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  • Very complicated case, wouldn't have won without her

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Travis

    Custody battles are expensive, complicated and require as much effort from the client as the lawyer in the best of cases. Mine was far from the best, but Jolein helped me win. I live out of state, and I'm the father, and his mother was not very forthcoming with facts. It was a steep uphill climb. Overall, the case lasted about 18 months. We produced about a thousand pages of documentation by the time all was said and done, organized into binders, and were very familiar with the materials, so that if a mistruth was represented, it was able to be immediately disproven with accepted documentation. We needed documentation from his schools, therapists, and several experts. It was a very daunting task, very difficult. But it was worth every sheet of paper, every dollar, every minute spent poring over documentation. It was worth every phone call, every hearing, every psychologist. My son lives in a much better, more stable environment here with me, now, and I do not believe that would be the case if we'd gone with another lawyer.

    Early in the case, it was recommended that we obtain a Parental Responsibilities Evaluator, and were proactive at preparing the care for the child even if we didn't win custody. The circumstances awarded us temporary emergency custody, which enabled us to show everyone, including his mother that he was better off here with us. He's now doing so much better, and it's because we were led down the right path, because we were shouldering part of the load for the case, too, and because we were able to fund the right decisions at the right time.

    Remember that the courts are looking after the best interests of the child, and approach your case in the mindset of doing the best by your child. Jolein helped keep that foremost in our minds. Remember that anything you can do to prepare your case helps lower your costs. Remember to be completely honest about your financial situation and the details of the case. Remember that it is *your* case. And make sure you're ready for it. Make sure that you're doing the right thing for your child and your family. If you're doing all of that, I'm sure that Jolein will be able to help you, because we had so many hills put in front of us... Just think. When's the last time you heard of an out-of-state father winning custody? We started contacting lawyers thinking there was no way we'd win, but hoping that filing would put pressure on his mother to improve his conditions and environments. I still think if we'd gone with anyone else, we'd have been right.

    Jolein Harro’s response: “Dear Travis, You are an amazing father and your new wife is an amazing mother, even though she is technically the step mom. It was a long uphill battle, but you prevailed and so deserved to prevail. We wish you all the best, and will always be here to assist you! Jolein Harro”
  • Caution

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    I retained Jolein's office in a divorce I was initiating. Over the course of seven weeks, my $4,000 retainer was spent, over $2,000 of which was spent without my consent on a private investigator hired to serve my husband, and they are asking me for another $2,000. I ended up serving him without his assistance, yet they still used over half of my retainer for this. They mailed me confidential case-related paperwork meant for another client. When I left my home shared with my husband, I informed them I was moving and provided my forwarding address. I followed every instruction and piece of advice the Harro firm gave me to a T. I communicated openly and in a timely manner to every request they made of me until I switched law firms due to the serious mistreatment of my case, as well as another client's. They sent case related paperwork to my husband for months after repeatedly being advised of my new address, and he used this paperwork to call and harass me in violation of a protection order. The attorney I worked with left Jolein's firm in the beginning stages of my case (immediately following the first of two hearings I had while represented by the Harro firm), and I followed her. She managed to start and finish a separation agreement and the final divorce decree and no further information that compromised attorney client privilege had been mailed to the wrong address or the wrong client. Simply put, my case was poorly handled by the Harro firm. Another client's case was also mishandled, as I received confidential paperwork meant for them at my former residence. I returned this paperwork to my attorney and advised her I was seriously second guessing my decision to retain the Harro firm. It was at this time she told me she was leaving for a different firm. I followed her and have no regrets about that.

    Jolein Harro’s response: “Dear Sir/Madame, Please know that we have several attorneys who work for our firm, and I do not know who you are, since you did not leave your name. I am so sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with the attorney who was representing you at our firm. However, it puzzles me that you decided to have her continue to represent you in light of your feelings that she did not provide adequate services to you. The handful of clients that this attorney solicited to come with her when she left our firm (I suspect that you are one of them) are starting to come back to our firm, because they realize that your attorney does not have their best interests at heart. Please know that we would be happy to help you, should you need further assistance. Again, I am so sorry that the attorney you have decided to continue with did not represent you to her best abilities when she was employed at our firm. We wish you all the best. Jolein Harro, Esq.”
  • Review

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    When I had my initial consultation I specified what I did not want. DO NOT TAKE MY MONEY IF SHE COULD NOT HELP ME, Since she was my second attorney. The reason she was my second attorney Was specific amongst many other reasons. Timely manner being one of those other reasons missing one day of my child's life is too much so over a year later after retaining her with $4000 she had done nothing but double bill me for the same things she can't even prove or show record of doing. She can't even remember my sons name the child in question. Finally get arbitration that should of happened years ago 14 months of that she was my attorney and she doesn't show up early as planned to go over or talk about the most important thing in my world which should of been done before day of arbitration she shows up 30 minutes late. She did things asked not too giving them a defense a road to travel down per say an open door. she hindered, hurt and ultimately failed my case. Worst part is I Payed her to do it and she wants 3 times more money to do what I asked her to do in the first place. I am devastated that this kind of conduct is legal.

