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Mathew E. Flatow

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  • First Lawyer that would help me

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Francis

    Hired Attorney

    I have a complex dispute with my employer. I was hurt on the job and then terminated. I called a bunch of firms and Mr Flatows firm was the first that called me back. After my initial consultation, they laid out a plan.

    I was questioning whether or not to let this go or stand up for myself. I am happy that I hired this firm because the staff was friendly, the associates were smart and Mr. Flatow was on top of the entire process. I am really happy with how everything turned out and that is why i am leaving this review.

  • Got fired after getting hurt - great representation all aroudn

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Peter

    I was hurt at work pretty bad and when the doctor wrote me out, i was fired. When i called aroudn to various lawyers, I was told that they only would look at the injury and were not interested or could not help me with the termiantion. Mathew was the first lawyer i found who was able to handle both. He filed claims with the industrial commisison and Department of labor. He followed up and kept me informed the whole time. We had a conference with the my employer and got both issues resolved at one time.

    It was refreshing to have one lawyer who was incredibly smart in both areas of law. I cannot recommend this firm and Matthew enough.

  • Actual Employment Lawyer who understands Sales Work

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Robert

    I have been in sales for 32 years and have finally found an attorney who could advise me on all the issues surrounding being in a commisison based employement relationship. I was changing jobs any my employer wanted me to sign a severance packet. I paid M.r Flatow 350 for a consult to review my severance agreement. Not only did he go through my rights, but he determined that the company actually owed me additional money. More improtantly, he helped me navigate through my non-compete issues so i could start my new job without any headaches. This was truly a good find.

    I have talked to numerous attorneys over the years and he was the first who really undestood the uniqueness of being a sales rep. I would recommend him to any body in the field.

  • Helped settle my workers comp case

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Walter

    Had worked with an attorney near Central and was having a tough time getting call backs or details on my case. When i switched to Mr. Flatlow's firm, I was impressed overall. His paralegal Vanessa was very helpful and Matthew got me the information i needed to make the right decision.

    Funny how two different expereinces could be so different. Truly blessed to find my way.

  • Helped me get my benefits from workers compensation people

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Andrew

    I got badly injured at work but the insurance company for my boss would not move quickly in getting me my out of work pay and make me a doctors appointment. I hired Mr. Flatow's firm and he and his team quickly got everything moving in the right direction. In my consult, he explained a detailed three step process to getting my case moving and eventually resolved and all three things happened as he outlined.

    I appreciatiated how Mr. Flatow set my expectations initially and followed through during the case. Very happy with the representation.

  • Fired while applying for FMLA

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Harold

    Due to a death in my family, I applied for FMLA. Prior to getting it approved, my employer advised me that they were seperating my employment and offered me a severance package. I retained Matthew to review the documents and advise me of my options as to whether to accept the package or to reject it. Matthew, for one reasonable price, reviewed my documents and then met with me to discuss. He explained all my options and told me that the offer was a little low and I may be able to proceed on the FMLA claim.

    Long story short, he used the FMLA violation to get more severance and everythign worked out because I now have a better job than before. I highly recommend his services.

  • Severance Package Negotiation Succes

    5.0 stars

    Posted by heaclo85

    I hired Mr. Flatlow to negotiate my terms of seperation from a foreign corporation. I was director of US sales based out of NC and was laid off. The attorney explained that I may have some legal protections under some federal administrative statute and could possibly negotiate a package when none was offered. I retained Mr. Flatow with retainer that I paid some up front and he agreed to take a portion of his fee on a contingent basis. I was appreciative since being without a job, I was worried about hiring an atttorney who would charge on an hourly basis and rack up huge bills. He charged me a flat fee up front and a percentage of the package and that was more than fair considering the time he put into meeting with me and getting the matter resolved.

    I foudn Mr. Flatow on this webite after reading all the reviews for the main players in this category. I am happy to report that the reviews did not steer me wrong and I wanted to add my experience to the website so that people in my similar bad situation can make the right deciions.

  • Negotiated a Favorable Separation from my Company

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    I was the CFO of a multinational corporate and was being laid off due to a change of management. I was offered a small severance package with a lot of clauses in the contract that were worrisome. I called for a consult with Mr. Flatow. I was told by his paralegal that the consultation fee included the attorney reviewing the agreements before the consultation so that he would be prepared and have a plan when we sat down to talk. During the consultation, Mr. Flatow already had a strong plan in place and talked me through my range of options.

    After evaluating the options, I called Mr. Flatow back and he gave me a fixed price to renegotiate my agreement. After signing the contract, he got straight to work and increased my package's dollar value, but more importantly, got the company to make the agreement fair in terms of where I could work in the future.

    Definitely money well spent.

  • INjured and fired on job, attorney fixed it up!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Will

    I was injured at work and fired by my boss because i was injured. I called other attorneys a lot but they only wanted to talk about by injury and nobody was talking about how my job fired me and i didnt think taht was right considering how long i was working there. I hired Matthew and he filed a bunch of papers against the boss and company and also the insurance people.

    Very happy with the service and recommend to all people with similar problms that Matthew will get job done for you too!

  • Life Saving Advice on my Separation Agreement

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Estelle

    I was unexpectedly let go of my job and given a short time period to review my severance package. After researching on this website the best lawyers for employment issues, and reading all hte reviews, I called Mr. Flatow. His staff was courteous and explained his consultation fee included a review of all documents BEFORE my meeting. When I came in for the consultation, he was very prepared, knew the paperwork inside and out and was able to show me all the ways that I could improve on the package offered. Both in terms of compensation and the non-compete language. After taking a lot of notes on what to do, I asked him if he would recommend that I pay him to do the negotiation. He said that with the information from the consultation, I should save my money and try the first round of negotiation myself. I took his advice and the company worked with me on my final package.

    Truly a fair, honest and respectable attorney.