadelphia, PA Federal Crime
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I just received a favorable resolution to a protracted seven year WC case, and couldn't be more satisfied... more
Philadelphia  Alfred J. Carlson III

Alfred Carlson

Philadelphia, PA Workers Compensation
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Everything was handled as I was told and very quickly. Very satisfied
Philadelphia  James David Cairns III

James Cairns

Philadelphia, PA Uncontested Divorce
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In February 2010, Philadelphia's Lower Merion School District was sued for allegedly spying on students using the webcams in school-issued laptops.

The suit alleged that school officials had taken hundreds of webcam images from the laptop of Blake Robbins, a high school junior - including one while he was sleeping.

After an 8-month court battle, the Lower Merion School District settled for $610,000.