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Deborah Lynn Gordon

Deborah Gordon’s reviews

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  • smooth sailing

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Susan

    I hired Deborah blind to handle my very difficult divorce. Since I had never been divorced before she was so patient and understanding of my situation. I did not know where to begin or where to go, she helped me greatly and relieved a lot of my anxiety. It was great to turn my stress over to a professional. In the end her professionalism and knowledge gave me the peace of mind to carry on as a single person.

  • Intelligence, Integrity & Determination

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Penny

    I hired Deborah Gordon for my child support modification case after a breach of trust by my prior attorney, which occurred shortly before my trial date. I was reluctant to trust anyone at that time, and I never imagined I'd trust an attorney again. Deborah changed that. She is highly professional, ethical and committed to fighting for her clients best interests. She kept me fully informed throughout the entire process. She was thorough with her explanations of my options and made sure I fully understood the impact of the decisions I was making. She took my case during the holidays and with little time left to prepare for court dates. She was completely on top of everything, and went above and beyond to meet deadlines. Once I realized I was in good hands, my stress level went down. Her attention to detail resulted in catching a significant mistake made by my previous attorney. She advocated tenaciously on my behalf, and for the first time I felt like I had a voice in my case. Her efforts resulted in a successful modification, and by the end of the case she had truly earned my trust and respect. My only regret is not knowing her in time to handle my original divorce case.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Stevens: Happy Client

    Deborah Gordon is excellent! She is not only aggressive in her style when need be, but she also encourages peaceful settlements. I went to her because my friend recommended her and upon meeting her, I immediately dropped my attorney and hired her. She did more work in our first few meetings than my previous lawyer did in 3 months. She made time for me and she kept me focused on my goals. She recommended alternatives and what she felt was best, and really acted like a team player with me. She involved me in decisions and respected my concerns. I was and remain very, very happy with Deborah as my lawyer.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Desi

    I hired Deborah Gordon on two occasions over the past year - relocation case (following dissolution) and a motion for unpaid past due child care expenses.
    The relocation case was initiated by my daughter's father who was opposing to the move. Deborah did everything possible to resolve the issue with minimal cost following the appropriate steps. However, mediation was unsuccessful and mutual agreement was not achieved. This lead to trial. Deborah studied the case in depth not just on my side, but on the side of the opposing party as well. She was able to identify in the opposing counsel that the wrong analysis was made and in the same time the intention behind this trial was far off relocation. She was very well prepared at trial, well organized and knowledgeable. She anticipated the responses and was prepared for it. The result of this trial was beyond 100% positive including judgement on attorney fees.
    The second case was a motion for unpaid child care expenses for the last 2 years. I did not receive contribution outlined in parenting plan from the father of my daughter. Because the cost kept adding on for 2 years, the unpaid child care amount I acquired was very high. During the hearing Deborah was able to prove that the opposing party was in contempt and in fact, was able to get a judgement on the full amount of the past child care expenses including all of the attorney fees. Once again she was very well prepared and organized, all the paperwork was filed on time. Deborah was able to stick strictly to the case despite the multiple attempts from the opposing party to distract her. I was provided with top notch legal services and advice. If it was not for Deborah's honest advice, I would not have initiated this motion.
    Overall Deborah Gordon is persuasive, energized, knowledgeable, well prepared and organized attorney who uses the appropriate references and pays attention to details. I have already recommended Deborah on several occasions among friends and co-workers, who have also hired her and so far I have heard nothing but only positive feedback about her exceptional services. I could not recommend Deborah Gordon enough.

  • Exceptional counsel, high quality results!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Miles

    I became aquatinted with Deborah Gordon via a highly respected professional referral. Deborah contacted me immediately and provided exceptional advice the day my divorce papers were served. I could tell right away that she would make an outstanding attorney on my behalf and I went in the following workday and retained her to represent my interests.
    Throughout the process, Deborah was able to cut right to the heart of the nature of the case and recognize the strategies the opposing attorney was using to create artificial situations that presented a facade of inequity in our incomes, debts, etc. Because of her matter of fact approach to handling the logistics of the separation during the discovery process, we were able to bring the case to early mediation.
    Ms. Gordon was able to bring the parties together to work with a knowledgable and skilled mediator that got the job done in half a day. Throughout mediation, Deborah asked the necessary probing questions and brought about clarifications on line items that helped us cut to the heart of the settlement. The final agreement was respectful to my own and my spouse's interests in what I felt was a cordial and fair final resolution.
    In terms of her character, Ms. Gordon earned my trust and respect immediately. She clearly has had extensive experience in family law and recognized my situation for what it was from the beginning to help expedite resolution. As a professional who also does extensive mediation with families and staff members, I felt completely secure that the outcome would be just and my interests would be protected. I highly recommend her in support of any family law needs one might require. Excellent counsel. High quality representation. Insightful and intuitive delivery. Helps keep costs down and has a clear focus on the finish line. I look forward to her continued first class support!


    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Deborah gave us a 150% focus and energy, we needed an emergency ex-parte to keep my husband's ex from moving his son out of the area without any prior notification. Deborah took this on and worked long hours in order to stop the move. She was successful in getting my husbands son back where he should have been all along, she continued on after the ex parte with great knowledge and leadership with our case and we eventually got custody. I cannot say enough great things about how passionate Deborah is about her job, her great work ethic and knowledge of Family Law is impeccable . If you want a kind, motivated, ethical expert in Family Law you can't go wrong with Deborah.