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What a Mediation lawyer can do for you

A trained mediation lawyer will help you negotiate your dispute until you and the other party reach an agreement together. Mediation allows for a process with a quicker and more flexible schedule, is often the least expensive legal option available, and allows you to have more input over the outcome of your case. Contact a mediation lawyer or a mediator if you have a disagreement that you need resolved without the cost and hassle of going to trial.

Why hire a Mediation attorney

The mediation process can help you resolve disputes without going to court. In a mediation proceeding, a neutral third party (a mediation lawyer or mediator) meets with you and the person you disagree with. Mediators are trained to find mediation solutions in legal disputes, including divorce mediation and business disagreement mediation. The mediator acts as a facilitator, helping you negotiate until a solution is found. Mediation is the most informal process for dispute resolution and is usually the least expensive method. The drawback is that, unlike an arbitrator in arbitration, the mediator does not make a final decision. So, unless the parties agree and enter into a settlement agreement, the mediation can end without the dispute being solved.

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Did you know?

Choosing mediation over going to trial can save you anywhere from 30-90% in the legal fees necessary for resolving your case.