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George Gedulin

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  • Best Attorney I ever hired

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Slava

    George was the only attorney who helped me with my daughters terrible situation a few years ago. Her case was in Federal court and I had known help. George talked the case through with me and my daughter and made sure we had a voice in court every time she appeared. The outcome was exactly what George promised. Thank you again.

    Hired attorney
  • Saved my son at the worst time in his life

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Boris

    My Son had a terrible incident involving the police last year. He is a top university student in San Diego and was arrested for drug and alcohol related crimes. My son I feel was having mental problems and did not know what was happening to him. I called George and he was calming and helpful from the beginning. He visited my son in jail ever day until his court hearing.

    The most amazing part was the devotion and commitment George showed to my sons case. He had him evaluated by two pscyh experts before the first court date and reports to the district attorney within days. The DA dropped all charges and we took our son from jail directly to a mental health facility.

    I can't imagine having to go through that ordeal without an attorney like George helping me and my son. I am sol thankful I found this attorney and he was there for my son. He helped an excellent young man who was going through difficult times and never deserved to have been arrested.

  • Very committed and attentive lawyer, huge help with my criminal case

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Melissa

    George did a great job on my case. It was the first time I ever faced a criminal charge and George along with his partner really calmed me down and got me through it without any problems. I spoke with other attorney's before hiring George but none were as quick to respond or willing to spend their time to explain what I was facing. Definitely going to recommend George anyone who needs a lawyer.

  • I Highly recommend attorney George Gedulin

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Alex

    George was a great help on my DUI case. I first contacted him at 9PM on a Friday night and he got back to me within minutes. Always responded to my questions and emails and explained everything about my case. My case was handled very professionally and I am very glad I hired him.

  • Great attorney who did an excellent job on my DUI

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jonathan

    George was the most responsive and honest attorney I consulted for my case. I got arrested for my first DUI in PB and had no idea what to expect. George returned my calls immediately and gave me a ton of information about what I was facing. I was very glad with the outcome of the case and how quickly he got it resolved.
    George is a very skilled criminal attorney.