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Jacob Jan Sapochnick

Jacob Sapochnick’s client reviews

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  • Great people!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Edith

    Hired Attorney

    Thanks Maya( poor girl, my calls, my nerves) Lupe(she is always busy:) but helpfull
    To be honest I was a little frustrated at first, they did not respond immediately , but it was my anxiety and despair...
    They did a good job! We were a team!
    I did my part too, calling, asking, looking for papers, etc but thanks God and Jacob's people
    I'm a Resident of the US!!!!!

  • the best

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Will

    I have worked with this law firm for many years and the reason I stayed is because they are the best.
    The people are wonderful to work with, the service is great, and the work they do is excellent.
    Jacob, Kate, Maya, Jessica, and Catherine are some of the nicest people I have met and it my pleasure
    to write this review.

  • with results no one can argue

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Shay

    after interviewing 3 law firms and 5 lawyers, Jacob was the one who was looking the most promising with the knowledge.

    it was a long way, many stuff didn't make sense at the time, people saying my path for an E2 visa would never succeeds .

    well, with results you can't argue, me and whole my family got the desired visa, everything we did with Jacob and his staff recommendation were 100% accurate for the visa process, with reasonable fee, support all along

    we got the visa, Jacob we trusted you blindly the whole way, and you made it happen when no one gave us a chance

  • Personal attention & Effectivness

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Philipp

    I’d like to thank Jacob and his team of Kate and Linda for the highly anticipated result of their work and for a personal attention to our situation. Jacob took our case five years ago – from the very beginning– and methodically brought it to the full success. For all of these years we felt not only a professional support of his team but also their never-ending readiness to answer to all our questions and, most importantly, their unshakable confidence which unwittingly was transferring to us. We highly appreciate everything they have done for us!

  • Highly recommended For anyone Wanting To Live & Work In The U.S.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tarek

    I had the privilege of Jacob’s teaming working on my immigration case. They are fast and very meticulous in how they prepared and submitted my case which turned out to be a total success!

    I’ve been to several lawyers in the past who told me I couldn’t live and work in America because of my circumstances. I tried and tried but with at least 9 other lawyers for 2 years who had very little patience AND charged me $150+ per hour for their consultation. Deadline was approaching for the 3rd year of trying and I was already giving up. Then I met Jacob and his team who took the time to interview me and build my case and submit it before the deadline. They ensured and I had the best chance possible. Today I am a successful immigrant thanks to this amazing, caring team. Jacob also was also so kind enough to get me a “Welcome to America” gift! Thx guys you ROCK!!!!!!!!!!

  • I've never seen an attorney so much involved in support for the immigrants!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Olavo

    Jacob is without a doubt the most efficient immigration attorney in US!

    He will spend as much time as necessary for you! His level of expertise has helped me to clarify so many things that I wasn't able to find with other attorneys. When I called him, he attended me so quickly, answering me all my questions.

    Most importantly, is that Jacob cares about you, and with his amazing staff! I've never seen an attorney so much involved in support for the immigrants!

    He always answers questions through facebook, also his podcast about the immigration news is so good!

    Jacob has a great book on Amazon "My American Job: The Foreign Worker's Ultimate Guide to Finding a Job and a Visa Sponsor in the United States" that helps you to come legally to USA. Very helpful, you will have a great reading!

    I can guarantee and I recommend Jacob's office!


  • Very bad Experience !!!

    1.0 star

    Posted by Fred

    I am frankly surprised with the many good reviews as my experience was completely different. From the start of our case we had problems with responsiveness . We met with one of his attorneys to file a motion to reopen a i-485 denial, his attorney collected a 600 dll fee which was half of our retainer. at that time she said within a few hours she would email us a checklist of items we would need to re open our case as time was of the essence as we had 30 days to file to reopen... One full week later we had not received anything from his office nor from the attorney which prompted an email from me asking why not and what was going on. Jacob responded by saying he would check with his team and outline a list for us for the following day////which is now 8 days after meeting and paying the retainer.

    We collected the items they asked for and took them into his office a few days later and paid the balance of the retainer of 1200 dlls. The attorney ended up having to FEDEX the paperwork to USCIS so it
    would arrive the next day to beat the deadline of 30 days to file the motion.....

    Approximately 3 months later we received notice from USCIS that my son would need a medical exam for the upcoming USCIS interview. The attorney's office emailed us to complete the exam and that would be all that is needed, I specifically asked if that would be all that is needed again which the attorney replied back stating it would be all that is needed and for me to scan the notice to her. A few days later we received the notice for the interview, The attorney asked that we scan the notice to her and upon receiving the notice emailed me back a checklist of items contradicting he earlier statement that the exam was all that was needed for the interview.
    I now have a checklist of items needed for the interview in front of me.....some items require me visiting county offices etc to obtain and our interview is in just two days. The checklist was sent to me from the attorney on a Friday afternoon and our interview is on Wednesday morning! When I asked the attorney why this was not given to me weeks or months ago which would have allowed us time to obtain these items his only response was that it was out of the scope of his duties and that they were only sending me the list as a courtesy. When I told him his attorney clearly stated to us that the exam would be all that was needed for the interview he simply stated again that it was out of the scope of their duties and they were only trying to be helpful.
    Our I 485 adjustment of status interview is very important to us as my wifes petition has been declined once before so we want to be as prepared as possible for this get it right. We hired this attorney thinking we would have competent attorney guiding us through this process but thats not what we got.
    Note: We never met Jacob personally...he delegates everything to other attorneys or they may even be paralegals.

    Jacob Jan Sapochnick’s response: “Dear Fred: Thank you for sharing your experience with my office and I am sorry that you are frustrated. As you mentioned in your review, you hired my law firm to re open a denied I-485 case that you filed on your own. You realized that you need an attorney to help you only after your case was denied. You hired my law firm to re open this complicated denial, and we delivered the results. You were assigned an experienced appeals lawyer to handle the case and your I-485 was re opened. I wish that you mentioned that in your review as well. You signed a fee agreement that stated our services were limited to fighting to re open your case, we delivered. After you case was re opened, we continued to answer your questions and you were never charged for any further advice. I understand that we can not make everybody happy, but we sure deliver the best results in our legal services. That is why we have so many great reviews and happy clients. Sorry we could not make you smile, but at least we were able to win your case. Jacob Sapochnick”
  • E2 Visa...Great task, great job, great result

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Miklos

    I would like to say a BIG thank you to Jacob, and to Inese, Marie, and Linda ( thanks for all the kind words and support) for all the amazing job they have done for us to achieve our goals. It was a long journey, a challenging journey through the labyrinth of the US Immigration system but they have found the way to get the best out of it. Not only a law firm, they are like family. Well done guys!

  • By far the best immigration lawyer in the US

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lior

    I just wanted to say thank you for all the amazing job Jacob Sapochnick law firm did with my case. From the guidance to what visa I should apply, to the application process and my endless questions about it (that were always addressed with a great positive approach) to the moment I got my O-1 visa.

    You guys are truly the best!

    Special thank you to Kate Powell who did above and beyond for my approval.

  • E-2 Visa application

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Malte

    Jacob Sapchnick law office is an incredible Great team and they have an awesome service. They helped us with everything and went above and beyond.
    Look nowhere else! This immigration lawyer team is simply the best!