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Michael A. Goldstein

Michael Goldstein’s reviews

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  • Best business lawyer. ..great experience

    5.0 stars

    Posted by kaffmandu llc

    Very experienced and smart lawyer. Mr. Goldstein made my business purchasing process very easy and smooth. I always seek his legal advice for business.

  • Judgement Collection Case-Supplemental Process-Wage Garnishment

    1.0 star

    Anonymous review posted on

    I had a judgement collection case where tenants refused to pay and I needed the help of a lawyer to attach wages in MA.

    In late March 2013, I came across Attorney Michael A. Goldstein who I had an initial consultation with on the phone. He was very verbal, had outstanding oral communication skills, and appeared very knowledgeable. In a relaxed tone, he indicated supplemental process was fairly straightforward and can be filed in a couple of weeks. I don't have one tenant's social but has his birthday and knows his employment. Michael indicated it's fairly easy to request his info through his employer. So I had good impression about him in our first encounter.

    After talking with some other lawyers, I called him back and decided to go forward with him. But he was very difficult to get hold with. I emailed him a couple of times through Avvo, called him, left messages but he was never there and wouldn't return my calls. That was actually the first sign of worry but I neglected it and thought he was just busy.

    About three weeks later on Apr 23, 2013, I finally caught him early in the morning. He emailed me our fee agreement and I signed that same day along with all the necessary docs and info he needed regarding the case and the tenants. I provided all info in a single email in a very organized manner to avoid any future misunderstanding or mistake and I believe that was achieved since later he never needed to contact me for any additional info.

    He initially appeared giving much attention to the case, promising motion drafting will be done ASAP, and the case can be filed quickly but once he received my initial payment he became very irresponsive, rarely reply to my emails asking for status update or phone calls. He gave me his cell phone but never once i was able to get hold of him on his cell. There was once I caught him in his office on his office phone early in the morning like 9am and he said he would call me to talk that same day at 12:30pm but until 1:30pm he didn't call! I was amazed at his incapability to keep his commitment even on the same day, so i had to call him back and he simply said he forgot. On May 30, he reached out to schedule a time to talk on May 31 at 9am without indicating a time zone, so I waited both on his time and my time but there was never a call. These incidents lead me to conclude that any time Attorney Michael A. Goldstein makes a promise or commitment to you, it is highly likely it is not going to happen so I find him unreliable and untrustworthy at this time.

    Long story short, on May 20, almost a month passed by, he emailed me the prepared motion but on the doc the defendant was this one tenant who i had much info. The other tenant who I wanted to prosecute the most was left out. He indicated he didn't have the address or social. I referred him to our initial conversation where he said he could discover that info through his employer. He said I needed to pay extra out of pocket to hire a detective for this which was not brought to my attention at the beginning. On Tuesday May 28, he suggested just go ahead file against this one tenant first on Thursday and I said ok. Then on Thursday, he said he needed to talk to me on Friday morning which I assumed the case wasn't filed in time and then on Friday morning there was no call. So, after five weeks, we're still looping in circles with case unfiled in the court.

    Through this five week experience working with Attorney Michael A. Goldstein, I recognized him as a knowledgeable "sales person" but in terms of execution, I have not found him to be that impressive like all other endorsers have reviewed. I found him to be difficult to work with, mainly unresponsive, poor email or phone communications, rarely took the initiative to keep me informed, inability to keep his own promise or commitment.

    This is just an honest review from an anxious client who desired to move a case forward to collect nearly $9K in back rent.

  • Mike Goldstein is the best......!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Andy

    Mike Goldstein has helped me and my wife get through some very difficult periods. He has always been thoroughly professional and incredibly sensitive to our concerns. He is more prepared and polished than any attorney I've ever dealt with, and he always makes sure that things are done properly so that everything goes smoothly in court.

    I have dealt with Mike on numerous occasions, on matters both personal and business-related. He has helped with contract drafting and review. He has helped us through three different bankruptcy cases. He has always provided sound advice and a rational perspective. And, unlike most attorneys, he doesn't pretend to be an expert on things that he is not. He's a straight shooter. He's also very patient and remarkably detail oriented.

    Truthfully, he really is the best and I recommend him highly.

  • nicole

    5.0 stars

    Posted by nicole

    atty Goldstein is a great lawyer and I would not use any other