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Harvey Hesse III

Harvey Hesse’s reviews

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  • Expertise, Forthright and Readily Available

    5.0 stars

    Posted by A.J.

    I spoke with four or five attorneys before speaking with Harvey. One firm was even a referral from a friend. Harvey stood out and prominently in several ways. First, he was always either accessible by phone or e-mail. If he wasn't immediately available, he'd call back quickly. He wouldn't have someone else from his firm, say a paralegal or secretary call back - he'd make the call himself. Secondly, he was very upfront and direct with me. He told me exactly how he saw an issue we were facing, or he'd very directly answer a question I'd ask. There was never any prevaricating - just the facts and legal options available to us as he saw them. And he is very good at explaining legal issues in ways laypeople will understand. His forthright approach extends to his billing. He told me exactly what he'd charge to represent me and even offered an explanation/breakdown of his fees. Finally, as soon as he understood all of the relevant facts in my case, he predicted how he saw my case playing out and why, and he was exactly right. Now, he wasn't the least expensive of the attorneys I interviewed (actually, somewhere near the middle) - but I was willing to pay a little more to have quick access and direct (and ultimately completely correct) legal advice and representation.

    I hired Harvey and my case was adjudicated exactly the way he predicted - with a full dismissal of all charges. It is a big relief to have this incident completely behind me and satisfying that it played out the way Harvey said it would.

    The bottom line is, Harvey knows the law and has a very direct, easily accessible and personable way of dealing with his clients while charging reasonable fees. I recommend his services without reservation.

    Hired attorney
  • The Heart of a Lion

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Marnie

    As I am reading through these reviews, searching for my own words to say; I feel, as though I am reading my own thoughts. All Harvey’s clients describe him perfectly; It’s true, It’s all true. The phrases such as “genuine to a core”, “best lawyer in Tampa Bay”, and “just a nice guy” resonate with me the most. And when you throw in phrases like “won”, “improbable cause”, “dismissed”, and “best possible outcome” what more can you really say?

    Harvey is both liked and respected by his peers. He has mastered the art of negotiation and he knows how to navigate the legal system; the same legal system that has a way of haunting you once you have crossed its line. No one plans on getting into trouble, but should you find yourself in harm's way. Harvey is “the guy you want on your side”.

    I was simply giving someone a ride home and caught myself in the wrong part of town. Next thing I know I am surrounded by police, I am handcuffed, I am arrested, my truck is being impounded, and I am being hauled off to jail; just that quick. The details of my arrest are not pertinent, but the experience, and the outcome of my case are. As soon as I contacted Mr. Hesse, he went right to work, and swiftly had all my charges dropped. I never stepped a foot inside a courtroom. Mr. Hesse stayed in touch daily, and shared his confidence with me; which put me at ease.

    There is no one I trust more to represent me, and I feel more at peace knowing that Mr. Harvey Hesse has my back!

    Hired attorney
  • Criminal Defense advice session

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    Verified review

    Calmly explained some options. Just what was needed.

  • No promises just hard work

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Shawn

    Couldn't be any happier with the work Harvey put into my case. Never made any grandiose promises and always told me exactly what to expect given a chosen course of action.

    Hired attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    If you are looking for a friend who happens to be an attorney and you need to be put back together physically and emotionally - HARVEY CARES!!

    I've had 2 bad MVA and after the second accident I was forced to fire my attorney - I was abandoned when I needed him the most!!

    Charisma does not equal competence. Unfortunatly, you don't realize how bad your attorney is until you need him the most!!

    I NEEDED A LAWYER!! I am a real person and not a dollar sign -
    after signing with Harvey my life has changed significantly! I am only 3wks post-op from my second surgery and I feel so much better!!

    I felt like my arm was falling off. MRI showed significant damage - I went to more than 6 surgeons who were too scared to touch me AND/OR I was too scared to let them touch me!! Some turned me down because my lawyers screwed them in the past.

    I had a consult & surgery with Dr. Jeffery within 4wks of hiring Mr. Hesse. Once you have the BEST ATTORNEY AND BEST SURGEON...the only thing that makes me cry is how LUCKY I AM!!

    Great surgeons will not work with bad lawyers - let that be a great big red flag!

    When my shoulder hurts I run to the freezer for ice and for pain, I've wanted for nothing more than ibuprofen for 2 weeks. Relief can be less than 4 weeks away!!

    My first surgeon and attorney were quite different - my experiences have been emotionally and physically painful - he just didn't care about me!!

    Don't get into a situation when you have to find out your lawyer sucks the hard way - just call Harvey & don't look back! THE GRASS IS NOT GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE!!

    DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!! Those firms with lots of commercials DO NOT represent you - you get a case manager. Initially they made me feel like a queen until I signed the contract - then all I got was a smart mouth, know it all secretary.


    While you're suffering with surgery, recovery, life, wage loss etc...their only care is that in the end they get 33 1/3%. Clients go through hell and attorney's often walk away with much more than you.

    Before Harvey I would be called a lier and drug seeking, they were not hearing me, made me feel stupid and exaggerating my pain.

    I AM HARVEY'S CLIENT!! Harvey would immediately intervene on my behalf!


    If you have an attorney, in writing express your concerns, if you don't feel safe - try to get them to drop you (no lien), call the bar association or just fire them. Trust me they can do more harm to your case if they aren't paying attention.

    A case manager did not go to law school they are no match for opposing insurance company's and council - they can destroy your case!

    For 3.5 years I haven't had a moment to relax and write a review. I've have an attorney now who is taking care of everything - I just need to get better.


  • Improbable Cause

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Claude

    Mr. Hesse recognized the sham nature of the stop in which I was charged with a DUI.
    Over a nine month period he attended court dates on my behalf where the prosecution
    kept requesting reset dates.
    The state finally dropped the DUI charge against me, thanks to Harvey's dogged determination.

  • Phone Conversation with Harvey Hesse

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    I had a car accident I called Harvey Hesse about. I was able to reach him right away which was great. We chatted for a bit and it turned out I should not have much of a legal hassle regarding the issue. Mr. Hesse was willing to talk to me on a short notice, he listened carefully, explained the situation and answered my questions knowledgeably and patiently, I recommend Mr. Hesse.

  • Awesome

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    I have never hired a lawyer before because there was no need for me too until now. I had dread hiring a lawyer because of the negative comments that I have heard from others over the years about lawyers. I contacted Mr. Hesse for a misdemeanor case against my son who was dismissed in court, and he helped me with the papers work by getting my son's name expunged. Mr. Hesse was very knowledgeable, professional, Trustworthy, and experienced and kind. Thank you Mr. Hesse .

  • The man with the plan

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Louis

    Harvey was extremely helpful in helping me with my case. Not only did he take care of everything I asked plus more but he also called in every so often and asked if everything was going alright and if there was anything else he could do to help. I would without a doubt use him again and would recommend him for anyone else in need of legal advice.

  • A Confident Attorney Who Gets The Job Done!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Anthony

    I was introduced to Attorney Harvey Hesse by Ira Berman, another attorney who Harvey has worked with. Harvey has handled a couple cases for me and I can say that I was completely satisfied in all aspects regarding the case. Harvey makes himself very accessible so when I had questions or concerns I could get them answered or addressed right away. I feel that is rare and a great quality to have as a attorney and I would highly recommend Harvey when legal assistance is needed.