in 2004, I had to leave my bank job due to being robbed and watching co workers being robbed so many times.. we had debt and had no idea of how to go down to one income. Then we found Rich

He made us feel comfortable and not guilty for taking a chapter 13 from the very beginning. His office was friendly and not cold . The energy was very loving and warm.

The first thing that most people feel, and what we felt is that we failed. we were ashamed but knew that you cannot make bills leaning on 2 jobs to exist with only one. And I could not go back to work any time soon. and of course that added to my guilt. the unexpected.happening.

Even now, that the chapter has been discharged, Mr West still works with us to help get some issues that were not brought up to date at the very end, even though the court ordered for them to be.

I would recommend him to anyone who finds that they need to take a bankruptcy. you will feel taken care of and not guilt trips. Communication is great.

I could not imagine me giving any other review of this lawfirm. They work hard and are very upfront with requests and in getting back to you if they need more. And they fight for you. And here it is 7 years later and they are still willing to fight for us. And to me, that is spectacular.

If I had known about this site back before this year, there would have been a report sooner than this. I stumbled onto this .