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Anthony F. Comunale

Anthony Comunale’s reviews

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  • Not an average Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Mr. Comunale is my trusted agent. In every conversation regarding a legal question I had, he was first and foremost concerned with my wellbeing. This was the case when I sought his opinion on a family law issue and most recently as a consultation relating to a personal injury case. Mr. Comunale thoroughly informed me on aspects of law I never knew were relevant and through his guidance I have protected my interests without making myself vulnerable to another party. This is a professional that will slave away to protect his client. I consider him to be completely trustworthy and a true professional.

    Consulted attorney
  • You will not find a better attorney -- tough, honest, tireless, smart as they come and kind.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    After thirty-five years of marriage, my husband decided he wanted a divorce, a situation that has brought me much sadness. This divorce case involved initially actions in two states and, after my out-of-state attorney spoke with Tony at my request, he recommended moving the venue entirely to Dayton, saying to me, "This is the guy you want. He knows the law, is well-connected locally, and I can tell he will fight for you." His words have proven true many times.

    One case became two, and complicated, so I thank God that I found an attorney who is both exceptionally intelligent and tenacious. A decent-sized estate was involved, and attempts were made to avoid disclosing some of it, but Tony persisted in his investigations and found the money. I have no doubt he will continue to track assets to which I am entitled as time goes on.

    There are other plusses. Tony is a patient, strong communicator, always accessible, and supportive emotionally. He is so attentive when answering questions and keeping you informed that you will think you are the only client he has. He is also a great cheerleader, able to keep you focused on a big picture when, at times, you may feel like the system at large is out to get you.

    Of particular importance to me was his adherence to my wishes that he not do anything to exacerbate an already sad situation. I happened to have loved my husband, so I wanted someone fearless and tough but not destructive, and Tony struck the perfect balance. Tony has fought passionately for that to which I am entitled by law, never letting up, but he has done so by building arguments based in law and by conducting himself honestly. Tony knows domestic relations law maybe better than anyone locally; he does not need to resort to some of the "fluff" or smoke-and-mirrors tactics one can face in litigation and which serve only to waste the court's time, alienate the parties senselessly and result in unnecessary expense.

    Tony can also read people like books, even the chapters that are not written. This is important because it results in your protection, at times from your own blind spots, and at times from unkind or even deceitful motives of others. He will help you situate a lot of shifting feelings as well as practical concerns within a larger context than you will be able to envision as a layperson who is likely to be in shock and/or depressed initially. I would recommend that you trust his experience, let yourself be guided by his advice and be assured by his assessments of your particular bigger picture.

    I also wanted an attorney whose standing amongst his peers was high. Tony's skills are respected and even sought after by other attorneys, and he is liked by his super nice staff and the courthouse personnel. He speaks well of the judges and magistrates so that you know he has no axes to grind. His affability and sincerity inspire cooperation; people want to get things done for Tony, and this could make a lot of difference at times in the pace and face of your proceedings.

    One of Tony's traits I most like is that he never devalues me. He has made vigorous efforts to assert my worth and prevent others from discounting me. Tony respects the contributions we make as dedicated wives to our marriages. He has always taken my worth as a team player within my marriage as seriously as I did. From the outset, he has sympathized with all I stand to lose, materially and emotionally, and he has worked to minimize my losses on all fronts.

    In short, Tony Comunale is a very strong litigator and a great guy. You will not find a better attorney.

  • please take time to vet your attorney, he is going to represent you.

    1.0 star

    Posted by Sam

    He never asked about my case details. I called many times, he simply brush me off. He never bothered to discuss about the case. On the day of the court he made agreement with the other attorney and didn't even bother to discuss with me before doing it. Bottom line, he didn't know anything about my case nor did he care to. He pulls stuff from the wazoo every time ask him about my case. Often time they were not true.

  • The Best Lawyer in town

    5.0 stars

    Posted by jackie

    Tony has been my lawyer for over 15 years and he has done a great deal for me in all aspects in my child custody and child support case criminal and as a personal injury lawyer hes very informant and has always had my best interest in mind he is very good at what he does and i would strongly recommend him to anyone needing any one of the services he provides you will defiantly be very satisfied with his work.

  • Highly Recommend

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Rich

    Tony handled a child support and custody action for me. Despite Tony not being involved in the initial order, he jumped in and took charge of this case. Tony fought for me AND my children. While working with me, Tony was courteous and professional at all times. He handles his cases with personal attention and sincere concern. His knowledge of the law was impressive. When we made it into court, Tony was tough, relentless and a real go-getter! I'm doubtful I’d have had such favorable results if Tony wasn’t involved. I will most certainly recommend his services and have referred him often.

  • Epitome of Professionalism

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jade

    Mr. Comunale handled a very complex child custody case for me. From the onset, Mr. Comunale was thorough, caring and direct. He truly advocated for what was best for my child. The case took many unexpected turns and at every one I was kept informed in a timely fashion. Any time I phoned Tony's office, my calls were promptly returned which was very comforting. Tony went the extra mile and fought for what was right; not for what was easy. I would highly recommend his services. I have many associations in the legal industry and feel that Mr. Comunale is the best of the best.

  • Highly recommend!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jennifer

    Tony Comunale came very highly recommended to me and he did not disappoint. His reputation exceeds him in every way, I used Tony for a Child Custody case and he is factual and provides you a realistic outline of what to expect.

    This is a very emotional time for us, his clients, and yet he provides support day or night he is very available to respond quickly and that was the key to my total respect of him. He was my rock that I needed and his knowledge of the law is dead on and he takes no prisoners YET he is fair and sticks to the right side of the law.

    I cannot say enough amazing things about Tony or his office staff, they were my angels in my time of need and he does not just drop you once the case is closed he is still there for support which goes above and beyond what I could have ever expected.