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Scott E. Allen

Scott Allen’s reviews

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  • You want him to help you honest and Helpfully to the end.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Dan Jones

    Scott keep it honest from the start and gave me great advise. He started helping me in 2014 and I had a bad start after losing the first case with my first Lawyer. Scott was doing such a great job with my friend I had to give me a chance which is something I would not regret. Scott understands the law very well and will help anyone that is willing to help themselves. He helped me get custody of my son so if you think it can't be done then you really should talk to him. Thanks again Scott for everything!

    Hired attorney
  • Experienced, Caring and one of the Best Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    I hired Scott, when I was going through divorce child custody, and a lot of false claims were filed against me. I interviewed several lawyers and hired Scott, as I felt comfortable with him. He listened to me patiently and went through the court documents. I asked him to explain the process and he did explained what I should expect next. His paralegal James is certified paralegal and is superb in what he does. James helped me with the initial documents and the process.
    Scott has a great document management system. Whatever documents I gave him till now, he never lost those and had those when we needed them. Scott asked me whether I want to settle or go to court. I wanted to go to court and he went with it. During the initial hearing and all the subsequent hearings he fought for my rights and presented my case diligently and proved the claims by the other party to be false. Most of the lawyers, will tell you settle as it saves them and the court time, but it might not be always in your best interest. Scott is not those lawyers, he really cares about his clients and is not afraid to litigate or fight for his client’s right in the court.
    My case went through the approximately 15 months with different hearings etc. All these times, Scott has treated me with respect and did his best for my case. Divorce and custody cases are hard, as these drain you emotionally and financially. A lot of lawyers will try to linger your case or will try to charge you excessive amount of fees. Scott never tried to linger my case or charge me inappropriately.
    The most important thing is, most lawyers will be nice when they have to take your case, but when the going gets tough and difficult in the divorce case or custody case; they would ask you to look for another lawyer or will ask to be excused from your case. Scott is not such lawyer; he is there for you from the beginning till the end. He is well reputed and well respected among his peers and in the community. He’s been practicing family law for over 20 years. Throughout my case, I had peace of mind that I have best lawyer looking out for my case and who is not afraid to go extra mile for my case.
    Scott never promised me the moon or the stars; he always said he will do his best as the case outcome can’t be guaranteed. He did his best. In all hearing, he gave me more than ample time for the trial preparation. He always answered my emails promptly, despite his busy schedule. One time, I had to visit my child out of state and I had driven 7 hours one way and the other parent won’t let me see my child. I immediately contacted Scott and he immediately contacted the lawyer of my ex and that allowed me to see my child the next day. It was a weekend; most lawyers won’t respond to you even if it’s emergency situation on a weekend. That single action by Scott, earned a lot of my respect and regard for him.
    I would highly recommend Scott Allen for anyone looking for the best lawyer for Child Custody, Alimony, Divorce & Separation and for family law related matters. If you ask me, who is the lawyer who will stand by you from the beginning till the end, who will be around through your roller coaster ride of the Child Custody, Alimony, Divorce & Separation etc., I would say Scott Allen. He truly cares about his clients and is one of the best lawyers.

    Hired attorney
  • An Attorney That Actually Cares

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ken

    I was out of options and Scott was there to help. I have spoken to or met many attorney's in Wake County and Scott was the only one that REALLY actually cared about my situation. It sounds cliche' but it's not. I could clearly tell that Scott had given a lot of thought to my case. Scott has extensive knowledge of the law. That knowledge coupled with his cerebral approach and courtroom presence were a savior.

  • I remember Scott

    3.0 stars

    Posted by Mike

    Five years ago Scott handled my domestic case from the Rosen Law Firm. He was the head of the litigation department and probably the only litigator. The firm ignored a Temporary Restraining Order filed by the opposing attorney and also subsequently the Order to Extend the Temporary Restraining Order. He did nothing and everyday of my life I lived in the shadow of this restraining order. Rosen Law Firm is more than poor. Subsequently he took the easy way out by resigning because my case was too complex and that Rosen operates on a fixed fee basis. I had Scoot to thank for the way he practiced at the Rosen Law Firm

    Scott E. Allen’s response: “I'm sorry you had a bad experience with the Rosen Law Firm. This matter does not sound familiar, but then, like now, I strive for the utmost client satisfaction in every case.”
  • Confident and stands for your rights

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Felicia

    Scott Allen took my divorce case after my first lawyer failed to stand for my rights.Scott took the case and I began to sleep better at night.My marriaged ended from abuse so I was very weary.I had to even report my first lawyer to the NC bar so finding Scott with Rosen Law ended the nightmare.He siad you rest and let me take care of things and I will work while you rest.The money I spent was worth every dime to clear my name from my former spouse.The team working with Scott are outstanding.Debra Throm reviewed my case first and was comforting.She let me know I was hiring a firm of lawyers to take care of me not just one person.Scots assistant lawyer James Saunders constantly answered my questions and phone calls.They dont leave you waiting they take care of you and help you through the process of divorce.Scotts confidence and knowledge of the law is very stong he stands for it and will fight to the end to see your case be handled fairly and according to the law.If you want to end the pain and start to heal Rosen law and ask for Scott Allen to take your case !! I just got the justice I was looking for for 3 years and now its over.My name is clear from my former spouse and I have the settlement that was due me.Not the zero balance my first lawyer was suggesting.I can have closure and heal even more now.The first meeting I had with Scott he looked at the list of abusive acts that had been done to me.I feel that made him stand even stronger for my needs as a woman.I had been harmed and he made sure it stopped.I knew that day he cared about me as human being first.He then applied the law to the situation and now I have my second life ahead of me.I can smile , laugh and sleep well again.I feel like a new person.Im going to Disney World !! LOL
    Yes you too will be able to smile and laugh again.Call rosen Law firm they have a motto Divorce is different really is handled different.They even teach you about not dating during the process and tips about your life and have people to hepl you .That help me to know clear up my past before I try to start a new life.