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Wail Sarieh

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client


    Mr. Sarieh, his associates, and his staff were extremely professional and effective during the time of his services. The billing was fair and accurate, which was a pleasant surprise in comparison with other attorneys I have hired in the past. He was honest, forthcoming with realistic expectations, and helped me to regain custody of my daughter after nearly 7 years of being away in the military. I could not have been more satisfied with their services and would not hesitate to recommend them going forward.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Haley

    Godsend in a hopeless situation

    So my ex husband hired an attorney to take custody of my son because I got a DUI for being passed out in my car with an open container in front of my house with no car keys. I,m telling you this so you will have a real idea of Wail's extraordinary capability in the court room. As you can see that sounds pretty horrible, right? It gets worse. My brother and his wife forged custody papers and lied to my ex about where I was (rehab, 43 days) as my brother had temporary guardianship (notarized agreement between us) of my son while I was seeking treatment and he was refusing to let my son see me. He was trying to cut me out of my sons life while lying to my ex about me. Anyways I intercepted my son during an exchange and this started my custody battle. My ex who now had my brother on his side because of the forgery (protecting his wife) were trying to make me look like an unfit mother and accused me of kidnapping and having my son in the car at the time of my DUI (not true). They even got the child custody investigator to right a report stating I should have supervised visitation. Thank God I found Wail Sarieh who took on my most complicated case and right away found a huge illegal mistake. My ex was in default and had no legal right to a custody trial that the commissioner had ordered. Wail got the court to admit their mistake and my ex had to start over. My ex and his attorney were ridiculous everything they got the court to order like an update child custody investigation update, custody trail and a 730 psychological evaluation they couldn't follow through with. When my attorney Wail questioned the child custody investigator during her testimony he made her look incompetent, unprofessional and proved she had a personal prejudice against me and that her conclusion was a personal opinion rather than evidence or that she did any investigating at all. When my brother testified he told lie after lie and Wail knew just how to make him fumble. My brother told one lie then 2 minutes later had a different answer, he started to sound like Porky Pig. After that his attorney convinced the court to order a 730 because they could have my brother finish is testimony obliviously it hurt their case rather than proving it. Long story short this started on 8-2-12 and ended on 2-2-15 I have 100% legal and physical custody of my 9 year son and through all of this I have achieved an AA in substance abuse counseling and am certified through the state of CA and am a full time counselor. Everyone makes mistakes, my Dad who I was separated from for 19 years died after 10 months of us reuniting. I didn't know how to cope and found alcohol at the age of 29 got sober at 32. My point in stating all of this is no one is the perfect parent but we can all strive to be. Wail believed in me and fought for us and we would not have won without him or God on our side. In fact without Wail I might have very well lost custody all together. Wail was a Godsend. With all that was against me we still won and I got everything we were fighting for. Trust me, you do not want to be up against Wail Sarieh in court so don't let your ex hire him before you do! I am blessed to have him as my attorney and proud to call him my friend. I cannot express my gratitude or appreciation enough to Wail and Marlene for all the hard work they put into my case.
    Thank you
    H. Madrigal

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by Divorce client

    Waste of your money

    Mr. Sarieh made several critical mistakes in my divorce case and withdrew important information from me that led to my loosing the former family residence and almost loosing my children. I had to hire another attorney to fix his mess and I was able to get my children back for a shared physical custody, lowered my child support by 50% and got half of the equity from my former residence. Mr. Sarieh failed to do that for me. His conduct in court was very unprofessional, not protecting my best interest and not objecting to any hear-say that my ex was saying about me for about 3 hours in court. Mr. Sarieh failed to get my former residence appraised, failed to subpoena essential documents from my ex and was not loyal to me when most needed. In the preparation of the final divorce agreement, Mr. Sarieh failed to add an essential paragraph about the equity in my former residence, which made me hire another attorney to fix that. His unprofessionalism, lack of loyalty, and inability to represent my best interest in court, made me hire another attorney and made my divorce cost skyrocket to about $100,000, not including my ex expenses.

