Written by attorney Jacob Jan Sapochnick

Can A Social Media Influencer Apply For a US Visa?

Show notes.

[00:24] The O1-B allows social media influencer, a YouTuber or anybody with a large following online to come to United States and work.

[01:21] As this industry continues to expand more and more of this influencers who are not U.S. citizens, who are not green card holders and they're coming to the United States because this is one of the biggest markets and they're getting paid or about to get paid or signed deal memos

[02:07] The 01-B is an artist visa and just like many other artists that are coming to work in the United States, social media influencers will fall under this category because we have to show that they have a special ability, extraordinary ability to do something that they are risen to that level of exceptional ability that would allow them to come in and work.

[03:07] The 01-B visa is now being utilized more and more by social media influencers to be able to come into work in the U.S.

[04:06] We'll use a follower statistics, brand deals, deal memos, names and people that they're associated with online, high salary achievements and high payments for f posts, for campaigns. All these things together will make strong evidence for an 01-B case.

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