    Jolein Harro’s response: “I am sorry that you feel that you were not represented to the best of our abilities and that you seemed to have had a bad experience with other attorneys. At Jolein A. Harro, P.C., we strive to fix problems so that a client feels that he/she has had the best representation. Following is what my firm would tell a prospective client who asks us to review his/her situation. We advise a client to follow the rules required by the arbitrator/judge and the law. We document these requirements to the client so that there is no question what the client has to do. We also "bug" clients if they do not return our telephone calls or emails. Our job as the client's legal team is to instuct that client on the law and appropriate conduct; the client is responsible for following this advice. Sometimes it is too difficult for an individual for whatever personal reason he or she might have, to follow our advice. We are always willing to help clients right wrongs, but sometimes that requires a client to change behavior that is difficult to change. If this is the case, we suggest therapists to assist the client. It is then up to the client to decide if what is required is within his/her abilities and whether he/she wants to make the changes to succed in his/her case. We will be a client's strongest alley and we are always be available to give guidance. We wish you the best in the future and we sincerely hope that you find peace and ultimate success with your legal matter.”
  • Great family law attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    I knew before I began my divorce that I would need an attorney to sort through all of the legal mumbo jumbo so I could get a fair shake. A co-worker recommended Jolein Harro, and after meeting her I retained her services. She really knows her stuff. She and her assistant and staff did an outstanding job in getting my case ready, and she was great in handling the other attorney, who tried to bully us into a bad settlement. She stood up for my rights, and got me through a difficult time in my life. The parenting plan was fair to both myself and my ex-spouse. It was money well spent, as I ended up keeping three times as much as I thought I would have received before this all started. I highly recommend her for anyone going through a divorce, or has any issues concerning children, custody, or child support.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kris

    Jolein and her office handled my divorce. Was married for 44 1/2 years-was blindsided when my ex-husband asked for a divorce. Without Jolein's help as well as her staff's I would be destitute at this time of my life. Everyone in the office was looking out for my best interest, very supportive, and always prepared as well as keeping me informed on what the next step was and what was expected of me
    I would highly recommend Jolein and her office.

  • Please be careful before you hire this firm.

    2.0 stars

    Posted by Eva Cameron

    I would not recommend Jolein Harro's law firm. I was in a vornurable situation and Jolein's assistants knew it and were convincing and convincing me that I need to hire Jolein. I gave up, I was silly and scared and hired her. I gave her all my savings I had in this world, $4000. That money was spent with no results. For example, when I went to court, not only her assistants forgot to send the judge my paperwork, but after I talked to the judge, she started her sentence with these exact words: " I don't know what your lawyer has been telling you, but here is the real truth..." What the judge told me was a big diffrence from what Jolein with all confidence has been telling me. I'm very sad I sliped and was so vornurable to allow this firm to have so much control over me. I understand Jolein and Zuzu have families and bills too and have got to take care of their family first. But in this case, it was mine life on the line, my life, that got very difficult. After I raen out of money and I really did give Jolein everything I had, I had no choice than to ask my separated husband for help. The one I was divorcing, yeah. I wish I used this money to start a life on my own and pay for my school. I'm very upset I made this decision to hire her firm. I believe she and Zuzu are very smart and probably good people besides their work. But please, don't make the same mistake I did. No matter what situation you are in, don't just believe anybody because they promise you something that's not truth and you are worried about your life.

    Jolein Harro’s response: “I am sorry that you feel that you had a bad experience with our family law firm. When a client hires Jolein A. Harro, P.C., it is for our expertise in family law as well as our tenacity and advocacy for our client. Ultimately, the client is in charge of decisions on the case. At Jolein A. Harro, P.C., we strive to educate our clients on the law as well as provide various potential outcomes for the case; however, we cannot make the decision for the client on whether to file for divorce. It is up to the client to decide whether to move forward and what issues to pursue. The attorney's responsibility is to follow the client's wishes within the bounds of the law. Hopefully, this comment is helpful as you move forward, and we wish you all the best.”
  • Thought of the best interest of my children...

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jennifer

    The Law Office of Jolein Harro was very thoughtful in the handling of my case. I had a very difficult situation with the soon to be ex-husband and I feel they handled it as best as they could. It is difficult to have the best interests of the children at heart when dealing with another attorney who does not. So, as far as I am concerned, they kept their integrity and we did what we needed to do in order to have the least effect on the children. Thank you!