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Robert Joseph Kaiser

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  • AAA++++ 100% . Satisfaction, Wonderfull Lawyer!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by shyan stark

    Couldn’t of asked for anyone better!
    Robert Kiser was always one step ahead of the game, everything was settled in a 6 month period. When I received a call from him letting me know the settlement amount I was in such surprise to hear how much he was able to collect. Robert Kiser is a very hard worker, very honest and straight forward guy, if for any reason you’re confused on anything he will call you in and try to explain it the best he can to you so that you fully understand. He is NOT IN ANYWAY SELISH, he cares about his clients and does whatever it takes to get the best outcome for you! He has a wonderful hard worker secretary that is on top of everything, she’s such a sweet wonderful lady. They both work great together and I 100% recommend Robert Kiser as YOUR NEXT LAWYER.

    Hired attorney
  • Doesn't return calls, takes long lunches, is not proactive.

    1.0 star

    Posted by James

    In the 7 months that it took to resolve my case, I only got the speak with Robert once. All of my correspondence went through Claudette his legal assistant. She is very polite ,but that doesn't make up for the poor treatment I received from their office.

    The Law Office of Robert J Kaiser never returned my calls and would not call me when they said they would. Between dealing with the at-fault parties insurance, and the law office, I had to make endless calls to remind them to work on my case and to check the status in order to get a check for my totaled car. A lot of the time she'd be like ohhh well we haven't heard back form the insurance so we haven't done anything... well... its been over a week and they said they would call back within 1-2 days, don't you think you should call and find out? I get that these things take time, but it really felt like everyone was sitting on the laurels while I was unemployed and without a car. Unfortunately when I did get a check for the property damage it was barely enough for expenses due to losing my job and to pay $1000 to the junk lot for 'storage' for a month because the slow lawyer and car insurance couldn't decide what to do with my car.

    Good luck If Robert is 'out to lunch', he likes to take long lunch breaks as long as 12-3pm, and even if he is in the office, well, 'he just got back from lunch' so he probably needs another hour or so to re-acclimate.

    I stopped visiting the Chiropracter in the beginning of August because I had enough of their games, I was starting to feel better and knew that the visits were going to cut into my meager settlement.

    August, September, October blew by, I was busy with school and called when I could, but they were often busy and would have a reason to call back, so weeks would go by and I would remember, oh yeah, weren't they supposed to call me back?

    In the beginning of November, I finally had enough and took a loan from my parents so that I could buy another car. I was sick of communicating with the Law Office of Robert J Kaiser, so as you could imagine, there was radio silence for a month until the Christmas holiday. Robert actually called me and told me that the insurance hasn't responded to their phone calls or e-mails in months so he is just now going to attempt to contact a supervisor to get my case closed.

    Turns out that as we expected the other person didn't have enough coverage, it was capped at the minimum $15k, so the insurance refused to pay anything over that, and the Law Office of Robert J Kaiser was just like, okay! FINE! I've had enough I just want whatever check I can get and go. I'm done dealing with scumbags and insurance companies.

    Well January rolls around so I call every chance I get to see where my check is. Finally in the second week I call and miraculously they find my check in my file, despite their promise to call me as soon as it arrived. It was verging on comical how bad this office is.

    From my check arriving, to me actually having it in my hands took another 2 weeks. They had to reimburse my health insurance (which they got a whopping $200 reduction), and their chummy chiropractor which miraculously took off nearly 50% (sounds like some sort of scam to me but what do I know).

    There probably aren't many good lawyers out there, but if you want a proactive and responsive lawyer, look elsewhere.

  • Look no Further

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jenny

    Rob gave us an excellent consultation.
    He is extremely informative, answers questions, and is just a nice guy. I can not recommend him enough.

  • Excellent

    5.0 stars

    Posted by - Daniel

    I was involved in a car accident in which I was inaccurately put at fault. With a witness statement as well as my own, I was still put at fault in the accident report. I felt that the odds were greatly stacked against me. That is when I sought legal advice from Robert Kaiser. I was very skeptical during my first visit. After reviewing all of the necessary information, Robert seemed confident. He carefully explained all of the highlights, terms and conditions of my case, and we came to an agreement. Robert referred me to one of his Physicians for my injuries. After recovering, I returned to all of my normal routines. Both Robert and his assistant Claudette did an outstanding job in keeping me informed during my case. Overall, my expectations were exceeded, as the settlement was far more than I had anticipated. I strongly recommend his advice to anyone put in a similar situation.

  • Your FIRST and ONLY choice!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Car Accident client

    After being rear-ended by an unininsured motorist (big surprise, right?!) I tried to resolve my case directly with my own insurance company. After being continuously stalled and jacked around by my insurance adjustor for over 18 months, I realized it was time to find a proper attorney to take on my case, as my BS meter had reached the limit.

    I went to the Yellow Pages and found an ad for Attorney, Robert J. Kaiser. What impressed me most was that he specialized in accident and injury cases only. Most of the other attorneys listed handled everything from dog bites to divorces to trusts and wills! Not interested. Yes, that is correct. I chose Mr. Kaiser straight out of the phone book, purely by accident/coincidence, but again, I based my decision on his qualifications and specialization in difficult cases such as mine. He was my first and only choice even though there were literally hundreds of others to choose from. I could not have made a better choice!

    After giving him all the information he needed to proceed with my case, he handled it as if I was his one and only client. The term "Impressive" is an understatement. Within a short period of time Mr. Kaiser was able to arrange mediation where we met with a mutually agreed upon and unbiased third party attorney. Within less than three hours, Mr. Kaiser was able to secure a settlement offer from my auto insurance company that far, far surpassed any previous offers that I had tried to negotiate on my own. I wasted 18 long, frustrating, and unproductive months in the process. I was incredulous at the final amount he was strategically able to obtain from the same pain-in-the-ass adjustor that had previously put me through hell!

    I am not real big on attorneys by any means, but if you truly need someone to work and fight for your best interests in an accident or injury case, it is imperative that you contact Robert J. Kaiser, first and foremost. You will not be disappointed, I assure you.

  • Great service and very effective!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Craig M. Hopkins

    I've always been skeptical about attorneys. Had a couple of bad experiences in the past, but Mr. Kaiser has changed my opinion. My calls were all taken or returned promptly. The outcome of my case was more than I ever expected!!