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Kristen Ashleigh Holstrom

Kristen Holstrom’s reviews

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  • Intelligent, generous, helpful

    5.0 stars

    Posted by David

    Kristen was extremely helpful to me. She listened to what I had to say, helped me focus on the income/expense information that was critical, and provided me a well thought-out plan for making decisions in my custody/support case. I deeply appreciate the help she gave me, and although this was only a consultation, I would not hesitate to hire her and her firm for my legal needs. I am grateful.

    Consulted attorney
  • Still in the thick, but feeling safe!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by SJC

    I am still in the thick of my divorce. Kristen is the "Pull no punches" girl. I like her attitude and knowledge. Her staff is great and competent. I needed a lawyer that had MY and my child's best interest. I found her. So far so good!

    Hired attorney
  • Throughly impressed! Exceeded my expectations!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Phil

    I searched online for a family attorney and took a chance with Kristen Holstrum based on her great reviews.

    (Fast Forward - Best decision I could have made in my Child Custody case!)

    She helped me get and maintain primary legal and physical custody of my daughter.

    It was prompt and easy to schedule my first appointment. We hit the ground running from the start and I knew immediately that I was in good hands.

    Kristen is trustworthy, professional, experienced, and reliable. She was very easy to work with and helped me to understand if there was anything I had a question about. She was very courteous and always let me know what to expect going forward.

    She also has the right mix of aggressiveness when it comes to getting results. We were even able to avoid going to court at one point due to Kristen recognizing weaknesses in my ex's claim and confronting her with this information
    prior to the scheduled court time.

    If you need peace of mind, confidence in your representation, and results, you will not be disappointed with Kristen Holstrum.

  • Kristen Holstrom - Truthworthy and Professional

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lisa

    I have been one of Kristen Holstrom's client for 6 months for Dissolution of Marriage. Kristen has been a trustworthy, responsible and professional lawyer. She has eased my stress by explaining each step and process of my case in order for myself and family to move forward. Kristen has been very responsive to my needs and wants. Thank you Kristen for being my great lawyer in family law.

  • Exceeded all of my expectation!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Andy

    Kristen helped me get shared physical and legal custody of my 1 year old. Kristen is always on top of things. I always knew what was going on with my case, and she explained things to me, if I did not understand. She was able to get more custody than I would have ever thought a father could get. She is excellent! I will be going back to her if/when I need representation, without a doubt. Kristen was able to look at the big picture; not only was she able to get me what I asked for, right now, she also had the long term benefits in mind.

  • Undoubtedly Impressive

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    I have been divorced for almost 4 years now and the X wife and I had a set child support order issued by the Judge in our divorce decree from the state we were divorced in. I am still a resident of that state but she decided to move to CA and live. We both had an agreement that with my new job, I would increase the child support to her monthly and all was well and we would keep it out of court. Well this past June, she changed her mind and wanted to collect twice the amount of child support that I was paying and she filed it through the court in CA. I needed an attorney, a professional attorney that knew exactly what to do with my situation. Not living in CA and knowing nothing of the state, I started surfing the web and reading different reviews of attorneys in the area and found hands down that Holstrom, Sissung, Marks & Anderson, APLC was and is the perfect choice. I called the firm and was handled by attorney Kristen Ashleigh Holstrom-Fiebiger. She listened to my case, and after a few emails and phone calls back and forth for information purposes, she was on the job. I was unable to attend court due to my job and she was there to represent me both times. Through her vast knowledge and experience, the case ended up being dismissed. Kristen was up front with me the whole time and made me aware of the different outcomes that could result. Kristen and her team were very professional, polite and caring at all times throughout my case. I highly recommend the firm of Holstrom, Sissung, Marks & Anderson, APLC to anyone looking for professional experience and knowledge from a professional experienced law firm.

  • Anthony's review

    5.0 stars

    Posted by anthony091981

    Kristen Holstrom-Fiebiger is the equivalent of the executive director or CEO of Holstrom, Sissung, Marks & Anderson. I was truly impressed by her professionalism and felt very comfortable when she accepted my case. At first, I felt weary on the long distance issue of my case since I live in the Midwest and I needed an attorney who is licensed to practice law in California. She helped me accomplish my goals with the legal system and set my mind at ease along the way. Having a woman’s touch made me feel comfortable since I was raised by a single mom. This was a huge contrast to the average business-as-usual male attorney who may or may not care about my son and my situation. I would recommend Kristen Holstrom-Fiebiger to my friends and family members without any reservation.

  • Aggressive, professional, and they actually care.

    4.0 stars

    Posted by Tony

    I am a father of three currently living outside the country on military orders. I’ll spare the details but as anyone with a need for a family law attorney, the situation was grim. I knew that finding the right firm to represent me was important and interviewed a number of lawyers before deciding to go with Holstrom, Sissung, Marks, and Anderson. Kristen Holstrom and Jeff Sissung have been in the fight for me since day one. They are aggressive enough to say just the right thing at just the right time yet sensitive to my concerns with an eagerness to listen and answer my questions. They do all this with the poise and integrity exhibited by only the most trusted professional. The Firm is quick to respond and the even the billing dept is a relative joy to work with. If you’re in need of a good attorney, it is well worth your time to talk with Kristen, Jeff, and the rest of the team.

  • Successful in State To State Transferring-Family Law

    5.0 stars

    Posted by C.Taylor

    My Family Law Case in Riverside, California is 13 years old and I have been in court for most of those years responding to frivolous motions. I had moved out of the state approximately 3 years ago after I was granted permission to do so with my minor child. In late November 2011, I received in the mail an order to appear in court in less then a week in December 2011 regarding visitation. With me living out of state now, I knew I needed a professional, experienced, aggressive and knowledgeable attorney to represent my minor son and I as soon as possible because my file was thick and difficult. My husband, found the law firm, Holstrom, Sissung, Marks & Anderson from the internet. Attorney Kristen Holstrom-Fiebiger was the first person of contact and became of aware of my situation I was facing and assured him that they could help. Kristen, later had Attorney Jeff Sissung call me back later that evening to discuss my case even more. We thought that I had to address the court for a response to child visitation that was filed and my request to transfer my case. In that short time, Kristen was able to make an appearance on my behalf for me in December 2011, because I do not live in the state and this impressed me, because it was impossible for me to be there. The hearing date was moved to late January 2012, combined with the hearing of transferring my case to the state with where the child resides. To make a long story short, Kristen was very helpful and knowledgeable in preparing my case which kept me focus and less worried. My concerns were not ignored. Jeff represented me in court January 2012 and he was well prepared with the motions. Jeff was precise and thorough when he presenting the facts of the case on why the case should be transferred to Texas and the order for visitation should be heard in Texas and not Riverside, California. The judge granted the order to transfer and I was overjoyed with the outcome! Also there is Paralegal, Corrina Fuller, returning phone calls, behind the scenes making sure everything with my case was connected and filed in a timely manner to help the process run smooth and get done with the assistance of transferring the case since were not in the same state. A Big Thanks to all who worked on my case, it was very much appreciated! Indeed this, Law Firm is professional, experienced, aggressive and knowledgeable.

  • Breath of Fresh Air

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Joseph V

    Kristen was the first person I spoke with when calling the firm. It was at the end of business on a Thursday when I got in contact with them. Kristen still took the time on the phone to hear about my situation and said to go ahead and come by we will wait for you. I arrived and sat down and immediately felt a relief. Kristen has been hands on with my child custody case since day one. She has kept me informed of all matters that pertain to my case constantly. They handled the case professionally, put my mind at ease with the matter and now I am spending more time with my son.