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Edward Albert Gilkerson

Edward Gilkerson’s client reviews

     4.5 stars 6 total

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  • Informative and Kind

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ted

    Ed was always responsive to me in a dispute I had with a tenant, and was very informative. He listened, was willing to look over all relevant documents in the consultation phase, and was a steady, calming influence in a difficult time. I would absolutely work with him again; it was a great experience. In general I found him to be reasonable, kind, and intelligent. I can only imagine him being fantastic in a trial situation.

  • Quick and Painless Divorce

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    Mr. Gilkerson handled my divorce in Jefferson County. It was very quick and he made sure that I was aware of what was going on at all times. Very thorough and efficient.

  • Wonderful.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    When the husband I trusted for decades turned out to be untrustworthy and untruthful, I turned to Ed Gilkerson and his staff to handle my divorce. Ed was always ready to listen, advise, and guide me. Thanks to Ed and his crew, I was able to get the settlement I felt was fair and reasonable for me.

  • Very effective and helpful attorney for those of us from outside of MO.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Business client

    I was very lucky to have such a great attorney like Ed Gilkerson on my side. I was in a financial dispute with someone in St. Louis, MO and I was in NJ. Mr. Gilkerson was able to win my confidence and apprise me of all the happenings in St. Louis through phone/email communications very effectively. Not only did I feel safe with retaining Ed from so far away, I felt as if I was in a comptetitive advantage against the person with whom I had the dispute because my attorney was so well prepared and knowlegable of the local court system. I would recommend Ed to anyone who would need an attorney to handle their financial disputes.

  • I recommend Ed Gilkerson

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Beth

    Ed Gilkerson managed a difficult separation from a business partner for my company about 2 years ago. I found him to be effective and efficient. The matter was resolved quickly and respectfully.
    I highly recommend Ed Gilkerson for any small business legal needs.

  • Do NOT Hire this Attorney

    1.0 star

    Posted by Barb

    Ed Gilkerson was hired by my husband and me for mediation. He did nothing for months and my husband eventually went and got his own attorney, turning it into a contested divorce. Gilkerson continued to represent me. He dragged this out by granting continuance after continuance, blaming the judge’s campaign schedule and opposing council’s health problems. I had to demand he make the court grant further continuances, not just happily grant them, which the court didn’t. Gilkerson never fully answered questions so I had to keep asking (with him charging), and holding pre-trial conferences even though nothing was getting accomplished. The judge even required us to go to a mediator. Nothing was accomplished. We were eventually divorced after 2 years after I once again demanded this be brought to trial, but the majority of marital assets were still not (and some still aren’t) divided and/or distributed.

    Gilkerson's bill was enormous for a mediation turned dissolution w/o children... and especially after two years that the assets he was hired to divide and distribute wasn't done. Gilkerson wanted full payment after the divorce or he would withdraw. It was the third time Gilkerson wanted to withdraw, the first time claiming he could testify to what my husband said in mediation. The second time trying to withdraw was for having the interrogatories finished four days late. He furnished three months old interrogatories from the Respondent, done obviously with help from his attorney, and wanted them done by me alone in two weeks. He blamed opposing council. I work a professional job. Gilkerson blamed me.

    He provided the divorce agreement for review and signature twice (after he allegedly reviewed it) at court with missing pages. He didn't catch it, I did..... and changes were required on those pages. He blamed the court printer, but had no problem charging me while he stood in those lines for the printer.

    It took me three trips to my employer's HR department and four tries between my employer and Gilkerson's office to solicit simple records. He blamed my employer for the miscommunications.
    It took four times for me demanding he file a motion to compel my husband to put the house up for sale. When his assistant finally did present it to sign, his assistant claimed it was their idea. The lies, procrastination and deception by this man were beyond belief.

    I had paid Gilkerson several thousand dollars already. He verbally demanded a discounted full payment and a retainer to finish. I countered with a written offer of additional payment in the amount of the retainer, and the full discounted payment upon completion. It was obvious Gilkerson was withdrawing as soon as he got the bulk of his money. Gilkerson immediately withdrew and filed for Breach of Contract, claiming I’m liable for his legal collection fees as well. A new attorney has been hired to finish what Gilkerson was hired to do.

    I had someone review his billing, which immediately found well over 2000 dollars in over charges just in the math alone, which I assume will be corrected this month. I’m sure Gilkerson will have someone else to blame for that as well. A complaint to the Office of the Chief Disciplinary Council of the Missouri Bar has been filed in regard to professional conduct, ethics violations and what easily could be considered fraud regarding the billing. I expect little from them, as this man has been “practicing” law for over 24 years, and appears to have complaints and suits all over the internet by his clients, and yet has no disciplinary actions on file? There is much more to state, but we all have lives to live. Do NOT hire this attorney.