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Mary Frances Prevost

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    False Allegations of Rape Gone Away

    Mary is a hero for me. I was falsely accused of rape when I was a junior in college. The girl making the allegations was drunk ad angry. It the most embarrassing thing in the world telling my parents what was happening after I was arrested. We met with Mary because of her credentials. My mother did all the research. I felt comfortable, and she let me know no mater what happened, all my contact with her was confidential. She was able to prevent the charges from being filed. I think I have PTSD from this incident. I'm just lucky my mom found the right lawyer for me to stop the case in its tracks.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Scott

    Best Lawyer In Town

    Mary is really a dynamo. From start to finish she worked with tunnel vision to obtain the goal we talked about at our first meeting. She made it quite clear that she could not tell me whether or not we could reach our goal. But she outlined a strategy that, frankly, I thought was long and tedious. Seemingly too long and tedious. Maybe I watch too much TV; criminal cases never last long on TV. But I never thought a criminal case would last 14 months. Long and tedious it was.

    Ultimately, Mary resolved my felony DUI with injury for a misdemeanor. There were so many inconsistencies, so many faults of the lab. The prosecutors kept stalling and stalling claiming evidence that worked against them - that they kept refusing to produce - was irrelevant. Sure, it was irrelevant if they want to convict you. But it was very relevant to a defense in my case. I used to be a true believer in the system, until I became one of its victims. I saw remarkably ignorant - or unethical - prosecutors over and over. A great deal of time was wasted getting what Mary wanted from the beginning. Why, I thought to myself, were the prosecutors so offended at producing records from the lab. It was because their lab made mistakes. No more true believer in the system am I.

    Ultimately, because of Mary's hard labor slamming away at the prosecutors for more than a year, we were able to resolve my case for a misdemeanor. I was truly worn down. We could have gone to trial, but I decided to just STOP the exhausting process ad take the huge reduction. Mary wanted to power forward. I thank her for her tenacity. But I was just so exhausted.

    I ave learned through this case that prosecutors will withhold evidence they know may challenge their case. Why they would want to protect a crime lab from mistakes, I cannot fathom. Why? Mary tells me it has become common place. I believe her. I lived it.

    If you are looking for a true fighter - one who will go the extra mile to protect your interests - choose Mary. I am glad she was referred to me. She is truly a fighter.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Merrilee

    Best attorney in San DIego

    If you are looking for a great attorney who will fight for your rights, look no further. Mary Frances Prevost is the best choice by far. She is a definitely a force to be reckoned with, She can and will get you the best results possible in your case! DUI, Criminal Defense or Civil liberties, She's got your back!! Call today and get Her on your side, you won't be disappointed!! She helped me more than I can possibly explain in this short paragraph, was always willing to explain what was going on and is a fierce, professional and highly skilled litigator. I recommend her wholeheartedly!!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Top Shelf

    I think titling this review "Top Shelf" is fitting since Ms. Prevost represented me on a DUI case. Her representation was just that - Top Shelf. She is smart, committed, industrious, and commanding in court. I appreciate all she did for me. I will gladly refer her clients in the future.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    My Felony DUI with Injury Was Reduced to a Misdemeanor

    I came in to Mary referred by a cop in Orange County who she did some work for. I was arrested for a DUI with injury to another person. The cop knew her from some other case out of Riverside she handled. So I took his advice and hired her. It took 18 months and a lot of court appearances and a lot of motions and aggravation. Finally Mary made enough damage to the DA's case that they offered me a misdemeanor, five days in jail, and a chance at expunging the whole thing down the line. I was in serious trouble and Mary fixed my mess for me. I will always praise the Lord for sending me to her.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    This is The Toughest Lady on the Block; No Stones Went Unturned

    I have only the highest praise for Mary Frances. She is a no nonsense, determined, dogged, and reliable lawyer. My life in the business world has necessitated that I hire several lawyers in the past decade. Unfortunately, this is the first time I needed a lawyer for my personal issues.

    Originally, when I was released from jail, I received a good number of letters from what seemed to be absolutely desperate lawyers soliciting my business, and making all sorts of promises about what they could do for me and how amazing they were. That conjured up the sickening pictorial of the snake oil salesman the ambulance chaser. Two even had a coupon attached if I hurried up and acted "NOW!." I suppose these desperate lawyers (and I say "desperate" because as a business person I know no one would engage in the seemingly embarrassingly desperate tactics unless they were indeed desperate). One encouraged me to hire him because he had "low, easy payments." Since I wasn't looking for a lawyer to be on "lay away", but one who was going to have to do some heavy work up front, I wasn't interested in the cheap guy, or the lay away guy. But I guess the fear of not having an attorney "NOW!" coupled with the prospect of a discount, appeals to the least educated. I suspect down the line they got what they paid for.

    I needed a "go get'em tiger" lawyer. And that's what I got. Mary Frances met with me, and immediately began pursuing the information I provided to her. Let's just say this was a domestic violence case with a very angry ex girlfriend who didn't w ant to go away.

    By the time Mary Frances and her investigator had completed the investigation and met with the DA, she had mapped out a case that showed I was completely guilt free, and that my ex was essentially off her rocker.

    Yes, I did not hire the "cheap, easy payment" lawyer. I did not hire the one who mailed me a discount coupon. I hired the attorney with credentials who I paid up front ad who won my case. It was the best money ever spent.

    My arraignment was not for a month, so I had the luxery of doing some research.

