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Steven Brian Chroman

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  • Many ups!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Amanda

    Steven Chroman is an attorney that stands by his client 100%. I met him in April of 2013 when my separation all started. From that time on, he was there for me. There were times when I wanted to give up and could not handle anymore but he helped me get through those patches. My divorce was far from amicable and had many twist and turns that he helped me maneuver through. I often think about what I would have done without him…and the truth is…I would not have been able to. After 3 years of fighting my divorce had now been finalized. If you are looking for an attorney…there are many to choose from. But, you will not regret your choice if you choose Steven Chroman. His is a man who is honest and has a great deal of integrity.

    Hired attorney
  • Take the time to read my review

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Brad J.

    I sat down to write my review and noticed something interesting. There are the strong rating reviews with tremendous accurate details as to their personal case, those give high points. Then there are those that are one star- never two to four that use generalities and vague bitterness. I think it is fair to recognize that the difference in those of us that actually used Mr. Chroman's services and those who are intern Internet trolls or even better the other sides Ex venting from their humiliation and defeat court side.
    That being said, I was about to share my detailed experience, however, I suggest you read the two different kinds of reviews on this site or Yelp or any for that matter. I've lived in the santa Clarita valley for over 12 years now. It's a small community. Ask anyone. Mr. Chroman is a great choice and has my actual client real 5 star rating. Thank you Avvo

  • Stay Away!

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    His fees are ridiculous and he doesn't get much done. He certainly doesn't look out for his clients' best interest. His services were so poor, I'd give him zero stars if it was an option. After years of spending thousands of dollars, he didn't get me what I needed. I was married for over 30 years and he was unable to get a reasonable amount of support. I am a senior and I feel that he took advantage of my finances and my inability to understand what he told me. Be aware!

    Steven Brian Chroman’s response: “I'm sorry to hear this happened to you. You are welcome to come in for a complimentary consultation. In advance it is advised that this is not a truthful post or a real client of this firm. Recognize that anyone may post anything on the Internet and unfortunately this a forum that this happens. This fictional person, and clearly it is fictional, had his or her case go before a judge and a judgment was rendered. The office and this attorney has not had a case or represented anyone with the facts set forth above. This is obviously a situation where an opposing party was not happy with their result possibly their attorney or the resulting decision from a trial. Regardless, disregard the above fiction. I invite whomever who this to contact my office and again we will offer you a free consultation as we regularly do, to discuss options available to you.”
  • Everything I Needed

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Anabelle

    Mr. Chroman was my THIRD attorney after my divorce. Divorce is a personal hell that I do not wish on anyone. It's a heart wrenching process that takes years to finalize and even longer to get over. Occasionally I still feel some of the effects that my divorce has on me. I came to Mr. Chroman with little hope but with great determination to right the wrongs in my situation. He immediately assisted me in getting a court date and fixing the precarious circumstances I was in.

    Attention to Detail:
    Without divulging the personal details of my own divorce, I will say that he was attentive to the details I found important but was able to weed through the emotional nonsense and was straightforward with how to handle my position, something I appreciated greatly.

    Swift Results:
    I found Mr. Chroman after my final judgment was made. It was amazing how much was not included in my judgment that should have been. He was able to stipulate new orders quickly and work with the court in a way that I was unable. I had very little hope in fixing anything since my last appearance that had me paying out child support, but with his help he was able to turn that around and justifiably so.

    Mr. Chroman is upfront and tells you what you need to know and how to handle your situation. Often times it's not something that you want to hear, but the advice comes with over 15 years of experience that I didn't have but seriously needed. Following what I needed to do didn't come without some tongue biting but in the end it turned out as he said it would. Yet, through it all, he was compassionate about my state of affairs and understood that it's easier said than done, he listened to me gripe and cry about all that was done wrong to me (so I thought) and helped me see how to help myself and move-on which was something I truly needed more than anything else.

    Work Ethic:
    I am now employed by Mr. Chroman's office and I able to see a new side of divorce that I wasn't able to prior. Watching him fight case after case for people that were just like me is inspiring. He is working before I come in, always through lunch and is here into the late evening. That is the kind of dedication that you would want from an attorney and I am thankful that I found him as mine. I didn't know what I was doing years ago and watching him help people day after day also helps me assist people that call in and need help, too. I feel their pain and have compassion for anyone that goes through this distressing situation.

