United States of America vs. A

Jerrold Bodow

Case Conclusion Date:December 15, 2009

Practice Area:Criminal Defense

Outcome:Jury Verdict of Not Guilty

Description:This recently tried case was a prosecution of a woman charged with transporting hundreds of pounds of marijuana. The driver and only occupant of a car, she was stopped at a border inspection station when a dog keyed on her vehicle. The defense was that this woman was set up and duped by a group of professional drug smugglers who attempted to use her to get the drugs through the inspection point. An honest witness, with a good community background, the jury found her credible, and the government "expert" not so credible. The jury deliberated a short time, and came back with a verdict of "Not Guilty" The entire family (and this attorney) breathed a sigh of relief as she was discharged, and released to go home.