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Craig Michael Sturm

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  • Long Time Client

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jesyka

    I first found Craig in November 2012, when I received my first DUI in the worst area possible, OC County. I was helped immensely, kept my license, and only have to take a 3 month class and pay my fines! He got me out with the best case scenario for my situation! I then had an issue in August 2013, and a public drinking charge actually lost me my children. Long Beach and I had some scrapes, so they actually tried to lose me in the system and keep me in jail. Linda and Craig were there for me through all of it, showing up in court morning and afternoon each day until they found when I was getting pushed through. They were there! They got my bond waived when initially it was a no bail case and wanted to keep me in jail! NOT ONLY THAT, but they got my girls back with me! Long story short, after doing parenting classes and AA which Craig negotiated, my case was DISMISSED! My record is clean and I owe it ALL to Sturm Law Firm. There is no lawyer I'd rather see representing me in court.

  • dui test refusal

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jimmy Guerrero

    after being arrested for refusing all test Craig Sturm got me a D.A. reject and won against dmv. thanks Craig you're the best. thanks to Linda and Kenya too,very helpful.

    Craig Michael Sturm’s response: “Thank you for the feed back. Our teams hard work paid off! Your case is the perfect example of why we must ALWAYS challenge the evidence being brought against our clients. Its a WIN DUI for you buddy!!! Both DMV and Court! Best of luck to you! Thanks for trusting us during your time of need.”
  • The courtroom has too many variables to be able to control- Hire my attorney, Craig Sturm

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sonia

    When I was first notified I was being charged with a criminal offense, I thought my life was over. I was going through a nasty divorce and was in fear to losing my children. "Family FIRST", is what Linda, Craig's assistant told me, as I sobbed through our initial consultation.

    My case was settled... DISMISSED!!!!

    I pray for Mr. Craig Sturm's success! I am truly his fan and will give any one my testimony to say, Craig Sturm, is not only an amazing attorney, he is a man of honor and integrity.

    Have you watched Suits? Craig is my Harvey!!!!

  • True professionals providing the best legal representation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Joseph

    My experience with Sturm Law was an absolute success. I never had to inquire about the status of my case because I was always updated with any new developments regarding my legal matter. The people at Sturm Law were extremely professional and I was treated with the utmost respect. My case was handled with great care and they always made me feel like my case was a high priority. They were able to greatly reduce the charges against me and I was fully satisfied with the end result. If anyone is need of representation, I reccomend Sturm Law with great confidence that they will get you the result

  • Public Intoxication

    4.0 stars

    Posted by a State & Local Law client

    I got a public intoxication in MB, had no prior record and was granted a diversion. I am currently attending the AA classes in order to keep it off of my record. I was fairly surprised at the amount I was given (24) and speaking with them. I am, however, extremely grateful for them taking my case at a great rate (compared to other lawyers). I mainly worked with his paralegal and she was awesome!

  • Awesome service, communication AND results!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kate

    Highly recommend! Due to his relationships, experience and expertise, Mr. Sturm was able to easily get me a MUCH better plea (as I wasn't able to afford to go to or to risk a trial). As a matter of fact, a Public Defender commented that it was an amazing accomplishment (I'm so glad I didn't go with the cheap public defender on this as I am CERTAIN they would not have even TRIED to achieve the results I received!).
    I rated Responsive and Kept Me Informed only Good (as opposed to Excellent) as there were times they were slow to get back to me and because they deal primarily by email only. However I also know they are very busy with other clients and I often requested communication that did not really require I have an immediate response. However I will say that if I sent a "gentle reminder" that I was waiting to hear, the response was very quick and very detailed (I know it's not easy to type detailed emails and it takes a lot of time but it was done!). Mr. Sturm also has an EXCELLENT staff who spent a lot of time helping me on my case as well and all were happy to answer unrelated questions I often had. Of course Mr. Sturm went with me to court when needed and he was outstanding... giving me great advice, letting me know what to expect and getting me SUPERIOR results. Thank you, Craig! And MUCHO thanks to L & M, too!!

  • Case Dismissed! Saved my career!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by C

    I was arrested for DUI in late October of 2013 and was unsure of who to turn to for legal advice. I received offers from many law offices, however, I was impressed by Attorney Craig Sturm, his background and qualifications. I was not disappointed. Mr. Sturm and his legal team were able to reduce the DUI charges to a much lesser charge of exhibition of speed. Attorney Sturm, Linda Gavilan and the rest of the staff were very cordial and helpful in keeping me informed and were always available for any of my questions or concerns. I would highly recommend their legal services to any one who finds themselves in need of an experienced and qualified DUI attorney.
    C. Helena

  • Craig is educated in his field and knows more than the prosecution!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Rosa E. Martinez