  • Stellar

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Steve

    It became obvious that a very contentious divorce was problematic on a number of issues, mostly related to cash and some possessions. This went on for months and, after weeks in mediation, things were no better than they had been.

    Mr Chroman came highly recommended by a close friend who was in a similar situation and, in short order, it became clear that he was not only up to the job, but also offered a few things that I had not experienced before with attorneys.

    He is very patient when answering questions, and exceptionally good at communicating important information in a way that is easily understood. He is also very effective, understands priorities, and acts on them accordingly. He is also a great guy who is honest, and can take a lot of the stress out of situations.

    I recommend Mr Chroman with complete confidence, and without reservation.

  • 100 Stars For Steven B. Chroman

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kathleen

    The Best Attorney Money Can Buy
    Last summer, I was unexpectedly served with dissolution papers after my ex decided to moved in with his much younger girlfriend. I was a mess but knew it was critical for me to choose a lawyer who was tough, yet knowledgeable in family law, My future well-being was at stake - I stood to lose it all. I took a chance and put Mr. Chroman's expertise in custody and settlement negotiations to the test! I’m happy to report that Steven exceeded all of my expectations, tenfold. He was the voice of reason at a time when my emotions were running rampant. His 20 years of divorce law experience saved me and my 10-year-old daughter from an otherwise grim and hopeless future. Steven not only has a great reputation in the community, he is well respected by his fellow lawyers. This was evident each time we went to court, many of the attorneys came up to Steve and asked him legal questions. After witnessing his peers seeking advice from Steven, I knew I had hired the right attorney. Steven knows how to handle every possible situation, his no nonsense approach, and knowledge of divorce law, puts him way above the rest and his fees are reasonable. Did you hear this? Steven doesn’t nickel and dime his clients for every envelope, copy, and paper clip. His monthly bill was way lower than what I was expecting to pay – this is rare, folks! Steven is a man of great integrity, he will not create unnecessary conflict between parties in order to prolong the litigation.

    I cannot emphasis enough, how important it is to hire the right attorney in a divorce case. The resolution of your case will have a lasting impact on your children, finances and future life style. You have one shot to do it right, hiring the wrong attorney could be fatal, there is no turning back after the judge makes his/her ruling. Get it right – don’t hesitate – hire Steven B. Chroman, the ideal divorce attorney, you ‘ll thank me afterwards.

    I Strongly Recommend Steven Chroman. He is simply, one of the GREATS.

  • The Attorney for me

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Zeke, actual client

    When I went to write this I read through the other reviews. I'm shocked by some of the others.
    I've been down this road with a couple of friends sharing their experiences too. Listen, your attorney is not your personal assistant. They go to court where they can't answer phones all day. They can't respond to 50 text messages an hour. They can't force judges to make the right decisions. They can't undo your stupid mistakes from when you either didn't listen or did something without them. So knowing that what I can say? I listened. I didn't waste his time or my money with non sense bs that I knew would only get me in the hole. Mr. Chroman was always prepared. He had the better argument and sometimes the judge just did a big FU to me because I'm a guy. Didn't blame my attorney I blame the messed up system. I found my attorney respected me, stood up for me, and gave me no bs. This guy is the real deal. I think a lot of the other reviews are from the needy consumed over zealous types who think its always someone else's fault. I'm happy with my choice to have hired Mr. Chroman and would recommend him to anyone.

  • I am not a happy client

    1.0 star

    Posted by patrick cox

    I used this guy for three years for a divorce case, it was an awful experience dealing with him. He was frequently wrong and always unprepared for court proceedings. You could never get hold of him or get him to respond to e mails but the bills kept coming him. After frequent losses. in court (not one victory in 3 years) He shrugs his shoulders and says oh well . He seemed to have no plan what so ever to deal with my ex wife s attorney. He failed to pursue valid assets that were mine at the time of the divorce this guy cost me my life savings with payments to the wife at over 6k after three years of litigation . He has no follow through and will lie about what he is doing for you. I would pass on selecting this guy who is a total waste of time. I was an actual client who now has more problems today than I did three years ago I have been trying to get hold of him but get no answer after 2 weeks of trying, !!! .


