Written by attorney Daniel Eliot DeWoskin

How Do I Defend Against an American Express Lawsuit?

Of all the credit card companies that resort to filing civil lawsuits to collect delinquent accounts, American Express tends to be among the most organized. This simple guide will offer some tips on how to best defend against such suits.

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It should go without saying that having proper representation will make this process much more understandable for consumers. There are lots of ways to lose a case for the wrong reasons, meaning reasons unrelated to whether or not a consumer owes the money or whether the amounts are correct. Consumers often lose because they fail to appreciate the consequences of failing to timely object to certain discovery matters, failing to provide necessary notices to the Court and opposing counsel, and failure to manage the litigation process. This is not surprising and has nothing to do with how smart the consumer is. Instead, it has to do with taking on a task for which the other side is experienced, knowledgeable, and strategic in its application. If a consumer does choose to litigate and defend the matter without counsel, the consumer could look to the NCLC, the National Consumer Law Center ( This site offers a great deal of information and a library that is thorough and well-maintained. The information is dense, but it can mean the difference between success and failure.

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