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Jacksonville, FL Mediation lawyers

105 lawyers specializing in Mediation are available in the Jacksonville, FL area.

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Jacksonville has 105 Mediation Attorneys with 277 Reviews

  • Michael Duncan

    Duncan Trial & Mediation
    301 West Bay Street, Suite 1446, Jacksonville, FL
    5.0 stars 52 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 9.9  
    Mediation Lawyer Licensed
    Michael ("Mike") Duncan is an experienced trial and litigation attorney.  Mr. Duncan's trial experience includes judge and jury trials, tried to verdict, in Florida state and federal courts.  Mr. Duncan has successfully represented clients in many...
  • Blane McCarthy

    Blane McCarthy - Mediator
    Miles Mediation & Arbitration, 4651 Salisbury Rd Suite 170, Jacksonville, FL
    5.0 stars 18 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 10  
    Mediation Lawyer Licensed
    As a Certified Circuit Mediator, I help bring peaceful resolutions to disputes in a way that is quick, professional, and cost-effective. I primarily mediate personal injury and commercial disputes, but also handle probate, contract, association, a...
  • Paul Doolittle

    Paul M. Doolittle, P.A.
    4811 Atlantic Blvd Ste 3, Jacksonville, FL
    5.0 stars 21 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 9.4  
    Mediation Lawyer Licensed
    Paul M. Doolittle is an attorney licensed to practice law in the State of Florida since 1989. Prior to that, Mr. Doolittle practiced law in the State of Oklahoma after obtaining his law degree from the Oklahoma City University College of Law in 19...
  • Bryan Rendzio

    Franson, Iseley & Rendzio, P.A.
    1400 Prudential Drive, Suite 5, Jacksonville, FL
    5.0 stars 1 review
    Avvo Rating: 9.8  
    Mediation Lawyer Licensed
    Florida Business Litigation and Construction Lawyer / Mediator / Arbitrator  Bryan R. Rendzio is a partner of Franson, Iseley & Rendzio, P.A., where his practice concentrates in business litigation with a particular emphasis on contract, construct...
  • A. Smith

    Law Offices of A. Russell Smith, P.A.
    301 West Bay Street, Suite 1461, Jacksonville, FL
    5.0 stars 15 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 10  
    Mediation Lawyer Licensed
    A. Russell Smith is engaged in a trial practice, with emphasis in the areas of criminal defense in the Florida and Federal Courts and complex family litigation. Mr. Smith graduated from the University of South Florida in 1976, and received his Jur...
  • Daniel Warner

    Mediation Center
    4221 Baymeadows Rd Ste 4, Jacksonville, FL
    5.0 stars 3 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 8.4  
    Mediation Lawyer Licensed
    Review: “Was very informative and helpful. Helped guide me through a trying time. Helped understand each aspect of the pro's and con's. ”
  • Martin Leibowitz

    Martin L. Leibowitz, P.A.
    2120 Oak Street, Jacksonville, FL
    5.0 stars 22 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 10  
    Mediation Lawyer Licensed
    Representing First Responders & Injured Employees across Florida, Mr. Leibowitz is an "AV Preeminent" Rated (by Martindale Hubbell) Workers’ Compensation Attorney with over 39 years of experience, as well as a Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil...
  • A. Mullaney

    Law Office of A. James Mullaney
    8777 San Jose Blvd., Ste. 302, Jacksonville, FL
    5.0 stars 19 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 9.2  
    Mediation Lawyer Licensed
    Mr. Mullaney's practice has been solely devoted to Famiy Law since 2000. You should consider speaking with a divorce lawyer before becoming involved in a family law case. The common issues that are handled by a divorce lawyer include divorce, chil...
  • Carol Galloway

    Law Offices of Carol M. Galloway, P.A.
    301 West Bay Street, Suite 1451-52, Jacksonville, FL
    5.0 stars 45 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 8.8  
    Mediation Lawyer Licensed
    I grew up in New York and located to Jacksonville, Florida after graduate school in 1984. I worked for United Airlines as a flight attendant for over 17 years. Whle flying around the world and meeting people from all countries, I decided I wanted ...
  • John Leombruno

