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What an Arbitration lawyer can do for you

An arbitration lawyer will help you get your dispute settled out of court. Your arbitration lawyer will help you and the other party choose an arbitrator, someone that will act as a neutral third party judge to hear the case and then render a final decision that is legally binding. An arbitration lawyer will make sure that you've prepared the right evidence for your case so that you can take advantage of a process that is more flexible, saves time, and is less expensive than court litigation.

Why hire an Arbitration attorney

When you want to settle a dispute without going to court, you may benefit from the services of an arbitration lawyer. In an arbitration setting, you and the other involved party select a neutral third person to serve as an arbitrator. Acting in the role of an informal judge, the arbitration lawyer listens to both sides of your dispute. Unlike a court proceeding, arbitration involves no formal procedural rules and gives you a chance to tell your story in your own words. After hearing the arguments, the arbitrator makes a final binding decision. The decision is legally enforceable if someone later tries to renege. The arbitration process is very similar to court litigation but is more casual, flexible, and private—and less expensive and time-consuming.

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Did you know?

According to a recent study, the average time from filing to decision was about 475 days in an arbitrated case, while a similar case took from 18 months to three years to make its way through the courts.