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What a Wrongful Termination lawyer can do for you

Wrongful termination attorneys will examine the circumstances of your employment termination and analyze if there are grounds for a wrongful termination lawsuit. Many circumstances where employees are fired or laid off seem unfair but are not necessarily unlawful. A wrongful termination lawyer will find out if your employer violated state and federal law. If you believe your employer has fired you unjustly, speak with a wrongful termination attorney to go over your justification for a lawsuit.

Why hire a Wrongful termination attorney

A wrongful termination lawyer can help if your employer fires you for an unfair reason. Wrongful termination occurs when your employer breaks an employment agreement with you, violates an employment or anti-discrimination law, or fires you in retaliation for whistle-blowing or for filing a sexual harassment or workers' compensation claim. If you think you were wrongly fired, talk with a wrongful termination lawyer to see if the circumstances of your firing justify a claim.

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Did you know?

A lawyer that handles wrongful termination cases usually charges on a partial contingency basis, but some attorneys may charge 30-40% in a contingency agreement if your case succeeds.