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Michael David Hallas

Michael Hallas’s client reviews

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  • 2.0 stars

    Posted by Christina

    We thought he was great until we went to trial.

    We liked him a lot until we went to trial, then we realized he had procrastinated on our case. 10pm the night before he was asking us questions and to send him pictures and documents. He failed to inform us that not only were we going to trial, but that it was decision day, until the day before.

    Afterwards, he failed to respond to they other party's attorney for several WEEKS. This made the other party angry because they thought we wereintentionally stalling, who then refused to negotiate with us, when prior to that we were working together to come to the agreement. There were details he failed to catch that a judge easily would have had removed from the agreement that hurt us. After he returned from vacation (evidently that was why he failed to respond, he is supposed to tell the court and have someone cover/file acontinuation in that situation) he went back to court but told us it was just too finalize paperwork. Turns out we should have attended, they finalized our case and the lawyer agreed to a bunch of stuff WE didn't agree too because the other party was there with their lawyer to be heard. Bottom line? He procrastinated, failed to notify the court he would be leaving or had someone cover him and made things difficult for us. Will he do the same to you? Judging by these reviews it seems we might have just caught him at a bad time, so maybe the odds are low? I know given he deals with children's lives, i would not take the odds. Especially when he says that what he did in our case was his "best" when confronted with his obvious procrastinating and failure to inform us or the court he was leaving town. I know people post reviews on here or if anger that they lost. This is not one of them. I truly believe the quality of his work was good until the day before trial, and had we had that quality through the end, we would have had a more balanced result.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jolanta

    Absolutelly Outstanding!

    I didn't know that there are Divorce Attorneys who fight for you! Honestly. I had an experience of most of them being desperate to make a deal with opposing party and move on. Not Michael! He won't stop until he gets what he wants and that is 100% fair. My family had a horrible experience in being cheated into retainer fees and laughed at that, while told that we won't have fare hearing in Vancouver, WA Clark County. That the party who makes money, will end up paying no matter what... And it was true, until we met and hired Michael. THANK YOU, MICHEAL!!!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Don

    Excelent Family Law Attorney

    Michael Hallas of McKinley Irvin law firm is by far the best attorney I have ever had. I would highly recommend him to anyone facing divorce or that needs a family law attorney, and I suggest that you contact them as early in the process as possible. Had I been referred to them at the beginning of my divorce I would have had a substantially better and much less expensive outcome.

    Michael Hallas and the McKinley Irvin staff conduct business in a very professional, courteous and ethical manner. Michael is a genuinely nice person and he took a sincere interest in helping me solve the problems created by my ex wife.

    Michael is very experienced dealing with the courts and he worked diligently on my behalf, with integrity and honesty, offering his expert advice on how best to proceed. We would discuss the options and alternatives and he would give his suggestions, but always left the final decision to me. I couldn't have asked for a better arrangement.

    Having an attorney that I knew I could trust made the whole process of less painful.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    MY HERO!

    I was lawyer shopping for weeks to find a lawyer with the confidence that I lack in the courtroom. I was facing a challenging custody situation due to needing to re-locate for work. My case was not quite as strong as I thought. Even though I was up against an ex with numerous things counting against them. Every lawyer told me re-locating was a long shot as soon as I finished explaining my situation, without question. Everyone except Michael Hallas. He started asking questions. He asked questions about things I didn't even realize could be valid to my case. 30 min into our talk, I was convinced I had the guy that could handle being my voice in the courtroom. But that's just the beginning. Michael proceeded to propose plans that involved avoiding the courtroom altogether. I was walked through a maze of paperwork step by step. Communication by email at my request was a breeze. Michael was there to coach me all the way through right down to how talks with my ex should go. We actually ended up petitioning the court together for the modifications! Michael is my hero! I can finally live my dreams.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by sjwwalker

    Great Leadership

    Having Michael Hallas represent my court case was of an exquisite level of legal support. Not only was Michael able to provide the necessary legal needs, but was also able to provide the personal touch necessary to help me deal the difficult emotional side of family law cases. Michael would provide the needed legal communication, and understanding, as well as helping with the logical side of what can, and what can not be accepted. Michael would provide detailed emails with clear understanding as to what is expected, and where the strong point, and the weak points, are in my case. By case end, I felt well informed of what I was agreeing to, and was fully confident in the decisions, and directions, Michael was advising me to follow. Though times in this case were tough, Michael always kept his calm, worked to properly communicate, and educated me in the court process, and made sure my personal case closed strong, not wavering at the end when it’s easiest to want to close out a case and move on.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Mark

    Outstanding Representation

    Michael recently represented me during my divorce case with exceptional confidence and tact. His knowledge of the law, legal proceedings and connections to the community provided me with a true sense of confidence during this difficult time. He commands the room when entering and people naturally look up to listen when he speaks. Michael and his legal team of experts did an outstanding job of compiling all necessary and required documentation in preparation for mediation and/or trial. This organizational characteristic meant we came to all proceedings prepared to counter any and all possible motions from apposing counsel.

    Michael has a unique ability to remain focused on obtaining the best outcome for his client, yet still able to balance the human factors and relate with the compassion that often accompanies divorce proceedings.

    I highly recommend Michael and his team of experts!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    Highly recommended

    Michael help me navigate through the toughest event in my life, a child custody case. His honesty, confidence and compassion really set my mind at ease through the whole process. I value his character and his professionalism. He wholeheartedly listened to my concerns, advised me on my options and guided me through this tough emotional process. I am so thankful to have worked with Michael and I would highly recommend him.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jordan

    Great Lawyer

    Michael Hallas is an incredible Portland attorney. He's very personable, knowledgeable and represented my case very well in front of the judge. He has superb candor in court and a great personality outside of the courtroom.

    Michael was highly recommended to me and I highly recommend him to anyone seeking honest family law counsel.