    Wail Sarieh’s response: “Dear Sir or Madam, I am deeply sorry and humbled to hear you were not fully satisfied with our legal services. We always try to ensure providing the best legal service possible. At times it is out of our hands to make certain decisions. I have taken the time to review my files trying to connect the above situation to address your concerns; it seems I am unable to do that especially since no name was given and I have no way of reaching you. I highly encourage you to please call me directly at (714) 542-6200 to discuss in depth your concerns with me. Thank you!”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    Top ranking lawer

    All I need to say about this great attorney is don't worry just put your future between his hands and leave it because he deals with his clients from a human side not. Money side.
    I had a moving case out of California to Virginia state and I was about to loose my kids , but after I gave him my case I was able to move un conditionally to Virginia.

    He has a mercy in his heart toward the financial charges to were he treat you first then he discusses the money issue

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    I would recommend this Lawyer to my closest family and friends

    Lawyer, Wail Sarieh and assistant, Marlena have really set the bar high when it comes to knowledge of the courts and the divorce requirements. Although it took longer than I expected, their approach to handling my case was ideal. I feel they always had my best interest at hand. They were professional, to the point and highly recommended for difficult divorce cases.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Abby Q

    The BEST in OC

    After 7 years battle in the court, finally I found Mr. Sarieh he is more than just amazing, he know the law very well, Mr. Sarieh my 4th Attorney, he did in 3 month more than all my previse attorneys did in the past 7 years. Mr. Sarieh is extremely dedicated to his practice and his clients and it shows in his work, He is very clear from the beginning on what my rights are and what to expect from the process.
    I am certain that I would truly refer Mr. Sarieh to anyone I know, or may not know, to handle their needs related to family law or divorce, Please save yourself and hire him right away not like my case I had to lose a lot before but Thank God I found Mr Sarieh to handle my hard case and finally I WON :)

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Myriam

    Great & Honest Lawyer

    Wail is a great & honest lawyer. He helped me through my nasty child custody/support case & I got great results! He was realistic & upfront & didn't give me false hopes. I was always aware of what to expect. I refer him to everyone who needs a family law attorney & they were happy I did. I would not hesitate to use him again as my attorney if needed. He is very easy to work with & has a great attitude. He gets the job done without playing dirty like other lawyers. I really felt like he cared about my case & the welfare of my children. I am very grateful to Wail & his assistant Marlene.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Michael

    You Need To Be Tough!

    I've been through a horrific divorce and child custody battle that dragged on for over a decade. It's tough on everyone involved and at times you need to be tough.
    Wail Sarieh became my third lawyer and was the only one who had the strength to be tough and take hold of the situation and get the results that I required.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by V. Harvey

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

    I just wanted to say “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You” for everything you’ve done this far! I cannot express how appreciative I am that you are handling my case. From our very first phone conversation, I felt comfortable that you had a plan and knew how to execute it. With all the anxiety, stress, and worry of trying to proceed with a divorce and the custody of our children, I at least felt confident IN YOU! Knowing that you are helping me and watching you in action, I am finally able to sleep at night and I am not as stressed about every filing, motion, or court date. You explain things so that I can understand it and your plan. I’ve said it since the beginning, I thank God for sending me directly to your office.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by S. Alvarenga

    A lawyer that you can trust and count on!

    I was reading various reviews from attorneys all over the city from Avvo site and I would read Wail Sarieh Law offices! At first, I was nervous because he had a highly score! For one week, I kept staring at his profile and said he will be the one. I made an appointment with him during the week of November to discuss my situation. I felt that he was a mind reader, he statedto me the possibilities what my ex-husband could do to inflict troubles for me. That weekend I called him and hired him! Overall his services have been excellent with a highly competent and ethical. Wail demonstrated as a true lawyer that his main priority is the client! Without hesitation, I highly recommend this attorney Wail proved me that there are attorneys that go out of their way for their clients to get the job done and triumph! Thank you Wail and Marlene for looking out the bes intentions for me and my three kids!