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Jason P Benjamin

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Kelly

    Wonderful Lawyer and Office

    Jason is an excellent lawyer who handled my family law case with confidence and integrity. I needed someone with expertise in cases involving military service members and was not disappointed. Jason immediately got to work on my case, wasting no time. He is concise, professional, and returns correspondence in a reasonable time frame. His legal staff and partners are top notch, especially Melissa and Hayley, who exceeded my expectations in answering my questions so calmly and professionally during a very high stress period in my life.

    The legal fees were nominal in light of the exceptional service this law office provides. He was able to help me resolve a high conflict case without having to bring it into a full on trial, saving me legal fees, time, and stress.

    I'm very grateful to Jason and everyone in his office who ensured the safety and future well-being of my children and myself, and I highly recommend him to anyone in a family law situation.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Thankful Client

    This is the Attorney you want on your side!

    I highly recommend Jason Benjamin.

    Jason Benjamin was my second attorney. My case was high-conflict and going nowhere. After doing some research, I thankfully I found Jason. As soon as I hired Jason, he immediately got right to the issues at stake and took action. He righted the wrongs in the case and then succeeded in getting me a fair settlement. What’s more, Jason continued to make sure the final Order was abided by.

    Jason is intelligent and professional. He does not mince words; he will tell you exactly where your case stands and then go to bat for you. He is not afraid to go to court and will do so when warranted.

    I am very Thankful to Jason and his staff. Jason went the extra mile and his representation has made a world of difference to my family. We could not be more pleased.

    Again, I highly recommend Jason Benjamin. This is the attorney you want on your side from the start.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Lindsey

    He's a fighter!

    My name is Lindsey. For the past 2 years I have had a very heart wrenching and ugly on-going custody battle over the care of my four year old son. I didn’t have much luck in the first year, but to my advantage, I met Jason. I have had a total of four lawyers throughout my battle, and Jason is the only lawyer that has really fought for me. He gives me brutal honesty and he does not give up. He is extremely knowledgeable about the entire family law system, and I recommend him to any person struggling through this. Jason is very responsive, intelligent, and gave me a very hopeful feeling. Above all, and most importantly, he can be trusted. I’m very thankful that he is on my side, and I am confident that he will not give up on my case.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Victoria

    Best attorney ever

    I hired jason for several family law issues including modification of child support, order of protection, parenting plan and dissolution of marriage. Not only has he been absolutely amazing, tactful and completely professional , he has given me confidence and amazing support. I have had many other consultations in the past regarding my legal issues and i knew as soon as i had my consultation, Mr. Benjamin was the attorney, hands down with no question, for me. His assistant melissa is also amazing, helpful and condiserate through this hard time. I would refer Mr. Benjamin to ANY person who is going through any family dispute. Thank you jason and melissa!!!!!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Perry

    Finally a lawyer that gets it.

    I have been fighting a miserable divorse and custody case for 3 years. Every other attorney I have had, did not understand the complexity of my situation and didn't care. After hiring Jason for a horrible trial my ex wife filed to take visitation from myself and our 17yo daughter, he was able to read the most important documents out of several thousand pages and determine the best way to approach the trial in just a few short days. The trial was the best win for myself and more importantly my teenage daughters.
    Of course Jason charged for the trial, the amount was no where near the nearly $70000 it has cost to get to this point and with much less impressive results.
    I would, without hesitation, recommend Jason to anyone that asks about a family law attorney.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by Matthew


    I know it sounds sweet...he's gonna take your $3500 on a flat fee, and promise the moon. However, once he gets your money, he will take WEEKS to return your calls. He has 70 other cases he's dealing with (straight from his mouth), he doesn't know the details about your case, rest assured. He's got an ego bigger than any room he walks into. He will file your legal documentation late....yeah, the same stuff you were calling him on for weeks to get done...smh. Hiring Jason Benjamin to fight for my kids was the BIGGEST waste of my family's money! Much more to write, but don't have the energy, as I am still knee deep in a custody battle.

    No respect for Jason Benjamin as a lawyer or as a man!

    Jason P Benjamin’s response: “My practice emphasizes high conflict child custody cases. I love my job. I find it challenging, but very personally rewarding. I am in the prime of my legal career. I am 44 years old and have been practicing this type of law almost 20 years (20 in Nov 2015). I am extremely good at what I do. As such, I have the luxury of choosing my cases. Ninety eight percent of my clients are extremely happy with me. My clients include medical doctors, lawyers, Microsoft employees, Boeing workers, Colonels (O-6) and run the gamut of white collar to blue collar to disabled. I have handled marital estates worth a negative 6 figures to positive marital estates of high 7 figures. Notwithstanding, I enjoy taking occasional "hard cases" (usually with my paralegal warning me not to) where people sometimes have trouble finding a lawyer to handle his or her case due to the difficult nature of the fact pattern. I believe this greatly helps me excel in the "easier" cases. I am also willing to occasionally represent the "non-favored" parent (such as the drug user or domestic abuser) in the fact pattern to attempt to get the client engaged in treatment, risk management and minimize loss or penalties. Treatment in particular greatly reduces the risk of future problems and, if successful, significantly adds to the client's future quality of life and their children's quality of life. Taking on those kind of client really helps me in my practice because everything else seems that much simpler and easier which gives me extra confidence and control in the court room. "Matthew" has multiple domestic violence / no-contact order violation charges and an assault on an off-duty police officer in 2013 resulting in a felony charge. Despite all that, I was able to keep him in a 50/50 residential schedule with his children until February 2015 when he was once again arrested for violating multiple protection orders, no contact orders and harassment orders. I had worked a miracle for "Matthew" up to his most recent arrest in February 2015. I was intimately familiar with the facts of his case. I charged "Matthew" $3500 for pretrial representation and by March 25, 2015 the opposing lawyer had submitted an attorney fee affidavit exceeding $21,336.35. I am not an indentured servant and chose to no longer represent "Matthew" which is my right and which caused him to post this review. "Matthew" has always had my personal cell phone number (which I give to all clients) and we had spoken on the phone, by text, by email and in person many, many times. "Matthew" was free to schedule in person meetings whenever he chose--I'm often available for weekend appointments. "Matthew's" case was never damaged by late filings and I certainly did not "promise the moon" to him, particularly, on this fact pattern. I stand by every aspect of my representation of "Matthew". If he would like to sign a waiver of the attorney-client-privilege we can have a truly open online discussion of how I handled his case. I would also challenge "Matthew" to post his last name and case number so potential clients may review the file at the clerk's office or online and decide for themselves whether or not I did a good job for him. These types of reviews are the cost of doing business when one's practice emphasizes high conflict child custody. As always, I welcome the debate and am always looking for ways to improve my legal abilities. Sadly, and unfairly in my opinion, lawyers are significantly hamstrung by the rules of ethics and rules of professional conduct in what they can say to defend themselves from these types of negative reviews. I tell each and every one of my new client's that my goal from the outset is that they are going to want to write me a review on AVVO. No lawyer has a 100% satisfaction rate if they practice family law and if they tell you otherwise--well. . . . .”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Daniel