    I would like to say THANK YOU to the offices of Sturm Law specifically Craig Sturm. When I was told that the most important decision I would make on my sons case was hiring the right attorney, I did my research. Nothing beats stepping up and considering your options. As a client, you need to educate yourself as to who to choose to be on your side. You want someone that has won the charge you are fighting. My teenage son was being charged with 2 Felony charges of DUI with great bodily injury and they wanted years of jail time. This would have ruin his life. The first thing I noticed after hiring Attorney Craig Sturm is that he knows how to navigate his way around the courtroom and the fact that he has a social connection to the judges and prosecutors, other attorneys, and court clerks is very helpful. However, the greatest thing about Craig Sturm is that he is educated, truly an expert in his field and knows more than the prosecution! It builds confidence when the prosecutor would have to continue the case because they didn't know the answers to Craigs questions. Craig would educate them! Linda, his assistant is great! She is genuinely concerned for the outcome of her clients. There was times where waiting was nerve wrecking but having someone explain everything, it gives you hope, Linda did this every time I called. As a client, you must be patient, sometimes we don't see the hard work and hours of preparation that is being put into your defense until we go to court and see how well prepared our attorney was. We were really able to see it in the decision and the outcome of my sons case. At the end, even the judge told me how lucky I was to have a great attorney like Craig Sturm on my side. It is unfortunate that sometimes a mistake at such an early time in a teenagers life can affect there whole life, it turned his whole world upside down. Bottom line is, don't depend on the a public defender, don't just hire any attorney, hire an expert to give you the same passion and perseverance that someone like Craig Sturm is going to give to your loved one. My son and I are forever grateful! I recommend the offices of Craig Sturm with all the conviction in my heart.


  • The Best Dui Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Naisha

    I was arrested sitting in my car, I blew a 0.06 two hours later they took my blood and it was a 0.08. I put every thing in my previous lawyer hands because I trusted them...Well one day my lawyer called me and said they are only offering me a wet reckless and that's the best offer and should accept it....(THAT'S IT, remind you I had no clue what this was.) I started to do research on my own and discovered wet reckless basically is saying driving and alcohol was involved. So I called different lawyers to get a second opinion, because deep down inside I didn't feel a wet reckless applied to my situation 1. I was not driving 2. I blew a 0.06 3. My blood work was 0.08 two hours later, after the paper work, calling a tow truck, then the drive to the hospital to draw blood which was on the other side of town. On the day before accepting a plea offer Mr. Sturm office return my phone call that morning. I met with Linda G that afternoon, we went over my case she educated me more on the meanings of my case explaining DUI is "Driving" under the Influence not sitting in your car on a rise, but because my previously lawyer did not take time out to do research and later I found out did not specialize in DUI cases, or file any motions etc. I lost my job I was out of so much money my lawyer took all my savings and I failed to mention I found the lawyer from Avvo this LAWYER have one of the highest score and don't no jack.... UNFREAKINGBELIVABLE. So yes I hired Craig Sturm and couldn't be more happier they are very attentive, caring, professional and they listen with empathy, they did soooo much research on my case they told me things I didn't even no happened. After explaining what I had been thru and where I was at Broke, Jobless they accepted me with open arms and worked a payment plan out with me. Craig Sturm, Linda G and everybody at Strum office love what they do, Strum office and staff does not mind digging, fighting and getting right down to the truth. I'm so grateful to have stumble upon Sturm Law they were truly Heaven sent. Thank you for all you have done.

  • Great DUI attorney!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a DUI & DWI client

    Back in July 2012, I was pulled over going north on the 14 freeway late at night for passing a CHP patrol car and going slightly over the speed limit. I had admitted to the officer of having consumed a drink earlier in the night and went through the battery of field sobriety tests on the side of the road. Thinking I had passed all of them, the officer then wanted me to "blow" into a apparatus to test for alcohol. I refused and got arrested on the spot. As anyone like me who has never been arrested before, it was quite a scary time. I didn't know what to expect and amidst the towing of my vehicle and having to spend the night in jail. Would I lose my job? I'm a professional. It was a lot to take in.

    A friend of mine gave me attorney Craig Sturm's telephone number since he had gone through a similar ordeal years ago. He told me Mr. Sturm had his charges reduced from DUI to a wet reckless driving charge.

    My circumstances were much different. First, my driving priveleges were suspended automatically for one year. Second, the district attorney for the state was aiming for the maximum conviction of DUI with an additional charge for refusal. That meant five days jail time, a nine month alcohol class and three years summary probation. This was all too great a predicament to face. Mr. Sturm filed a motion in court to prove that I was wrongfully stopped and had an opportunity to question the arresting officer on his expertise on knowing when someone is impaired or when it may be consumption. He did a very good job cross witnessing the officer and placing much doubt on the side of the prosecution that I was not impaired the night of my arrest. I had seen the video, Mr. Sturm had seen the video. We both knew I had a strong case if I went to trial.

    Toward the end of my case, I plead no contest to reduced charges. I needed it over for personal reasons. Mr. Sturm got the charges dropped down to no jail time and a three month alcohol class. (What I would have received if I had no refusal charge and had blown 0.08 or less.) He convinced the prosecution that I was not impaired and in three years I can get this DUI charge expunged.

    Mr. Sturm was professional and likeable throughout the entire process. Linda Gavilan, his assistant, was also a great help and professional whenever I had questions. I will recommend Sturm Law to anyone I know of in need of an expert DUI attorney.