    Arnold Law Firm
    6279 Dupont Station Court, Jacksonville, FL
    4.0 stars 11 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 9.1  
    Mediation Lawyer Licensed
    Review: “I hired John and from the beginning until the end he was on point with everything we had went over about my case. I finally found an attorney that really fought for me and I would recommend him highly to all my family and...
  • Matthew Posgay

    Coker, Schickel, Sorenson Et Al
    136 E Bay St, Jacksonville, FL
    Not yet reviewed
    Avvo Rating: 10  
    Mediation Lawyer Licensed
  • Ned Price

    Ned I. Price, P.A.
    11141 Sun City Ct, Jacksonville, FL
    5.0 stars 2 reviews
    Mediation Lawyer Licensed
    Review: “If your divorce lawyer does not want Ned Price to mediate your divorce, then you might rethink your decision to have hired that attorney. Ned is a no BS, no nonsense mediator who will look both parties in the eye and giv...
  • Andrew Knight

    Moseley Prichard Parrish Knight & Jones
    501 West Bay Street, Jacksonville, FL
    5.0 stars 1 review
    Avvo Rating: 8.5  
    Mediation Lawyer Licensed
    Veteran trail attorney specializing in defense of insurance, admiralty and railroad matters in State and Federal courts of Florida and south Georgia. Certified civil mediator in Florida state courts and Middle District of Florida federal courts..
  • William Burroughs

    Jax Mediation Center
    2700 University Blvd., Suite A-1, Jacksonville, FL
    Not yet reviewed
    Avvo Rating: 8.1  
    Mediation Lawyer Licensed
    I personally handle every matter myself; I do not delegate any part of a representation or mediation to a junior lawyer.   In addition to litigation, I am experienced in investor arbitration representation; and I have received the training course ...
  • Michelle Broyles

    Beaches Family Resolutions, LLC
    14333 Beach Blvd., Ste 33, Jacksonville, FL
    5.0 stars 1 review
    Avvo Rating: 8.1  
    Mediation Lawyer Licensed
    Review: “Michelle was awesome! She went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable through ever step of the process that we went through. Would definitely recommend her to friends and family!”
  • Terrance Schmidt

    Bledsoe, Jacobson, Schmidt, Wright, Lang & Wilkinson
    1301 Riverplace Blvd. Suite 1818, Jacksonville, FL
    Not yet reviewed
    Mediation Lawyer Licensed
  • Julia McLaughlin

    Julia H. McLaughlin Law, PLLC
    7153 Fleur Cove Drive, Jacksonville, FL
    5.0 stars 1 review
    Avvo Rating: 8.4  
    Mediation Lawyer Licensed
    In 2018, Professor Julia H. McLaughlin joined the law firm of Cleaveland & Cleaveland, where she brings over thirty years of legal and teaching experience to the practice, focusing on marriage dissolution, paternity, parenting, support, alimony, e...
  • Philip Vineyard

    Vineyard Legal Services, LLC
    301 W Bay St Ste 1412, Jacksonville, FL
    5.0 stars 3 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 7.7  
    Mediation Lawyer Licensed
    Review: “Mr. Vineyard spoke with me concerning the demand letter.and explained to me the probable outcome. He also made a phone call to the insurance adjuster handling my claim advising them of the discrepancies in the demand lett...
  • David Brecher

    Brecher Mediation, PLC
    EverBank Center, 301 West Bay Street, Suite 1443, Jacksonville, FL
    Not yet reviewed
    Avvo Rating: 7.4  
    Mediation Lawyer Licensed
    David S. Brecher is a Florida Supreme Court certified Circuit Court Mediator, a Federal Court Certified Mediator and a Florida Supreme Court Qualified Arbitrator.  Mr. Brecher has a broad-based background in commercial litigation, product liabilit...
  • Omar Farooq

    Law Office of Omar Farooq, PLLC
    3546 Saint John's Bluff Road S. #116, Jacksonville, FL
    5.0 stars 3 reviews
    Avvo Rating: 7.7  
    Mediation Lawyer Licensed
    Review: “He is the best attorney that I have ever seen.he is very knowledgable in different fields.he def deserves any fees he charges.”

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