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Landlord-tenant law

Landlord-tenant law covers legal issues related to renting property, such as tenant rights and landlord responsibilities. Choose a topic below to get started.

Features related to Landlord-tenant law

Tenant rights

Learn more about how tenants have the right to safe and habitable housing, privacy, and to not be discriminated against.

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Landlord responsibilities

Find out more about how landlords have the legal responsibility for keeping the property up to local and federal codes, general maintenance, and making repairs.

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Eviction from rental property

Read about how a landlord must follow specific rules for giving a termination notice to the tenant before starting eviction proceedings.

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Lease agreements for renting

Learn more about lease agreements, which are contracts that give the tenant the right to live in a property, usually for a specific period of time and with certain limitations.

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Breaking a lease agreement

Find out more about how breaking a lease is considered a breach of contract, and how tenants may have to pay a penalty to do so, unless the law prohibits penalties for their specific situation.

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