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Kyndra L. Mulder

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    1.0 star

    Posted by siva

    Hired Attorney

    I hired her just because she had so many reviews but I was very disappointed the way she present my case and the way she condemned other lawyers .I compared her with others at least they filed something.

    Kyndra L. Mulder’s response: “This client initially presented me with documents and told a story that supported filing an application to renew his L Visa based on ineffective assistance of counsel. One of the documents he initially brought me was a decision from the Middle District of Florida denying his case. There was no opinion attached. He stated to me that the court denied the case without an opinion for the same reason it was denied below (No Jurisdiction). After proceeding in his case based on his word and the documents he provided me I discovered a lengthy opinion from the Middle District that the client had intentionally withheld from me. The opinion exonerated his former attorneys and also stated that the USCIS and the court found this client's credibility to be questionable. I would not further assist this client in filing his claim of ineffective assistance of counsel. My Representation Agreement specifically states that failure to disclose relevant facts in your case may lead to the attorney's withdrawal and you will not be entitled to a refund of payment for the work performed on your behalf. This policy is for my benefit as well as the client's. Most client's don't need to be told of the wisdom in being honest with your attorney from the beginning; it saves us both time and money. My initial telephone consultation is free. Currently this client remains in the USA and runs his own pizza restaurant. He has been here for many years and remains here because of the work of all of his attorneys myself included.”

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Consulted Attorney

    Mrs. Mulder is an excellent specialist. with knowledge and experience like no other!
    We are still working on my case, but she gave me exactly explanation and information I needed.
    Hope it will work out the way I need.

  • Customs acceptance

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Robert

    I met with this lady concerning my fiancee in Ukraine, who has 3 children, and was considering a visit to USA with them, and the advice she gave was 100%. After listening to her, I understand that they would probable not be allowed in country, as customs would believe she intended to stay, since she has come alone twice within last 6 months, and this time was bringing all children with her.She is most knowledgeable in her field of practice, and she does not think only as to what she will receive for her services. To me, she is as ethical as any attorney you will find, and I will return when the need arises. Thanks again Ms Mulder.

  • Marriage Immigration

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Anonymous

    I got married to a lady overseas. It was not as easy as I thought it would be to get my wife her green card. Thank you to Ms. Mulder who helped us out. She did a great job and it was a pleasure to work with her.

  • Family Immigration

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Family immigration Client

    ‘I am very proud that my family is here legal and we all want to be citizens. I made a good choice in choosing Ms. Mulder to be our attorney. She was very helpful and patient.

  • Complicated Immigration Case

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Anonymous Immigration Client

    My case was really complicated. Ms. Mulder took the case and one step at a time took care of all the problems. We had to work with the court in New York, ICE the USCIS. Now everything is all finished. I have my green card. I was able to have employment authorization the whole time while Ms. Mulder worked on my case. Thank you Ms. Mulder.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Teresa

    I came to the US without a visa. Then I made some mistakes and got some crimes on my record. I got an approved immediate relative petition but when another lawyer filed the I-485 I was sent to the immigration court to be deported. I went to Ms. Mulder she filed a waiver for me. She is very knowledgeable. She helped me to do everything I needed to do to show to the court I deserved a chance to stay in the U.S. I now have my green card. My family is all together now and I am so happy.

    Thank you Ms. Mulder!

    Kyndra L. Mulder’s response: “Thank you Teresa for taking the time to write this review. It was a pleasure working with you and your family. Immigration has many aspects and not all immigration attorneys practice every area of immigration. For instance I use my background in the practice of criminal law to represent immigrants charged with crimes. I file waivers in the court overseas and I-601A's write appeals at all levels and file USCIS petitions and applications. However the only employment immigration I handle are L visas and R visas. It is important to not only ask an attorney if they practice immigration law but if they have experience in the specific area that is relevant to you. Your former attorney was probably an excellent attorney but did not focus on the area of removal defense as a result of a criminal conviction.”

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Terry

    I used a passport with a visa to enter the U.S. Problem was, it was not my passport or my visa. Then a few days later I made a mistake and was convicted of a crime. I took Voluntary Departure. My family contacted Kyndra Mulder for me. It was complicated because I had gone to a third country because I could not go back to my country. Attorney Mulder filed a waiver for me at the U.S. Consulate. I am back in the U.S. with my family and I have my green card.

  • Ms. Mulder filed my appeal to the BIA

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jose

    My parents, brothers, sisters, are in the United States legally. Ms. Mulder represented a lot of them in their cases. While everything went okay for my family, I didn’t go to Attorney Mulder until after my case fell through. I lost at the USCIS, was denied employment authorization, got an order of deportation from the immigration court, I went to see Attorney Mulder. She filed an appeal to the BIA. Thanks to her I now am here legally and have work authorization. My family has a house and my children are going to school and everyone is very happy.

  • I am a citizen thanks to Attorney Mulder

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Carlos

    I was afraid to file for my naturalization because I have a conviction for a crime. Attorney Mulder helped me and everything went good. Her experience is obvious. I am now a United States Citizen and I don’t think I would be if I hadn’t gone to her for help.

    Kyndra L. Mulder’s response: “I love representing clients for their Naturalization and being present when they get the final word that they are approved. Most of my interviews for NATZ take place right across the street from my office. From the time we walk over to the USCIS from my office to that final cheer on the sidewalk after an approval is an awesome experience.”