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Bar Room Brawl - Injured Victim gets Compensated!

Practice Area: Personal Injury

Outcome: Over $50,000 recovered for injured victim

Description: While out with friends one eveneing, a woman was assaulted and injured by a drunk woman at the bar. The drunk patron was not collectible and the bar did not want to pay for serving the drunk alcohol that night. She hired attorney Korduba to fight for her rights in court. Immediately after the lawsuit was filed, the bar owner settled via his insurnace carrier and the drunk woman also agreed to payout money to get out of jail and her criminal case. No one wanted the case and told the client she would never see any money out of her injury. Attorney Korduba made it happen and got 100% of the fair value of her case from the bar owner's insurance. Don't take "no" for an answer. FIGHT BACK. WIN.

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