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Bruce E. Burdick

Bruce Burdick’s client reviews

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  • Helped me choosing right path for copyright & IP issues

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Copyright client

    I am not a client for this lawyer, just an avvo member, trying to get little legal advice for my upcoming business. Mr.Bruce had showed me good way to start & how to manage legal issues for my concern.

    I recommend anyone who is having issues about copyright, trademark, patent etc. Thanks for helping me.

  • Best Patent Litigation Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ralph

    Mr. Burdick is competent and fearless in the face of complex litigation. He said 'yes' when 70 law firms and practitioners passed on representation. In short, he is the STAR you imagined having. But how does an inventor know who to choose? Never mind. The litigator chooses you after careful case analysis. He gained trust by confirming my role as inventor and patent holder. Of course there was no doubt in my mind. The non-prior art literature widely acknowledged my role as inventor. Be aware. There are rogue outliers who want to steal your property. Mr. Burdick knows patents are property. Justice Roberts said in an Opinion No. 09-1159 (June 6, 2011) "Inventors own their inventions." One misguided professor from a foreign hostile state attempted to claim the invention for himself but Mr. Burdick put a stop to that false claim and corrupt nonsense. His due diligence revealed: patent validity, infringement, and takings. Mr. Burdick at all times maintains contact and is responsive to questions. Email and telephone exchanges have occurred nearly every day. As a psychologist and inventor contact is important. So is character. Mr. Burdick is the best litigator one could hope to secure for representation. Whether by email, phone, video, or in-person Mr. Burdick has maintained a clear conceptualization and strong ethical approach to my case. He understood from concept to invention the chronology of events that led others to infringe my USPTO awarded patent and formulated it in reasonable language supported by case law. Mr. Burdick saw that others were intent on stealing my invention. They copied and used it. They infringed the claims. They willfully made public statements documented by video and literature claiming to have developed my invention. In his crystal clear reasoning Mr. Burdick soothed a suspicious inventor by acknowledging the truth of infringement by non-government organizations (NGO) and 'takings' by the government

    Mr. Burdick showed me how to construct patent infringement claims charts. He said "Tell the truth no matter how much it hurts." He guided and organized evidence showing patent chronology, infringement, and deceptive collaboration between infringing entities. He revealed the disingenuous behavior of infringer denials that stalled and delayed responses to administrative claims. He recommended getting congressional help to break the logjam. As a result of this effort a Congressional Inquiry was launched forcing the government to respond. It took a Freedom of Information Act document to show that the federal agency has a pattern of infringement and denial of claims. If competence and character matter to you, find a way to convince Mr. Burdick your case is worth his effort.