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Pamela Koslyn

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  • Great value investment for legal guidance

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    Pamela was very responsive and thorough. She quickly and clearly communicated our case's strengths and weaknesses, along with an overall evaluation, providing information and advice we could move forward with. I would not hesitate to recommend Pamela Koslyn to anyone needing quality legal counsel in the entertainment industry.

  • Successful settlement! I consider this as miracle.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ryan

    Pamela helped me with my trademark infringement case and I cannot be happier with the results.
    I made a mistake of selling some BMW products on eBay as aftermarket products.
    It was my first time dealing with a potential lawsuit, and Pamela greatly helped me to reach a successful settlement for much less $ than I anticipated. Pamela was always responsive and available. Her rate is great and she didn't even charge for small things. I will definitely recommend Pamela to anyone that needs legal advice on intellectual property matter. Thank you Pamela.

  • Positive experience overall

    5.0 stars

    Posted by MJF1969LA

    I contacted Pamela Koslyn because I am in the final stages before I begin the process of self-publishing a novel I have written. I had concerns about my content and wanted to ensure that I was not leaving myself open to potential litigation after I go to print.
    I emailed Pamela and she got back to me right away. I requested a fee quote before I setup the final appointment and what she came back with was, I felt, reasonable.
    I made sure that I went over my manuscript chapter by chapter before our meeting, and made notes, so that I would be ready to go over my concerns with her in an organized manner. Always a good idea, when paying by the hour to come in with all your ducks in a row!
    She is very easy to sit with and offered not only legal feedback but also commentary on certain aspects of my story, which was not expected but nevertheless was quite nice.
    Her style is no-nonsense. She isn't short with you, nor is she warm and fuzzy but for me, this is a temperament I appreciate in an attorney. I definitely feel as if Pamela would step in and protect my best interest and I'm glad to know that I now have an attorney that I can call in the future should I need advice down the line with additional projects or contracts.

  • Thank you Pamela

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Bob

    As a novice who was nervously entering into his first real entertainment contract I feel fortunate to have had Pamela guide the way. She was always totally competent, fair, friendly, concerned, prompt and available. Thank you Pamela.

  • Pamela is 1000%

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Rus

    Pamela is 1000%. She is an absolute expert at what she does and gets it done with ZERO drama. Prepare all your facts, contact her, discuss the terms and never look back. If it is doable - it will be done! I have had one terrific experience with Pamela and results could not be more reasonable. Her work is worth every penny of what she charges. Be reasonable and you will be rewarded by her efficiency and expertise at getting it done with the desired results!

  • Excellent attorney and super fast response time for my alleged infringing products

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Wil

    Ms. Koslyn is a great attorney who help me on my infringing case. When the case started, I was over sea, she was very accommodating with her time and answered all my questions via emails and phone calls. She replied my emails around the clocks (including nights and weekends). She was able to protect all my rights and able to reduce the settlement. I am highly recommend.

  • Amazing attorney!

    5.0 stars

    Anonymous review posted on

    I have known Pamela Koslyn for over 15 years and she is the best attorney I have ever worked with. During that time I have hired her for legal matters involving business contracts, real estate, intellectual property, and financial transactions.
    She has a profound understanding of the law and uses her razor-sharp analytical skills to inform, educate and protect her clients. She’s extremely thorough and leaves no loose ends.
    I have recommended her several times over the years and have always gotten a big thank you for it. I cannot recommend Pamela enough!!

  • One of the most brilliant attorneys I have ever worked with

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Elyse

    Pamela is one of the most brilliant and responsive attorneys I have ever dealt with and she has advised and protected me many times on intellectual property issues in the entertainment business, a particularly strong area of her expertise. I am currently using her again on helping me option a script from a writer on one side and while simultaneously representing me as a producer with a production and sales company on the other side. She is protecting me in ways I hadn't considered even though I have over 30 years experience in the entertainment business, including as a senior major studio executive for almost 20 years, and this is my own area of expertise. I have worked with both studio and independent attorneys throughout my career. I am extremely fortunate that my path has crossed with Pamela's. Additionally, her fast turnaround on comments from both my side and the opposing sides is impressive and comprehensive.
    I cannot recommend Pamela strongly enough to anyone who needs serious, conscientious and thorough representation in all areas of entertainment and copyright law.

  • WARNING - Terrible Attorney - I filed a complaint with the State Bar

    1.0 star

    Posted by Eric John Diesel

    WARNING - Terrible Attorney - I filed a complaint with the State Bar

    She failed to advise me about deadlines for filing, whereby I was barred from recovery in a medical malpractice action.

    A Stanford professor of medicine had advised me to find an attorney in a case that he said was clear medical malpractice, and associated intellectual property theft and other causes of action.

    I randomly selected Pamela Koslyn.

    I gave her about 20 documents.

    She gave me advice that appeared to be based on her confusing dates and information in the documents.

    I asked about her mixing up the dates.

    I did not know that her mix-up caused me to miss some filing deadlines

    Instead of telling me about missing some deadlines and warning me before I missed more, from out of the blue she wrote, SHOUTING -

    "SO WHAT? EVEN ASSUMING YOU OWNED SOME DOCUMENTS THAT GOT "STOLEN" YOU AT MOST HAVE A CIVIL CONVERSION CASE FOR THEIR RETURN AND NO DAMAGES. Please stop contacting me. How many times have I got to ask you? Please stop." - From: "Pamela Koslyn"

    Meanwhile, more deadlines for filing passed, without her ever informing me of them.

    When I asked if I missed any filing deadlines, she refused to respond.

    So I asked her for $1350.00 back that I initially paid her.

    She will not respond.

    Pamela Koslyn’s response: “I truly regret Mr. Diesel's dissatisfaction with my services. He didn't randomly select me, he specifically selected me because of my expertise in entertainment and intellectual property matters. His initial email to me was titled "Entertainment, Securities, Insurance, and Intellectual Property Case," and I asked him to bring documents related to those issues to our 1st office consultation, and he did. We spent hours on, and I reviewed documents about, those issues, and I determined that if there was a theft of documents, that did not affect his intellectual property rights, so I could not help him further. Despite this advice, Mr. Diesel repeated the inquiry, and the quote above was the 3th or 4th time, in person and via multiple emails, that I tried to convey the same advice. I spent well more than the time Mr. Diesel paid for, but Mr. Diesel continued to seek my counsel, so I asked him to stop. Mr. Diesel did not consult with me about medical malpractice -- in fact, he told me in one of our two office consultations that he was about to drive to N. CA to file a suit against a chiropractor and hospitals to prevent expiration of his statute of limitation on that claim, and when he sent me documents that he believed supported criminal and medical malpractice claims, I advised that my practice did not include criminal or medical malpractice areas of law and that he needed to seek other counsel.”
  • Very knowledgeable attorney and quick to give appropriate and thoughtful answers.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lewis

    She was clear and consise and willing to answer my responses. Despite my temper, she was cool headed and informative in every way. I appreciate her thoughtfulness, hard work, and dedication to helping others without compromising the integrity of the law.