    Best choice I ever made!!!

    Jason Benjamin is world class great!!! My case went over a yr and Jason fought for me every step of the way. He's knowledgeable, trustworthy and thorough. We went to trial and WON!!! Being a man trying to get custody of your children is an uphill battle and if you're looking for a warrior to go into battle with, look no further. Jason Benjamin is the guy for you!!! Than kyou so much for a job well done!!!

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a client


    I met with Jason on short notice and hired him to be my attorney. I had effectively been taking care of my son after my estranged wife developed a drug addiction. Jason promised a quick and expeditious result, but after paying him thousands of dollars for botched hearings I found myself at trial. At trial, I wound up as the losing my son because Jason forgot to lost the record showing my ex going in and out of rehab for years. When I confronted him after the ruling, he shrugged and simply said WA was a tough state for men to become the custodial parent. I do not recommend this attorney.

    Jason P Benjamin’s response: “This is a false review. I have not ever represented a person with this type of fact pattern. I certainly would not "forgot to lost the record" [sic]. My practice emphasizes high conflict divorce and child custody cases. As such I deal with a lot of angry and vindictive people who are in the worst place in their lives (in the midst of such conflict). This person is hiding behind anonymity. I dare them to come forward and use their real name or case number so I can respond directly. Further, I fully acknowledge that 100% of my clients are not always happy. That would be impossible and any lawyer who tells you differently is lying. I can state unequivocally, I fight as hard as I can for each and every client.”
  • 1.0 star

    Posted by Charlize

    Lost My Child

    I came to Jason for what should have been an open and shut case. I hired him and was his client for about a year. I was the primary care taker for my children; however, Jason was late to my court hearing, upset the commissioner, and did not submit evidence I gave him to the record. The evidence was hospital records that proved my ex was abusive to me and my children as well as police reports, but the evidence was never submitted to the record, nor was my declaration in reply to my ex's motion.

    When it was all over I was no longer the custodial parent of my child.

    Jason P Benjamin’s response: “This is a false review. I have not ever represented a person by the name of Charlize. When this review was initially placed, I had 7 one star reviews posted with in 72 hours on my Avvo profile. It was clearly under attack. Avvo removed all but this one and the one titled "PLEASE DO NOT HIRE!" The other 5 had come from the same IP addresses as these and the first group of 4 were posted within minutes of each other at midnight on a Friday night and the second group of 3 were posted within minutes of each other at 2 am on a Sunday night. My clients have been enjoying a string of crushing victories in court where opposing parties were refusing to settle on reasonable terms. I usually get a string of bad reviews from opposing parties after those types of victories. Avvo is generally good about removing them, but when a review is reaffirmed I then have to sue for defamation to get the IP address to go after the fraudster. I haven't spent the time to do that yet. My practice emphasizes high conflict divorce and child custody cases. As such I deal with a lot of angry and vindictive people who are in the worst place in their lives (in the midst of such conflict). I dare Charlize to come forward with her case number so I can respond directly--but she won't because it is a fraudulent review. Further, I fully acknowledge that 100% of my clients are not always happy. Dealing with high conflict divorce/custody makes it inherently impossible to keep every client 100% happy and any lawyer who tells you differently is lying. I can state unequivocally, I fight as hard as I can for each and every client.”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Brittany

    If you need an aggressive lawyer...

    I am writing this review prior to the last court date I have. It's a bit premature but I trust in the outcome due to having worked with him for just under a year. I am in a custody battle with my ex and this entire time Jason has been through it with me.
    So here are the facts
    He's a shark in the court room, he doesn't like the term but it fits, he goes in for the kill
    He can remember and spout out details you told him months prior
    He doesn't waste time with anything that won't help your case..which means your time isn't wasted
    He won't lie to you, if you need to worry about something he will tell you, otherwise relax and he will stress for you

    I read some of the prior reviews before posting this and had to laugh. If your an educated person you'd notice that the terminology used in those posts sound very much like a paralegal or lawyer...hmm now why would another lawyer write bad reviews on their competition? But then again it wouldn't surprise me if Jason had killed them in court .

    Overall as I have been doing currently to friends I continue to recommend Jason to anyone seeking a Lawyer who should be paid more than he charges his client for the work put in.