    Mary Frances Prevost’s response: “Thank you so much for putting your faith in me to handle this domestic violence situation. It was a long, hard doubt. But we accomplished a result at the end that was more than what we expected without going to trial. I'm glad I was able to help you through this.”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by jasonmcanear

    This Lawyer is Worth Every Penny

    I came to Ms. Prevost after having viewed her extensive experience and trial skills, as well as seeing her videos and how she presents. I was charged falsely with two felonies arising out of a false accusation of domestic violence perpetrated by my ex wife. Needless to say, this was her first shot over the bow at attempting to keep my 6 and 8 year old boys from me.

    I hired Ms. Prevost because I felt I needed a woman who could take on another tough woman if I was forced to go all the way to trial. Unfortunately, the prosecutors rejected all attempts by Ms. Prevost to have my case dismissed even after presenting her with ample evidence that my ex was fabricating her story.

    I was correct in hiring Ms. Prevost to proceed to trial. She was ready and raring to go. She put my ex on the hot seat, and didn't NOT let her lies go unpunished. I used the word "punished" because that is exactly what Ms. Prevost did to my ex by way of her tough cross examination.

    The jury returned with two "not guilty" verdicts within an hour. Really, we didn't have time to finish our coffee we had gone to get after closing arguments before the jury returned.

    My only wish is that the DA's office would try my ex wife for perjury. But Mary told me the DA would not be interested in that kind of justice.

    I highly recommend Mary Prevost. Highly. She was a superstar in trial.

    Mary Frances Prevost’s response: “Jason: Thank you for letting me assist you. False allegations in a case like this are sometimes impossible to overcome. The prosecutors know this and tend to push us to trial. Good for you for having the courage to do that. Far too many attorneys push their clients into the last, best "deal." I was pleased you decided to take it all the way. It worked out in the end. I hope only the best for you from now on.”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Richard

    Excellent Skills, Investigations and Trial Tactics

    I was arrested for domestic violence, resisting arrest and battery on an officer. I cannot tell you how ridiculous this was. My wife went crazy because she thought I was spying on her. She threw a cabbage at me, and hit me on the back. I picked up up, threw it back at her, and hit her arm. She called the police. They came, and since I asked them questions about why they were taking me instead of either; 1) letting it go, or; 2) taking both of us cabbage throwing idiots away, they charged me with resisting or "delaying" an officer. I tripped when they hauled me out, and added a battery case on top of it because when I fell, I kicked on of the cops in the leg.

    I'm a medical professional. This was ridiculous. What is even more ridiculous, is that when the city prosecutors got it, they didn't throw it out. They went along with the police.

    My wife got contacted by a victim's advocate who harassed her because she did not want me prosecuted. They called her a battered woman who needed help. Remember, we were throwing a cabbage at each other. The city domestic violence advocate wouldn't let up. What a nut.

    Ms. Prevost had a polygraph done on both of us by the former police department chief polygraph examiner. It confirmed out positions on this case: that we had each thrown a cabbage at each other. It didn't impact the city prosecutors.

    Ms. Prevost did a police misconduct motion on the officers at the scene who falsely charged me with resisting/delaying and battery. it wasn't their first foray into lying on police reports, we learned.

    Ultimately, the case was dismissed. But it cost me a lot of money, and 8 long months of agony. The city prosecutor was a complete numbskull.

    I now have no faith in the legal system. But I do have faith in Mary Prevost. What caused me to hire her in the first place was not so much the AVVO client reviews, but the reviews from attorneys all over the country who apparently know her and know her work, and are comfortable providing glowing reviews. If other lawyers would use her, than I decided so would I. I did the right thing. She worked long and hard to get me out of this ridiculous mess.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jose

    Brillaint, Competent and a Total Winner

    I hired Mary to represent me in a felony DUI with a prior conviction two years ago. This case also included a bodily injury allegation. I thought the case was a slam dunk. They had me at the scene, they had my blood and they had accident cops there. Mary worked some hocus pocus and blew the validity of the blood test out of the water. They still might have got me for the DUI without it, but because of Mary, my case was reduced to a misdemeanor with fines and a program.

    Mary Frances Prevost’s response: “That "hocus pocus" is the result of 20+ years of hard work. But I'm glad I could "hocus pocus" you into a misdemeanor!”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client


    Mary came referred to me from a friend who had needed her services about 4 years ago, and who was satisfied with the result. Having no knowledge whatsoever of the criminal justice system, I decided it was best to go with a known quantity.

    First, she is quick and to the points. She does not suffer long winded emotional diatribes. I know, she let me know immediately that it was her job to save me from myself, not babysit me or counsel me. Fine, no problem.

    Second, she seems to know everyone in the courthouse. She seemed to have a good relationship with court staff, bailiffs, even the judge. That made me feel good.

    Third, she did a superior job of negotiating my case. We had to continue the felony readiness because the prosecutor's discovery came late, and was quite lengthy. No problem. But before we went back to court, she went to the "special DA' assigned to my case, pointed out to him issues where his case was deficient, and also pleaded my personal case to him.

    All in all, the result we obtained in the negotiated plea bargain was excellent. I am glad that my friend referred me to Mary. She is tough as nails, knows the courtrooms like the back of her hand, and is a real force. She didn't always call me back as quickly as I would have liked. But I guess when you hire a sought after attorney with a great reputation, you can't expect instant gratification. Given her ability to secure a deal for me that I didn't think I could get, I'll take a little less instant gratification.

    I would recommend her to anyone. She re ally is a fine lawyer.