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Lucas Wayne Wilder

Lucas Wilder’s Client Reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Brittney

    Honest & Reliable

    Lucas Wilder is reliable, honest, works around the clock, family oriented and open minded. When I contacted Lucas Wilder regarding my case, I left a message and he called me back promptly, it wasn't a secretary or office staff it was Mr. Wilder personally and we got started on my case right away.

    Lucas Wilder was completely honest about possible outcomes of my case and gave me all of my options. Mr. Wilder didn't require a retainer fee and truly is an attorney that requires no payment unless he helps you win your case, so I knew he was an honest attorney that's truly working for me.

    When I first contacted Mr. Wilder and he called me back right away he was actually on a camping trip with his family. He's a dedicated father who's involved with his children and their activities, so therfore, Mr. Wilder is able to relate to a case that involves family or children. My case involved pregnancy discrimination, Mr. Wilder was able to understand and relate because he and his wife had recently had a baby and couldn't imagine his wife experiencing something that I had. Mr. Wilder was understanding and sympathetic to the fact that bringing a baby into the world is a big deal and employers should respect and not discriminate against those women and allow them time off to recover and care for the baby.

    Mr. Wilder is not a 9am - 5pm attorney, he worked around the clock on my behalf researching for my case. He also used all means of communication to stay in contact with me. I would receive a text or email after 5pm from Mr. Wilder occasionally, which he would simply ask me a question or tell me to check my email.

    Mr. Wilder was also very open minded, asking me what my thoughts are and how I felt about certain things. He also asked me for my suggestions and would include my suggestions or response into correspondence to the company I was pursuing. I really liked that because I felt like I was also helping my case and I knew exactly what was being said to the company.

    I really felt that Mr. Wilder cared about the outcome of my case and was truly on my side. It did take quite some time for my case to wrap up, but Mr. Wilder prepared me for that in the very beginning, so it was expected. We worked together on the case and got a great outcome.

    I would reccommed Lucas Wilder to anyone looking for a reliable, honest, family oriented, work around the clock and open minded attorney.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Cierra

    The Best Attorney Ever!

    Attorney Lucas Wilder, what a great person. When I first met him and so forth he didn't make me feel like he was a big scary lawyer he made me feel like he was my support system, and had my back every step of the way, I enjoyed working with Lucas Wilder, he made me feel confident and knowing that everything was ok, he was very informative, very patient and always kept me updated with everything I really appreciate that he broke everything down for me to understand I felt like we were partners cause he always ask my opinion and making sure I was ok with his decision, I knew he had my best interest so I wasn't worried at all threw the process, what a great person to work with, I would recommend everyone in the world to Lucas Wilder, you would not be disappointed. Thanks again! You truly made everything I was going threw a lot easier for me.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by John

    A Lawyer with Integrity

    I worked with Lucas on a wrongful termination case.
    The first time I met with Lucas in his office he listened, asked questions to get all the information needed and explained the process to me up front. From then on he informed me of what was going on, responded to appropriate parties as needed with an email to me about the status and any letters that were sent.
    He kept my confidence up throughout the process and on the day of the hearing I was nervous but you could tell he was confident about everything and knew he was going to get the results I wanted and he did.
    I would recommend Lucas to anyone who would want an attorney that makes you feel that he does care and you are not just a number to him. He does care about you and the situation you are in and is up front with you on what will occur and the probability of a good outcome.
    We need more attorney's like Lucas.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Demond

    An Attorney You Can Trust

    Words cannot express the happiness and gratitude I felt from using Mr. Wilder's legal representation in a wrongful termination case against my former employer . First and most importantly, Lucas Wayne Wilder, Esq., is an attorney you can trust. He was a compassionate attorney and a man of his word. He listened and felt every word I said. There were no hidden costs in regards to his services. He was like a hungry tiger when it came to fighting for my case. You are not your attorney's only case, but I felt like I was from the attention I received and the knowledge of my case he had retained. I was so impressed by the intricate details he remember about my case. It was as if he actually lived what I went through with my employer. I appreciated his humbleness. He was willing to listen to my views and concerns and considered them. We came out on top because this attorney is very knowledgeable about the law. We settled out of court and I came out a rich and very satisfied man.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Sharon

    Very Satisfied Client

    We would highly recommend Lucas Wilder for all our family and friends in need of any legal situation they may have. We had a previous lawyer on our case for 4 years and was getting nothing done. We hired Lucas Wilder and within a year he had our case solved and won. He was the most professional and caring lawyer we has ever dealt with. He has a job to do and he will get it done. He cared about us and worked on our case as if he was in our shoes and made sure we got what we deserved. To find a lawyer that really cared about us was very important and very satisfying.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Vicki C.

    employment discrimination

    I utilized Attorney Wilder services over ten years ago. My legal matter was handled with care and professionalism. He made certain my voice was heard and what occurred in my situation was brought to justice and corrected. Attorney Wilder was persistent honest and had my best interest at the forefront. I have recommended him to several around me.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Robert


    I felt comfortable with him and had all my questions answered in such a way that I knew what to expect down the line (no hidden surprises)

    I don't think I could have chosen a better attorney. Looking back I was very satisfied with his performance. As with anything there are always things that could have been done a little different but again I would have needed to have given a little more info or stressed the importance of some of the information I had to offer to help Attorney Wilder with my case. He was one of the very few attorneys who listened and accepted my case.

    I can not begin to tell you what I went through to find an attorney I interviewed 16 different attorneys and I had more stress in finding an attorney than the case itself.

    To give an example of his performance during my case Attorney Wilder had objected numerous times to the questioning of the Government's Attorney and won his arguments. In most cases when the Government's Attorney would object about Attorney Wilder's statements their objections were overruled.

    I would recommend Attorney Wilder and he is definitely worth looking into.

    Bob R.