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Laura Anne Carlsen

Laura Carlsen’s client reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Shelly

    Excellent Choice

    Laura is an amazing attorney. She fought for us and kept us in check when it came to things not fighting for. As for never meeting her, as we live in the mid-west, she treated us as if we had a face to face meeting. Laura and her team kept us well informed of the status of the case. She is NOT and attorney that runs to court, she worked her hardest to keep the case out of court. Laura is somebody we WILL go back to if needed. Thank you Laura and your team for your expertise.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Alexandra

    Strong, direct, compassionate, and a fountain of knowledge

    My case was very complicated. The fact that it involved children, was international, and involved several appeals by the other side was just the beginning of the complexity, and my case was rejected by every single lawyer I called in Kitsap and King County (which were at least 20), except one special firm, McKinley Irvin.

    Laura Carlsen jumped on my case to handle the complicated appeals that the other side was presenting after another lawyer from the firm won the first trial. From her first email to me introducing herself and presenting me with how she was going to proceed with my case, I instantly confided in her knowledge and experience 110%. Laura is an attorney that is direct, persuasive, confident, with a presence in the courtroom of solidity and logical coherence, while remainging compassionate on a personal level with me as a client, emitting security during an emotionally tumultous time.

    The outcome of my case, that went through several trials and appeals due to the relentless persistance of the other side, was ruled by the appellate court not only in my favor, but with a final resolution even more so in my favor than before proceedings started.

    I can't recommend Laura enough. If I had to go through the whole process over again, I would not hesitate to ask her to represent me.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Tim

    Excellent, bright, and knowledgeable

    After over 14 years of marriage, and working with another attorney, my divorce case had devolved into a senseless affair. Laura was always a voice of reason and facts. In my case, Laura's calm, clear logic along with her thoughtfully considered written opinions were key to bringing my case to a settlement.

    As issues have arisen with my sons in the years sense my divorce, I have continued to consult with Laura. She continues to be a pleasure to work with and direct and logical in her counsel. In my personal and business dealings over the years I have been rarely been genuinely impressed by few people in general, and even fewer attorneys. Laura has repeatedly impressed me for her integrity, directness, and ability to keep me focused on what matters.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Exceptional lawyer

    Laura Carlsen is an exceptional lawyer who only has the best interest for her clients at heart. She guided me in my situation with a lot of professionalism and is a great communicator.Communication is vital during legal matters and Laura and her wonderful paralegal Cyndee did just that for me.She is thorough and very efficient in her work which only brings out the best results. I would recommend her to my friends if they ever needed a great lawyer.You will not be disappointed with Laura.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Vici

    unusual child custody

    Laura was prompt, helpful, well informed and clearly invested in looking out for our best interests, even in terms of choices that could help reduce our costs. We were grateful to have Laura's help and guidance throughout the inevitable difficulties and stresses of dealing with legal matters related to child custody. Our child custody case was not a typical case, 2 women vying for child custody, but Laura was confident and optimistic about our case. However, she was also honest about the current laws and our specific situation. Laura was personable, professional, reliable and a pleasure to work with and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to someone in need of a family law attorney.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Deborah

    I can't speak highly enough of Laura Carlsen

    Naturally, I was very upset to learn my second marriage was ending and because I am almost 60 I was VERY concerned I wouldn't have my TRI CARE medical coverage as I had available while married to my spouse who is retired USN. Laura Carlsen was SO empathetic and yet calmly direct and professional! She answered ALL my questions fully in a way I could easily understand. With her knowledgable directives, I was able to apply positive actions towards my necessary decision making process of separating and handling all the endless details. this allowed me to focus clearly and move forward emotionally, as well as mentally. The piece of mind I received even after just my first visit and consultation with her, helped me to make the hard necessary steps in ending my marriage. She suggested SEVERAL items to include in my settlement so that I will continue to receive my medical coverage until I can get Medicare! Needless to add I didn't KNOW how to include these or even IF I COULD!
    So the reason I titled this commentary " I can't speak highly enough " is because it is RARE to find an organized, available, concerned, EXCELLENT attorney who knows how to proceed in such a professional, direct, empathetic and kind way while still keeping MY best interests at the forefront of her precise and excellent work. I would highly recommend Laura Carlsen to anyone who is seeking legal counsel. She truly is a rare gem in today's busy world. Her assistant Cynthia like laura, was also always readily available by email, and phone. Separating and divorcing is a terrible emotional maze of legal hoops to jump through, and without Laura Carlsen's guidance and on point assurances and TRUTHFUL PRECISE FOLLOW THROUGH I wouldn't have been able to navigate this troubling time. Again I highly recommend her and praise her law firm for being savvy enough to have her on their roster of attorneys.
    She is what ALL attorneys SHOULD be and rarely ARE.
    Deborah L. Wright

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Ricky Anderson

    Superb attorney-One of a Kind-Not many like her

    I have been extremely impressed with Laura and her entire staff. She has bent over backwards to do everything I've asked. Her knowledge and expertise and especially her thoroughness in preparing my cases and representing me in all aspects is outstanding. She has handled 3 of my cases and I couldn't have been happier.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by Mary Baldwin

    Have what you want done and her estimate put into writing

    After a few weeks of trying to get an attorney to represent me in spike of my lack of financial resources my daughter and I met with Yonga Matsumoto [an account person] and Laura Carlsen [the attorney assigned to my case] of McKinley Irwin. From the very beginning we made it very plain that our purpose was to engage an attorney simply to help me respond to my husband’s petition for a divorce and attend a hearing to request an order for him to pay legal fees. .I could not raise their normal retainer of $3000. We agreed on $1000 and my brother and sister each charged $500 to credit cards to pay it. We asked several times to be sure that this should be all we would need to pay to get to the point where my husband would be required to pay my legal fees. They claim that this is not true but they cannot claim that they did not know that I have no money. But without their assurances that it should be enough I would NEVER have paid the $1000 as I knew I would not be able to raise any more. So, I did as much of the work as I could and Laura finalized the documents for me and submitted the appropriate responses and a cross motion for legal fees.
    Then about a week later on April 19 – I received a message to call Susan Manns about my account. When I returned her call she said that she needed another $1000 from me and that I had to give her a credit card to charge and I had to do it “NOW”. I explained to Susan that coming up with the first $1000 was a hardship and that there was no way I could pay another $1000 until April 27 when I will receive a $3000 IRS refund. To that she said either I give her the money right then and there or they would drop my case. I said that I understood that Laura could not work on my case until I come up with extra money and that it would be fine as long as they picked it up again when I could pay the additional $1000 in a week. To my utter shock her response was that once they dropped the case that that would be it, that they do not do business with people who cannot pay their bills. In total disbelief I repeated what she said that they would drop the case and I would have to start over and she simply repeated that they do not work with people who cannot pay their bills. She was extremely rude and condescending and hung up on me when I tried to reason with her.
    I have been in contact with one of the senior partners [David Stark] and he simply says that Laura will not do anymore work on my case and she will not represent me at the hearing in spite of the fact that she filed a notice of her intent to represent me with the court.