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Christine

    I'm currently at the pre-trial stage of an emotionally charged divorce. Initially, I hired a family law "Firm" who started off great, then eventually assigned a first year lawyer to handle my case. The “Firm” charged me tens of thousands of dollars for legal research, worthless motions, and on-the-job training fees. I was billed an exorbitant amount of hours, by a Rookie attorney who used my case as a crash-course class in Divorce Law. Fortunately, a well-respected colleague, who happens to be an attorney, suggested that I find new counsel. He highly recommended that I see Steven Chroman, and stated "This Guy Is Brilliant and Knows Divorce Law." Let me just say... “That “ Is An Understatement.

    During my Free consultation, I found that Mr. Chroman’s questions and advice were insightful and revealed an extremely sharp mind. His understanding of complex legal issues relevant to my case seemed vast. I was not at all surprised to learn that Steven wrote the book (Amazon Best Seller) titled “Save Time and Money Preparing For Divorce.

    I cannot possible say or write enough to fully express my admiration and sincere gratitude for what this man has done for me. From the get - go, Steven acted swiftly and completely turned my case around to where I'm finally in a favorable position. No longer am I getting railroaded by my unscrupulous X and his attorney. For months, they were violating court orders left and right, making my life a living hell. Steven stopped the madness and brought me immediate resolution. In court, Steven leaves no stone unturned, he covers every angle, asks the tough questions, and is undoubtedly the smartest and best prepared guy in the courtroom. I suppose the many years of trial experience have given Steven the ability and confidence needed to be the” Tiger” that he is, whenever arguing for his clients in Court.

    What makes this Man so very special is that he really cares about his clients, and balances his compassion with tough legal defense on their behalf. I couldn't be happier with the quality of representation I have received. Whenever I call and need to speak to Steven, he is often available immediately, and if he’s in the middle of something else he always returns my call promptly, without billing me for the sometimes lengthy time I have him on the phone. Let me add, that I respect Steven enough, to not take advantage of his kindness and generosity, like others have. I understand that Steven is my Attorney, and not my Personal Therapist. I limit my contact to him, only for those times when a matter needs his immediate attention. I trust him implicitly and know without a doubt that he’s on top of things.

    There are many obstacles and unknowns that we are faced with, when going through a divorce. The smartest thing we can do is to place ourselves in the best care possible and hope the facts and justice will prevail. I have written this lengthy review (a first) because I want everyone to know that I am in the best of hands, receiving exceptional representation, more than I could have hoped to have received.

    Finally, after years of waking up with knots in my stomach, facing an uncertain future, I now have hope again, all because of one man, my amazing attorney…. Steven B. Chroman.

    Steven You Are My Hero!
    An Actual Real Client

  • Help! I hope it gets better...

    1.0 star

    Posted by Tera

    I feel very sick right now that I paid this attorney a retainer of $3,500. I filed for divorce 2 months ago and was new at all this legal stuff. I was too embarrassed to ask my friends for a divorce attorney referral. I am a private person and wanted to handle things on my own. I saw Steven Chroman's ad in the Mag of Santa Clarita and I made an appt for a consultation. He seemed very knowledgable and personable when I met him and I was not mentally up to 'shopping around' for an attorney and so I retained his services. Right now, I am super frustrated. He is not returning calls, and not responding back to any of my e-mails. I am not receiving any spousal or child support and I'm feeling lost in the system. Maybe I am just one of many clients to him but this is my life and I really need advice on what to do.

    Steven Brian Chroman’s response: “It is exceptionally disconcerting and disappointing that anyone can write anything on this website without the site first verifying the person and the content of thier comments. My office has never represented anyone by the name Tera. My office has never represented this person in the past one ot six months. My office as you can view from the State Bar of California website does not have any disciplinary actions. It is irresponsible to allow anyone to post anything, regardless of how it impacts a persons character and reputation. I offer this person to contact me directly to discuss his or her representations stated in this posting. I am certain this will fall on deaf ears because the poster of this comentary does not exist.”