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Michael D. Fluke

Michael Fluke’s client reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Mark

    Hired Attorney

    Excellent Representation

    We have been working with Mr. Fluke for quite some time on a difficult matter. The out come of our case was just as expected and discussed during our first meetings. Mr. Fluke kept us informed along the way and was very professional in all our meetings with the judge. Should I need an attorney in the future, my first call will be to Mr. Fluke.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Do it right the first time.

    If you are reading this, I will assume that you have been served or are preparing to serve your spouse. This review will also be more geared toward the person with greater financial position in the marriage. With those two assumptions in place, I will explain why I so strongly recommend Michael Fluke.

    I titled this review “Do it right the first time” because, frankly, I did not do it right the first time and it cost me dearly. Resist the temptation to find the most inexpensive attorney. In fact, my recommendation is to run from them. I, like many of Mike’s clients, came to him to clean up the mess my previous attorney had made. Don’t make the same mistake I did, go to Mike first!

    Here are the reasons why:

    1. Mike has a very strong reputation within the legal community. This will immediately stop the other side from throwing haymakers. You need to be in a position where the other side doesn’t feel so empowered that they will try anything. Hiring Mike will keep them from trying silly stuff and if they do, he will see it coming from a mile away.
    2. Mike is a former defense attorney. Like I said earlier, I am focusing on those of you who were the primary breadwinner. Those of you with a high-income need to really focus on this area. If you thought the IRS had you in their crosshairs, wait until your angry spouse and her (or his) is attorney come after you. You instantly become the defendant and you need a guy with a background like Mike’s to defend you.
    3. Mike understands finances. Again, if you have a lot to protect (even if it is just a lot to you) you need to work with someone who can get his head around the numbers. An attorney who gets lost in the numbers could easily hang you out to dry and not even know it.
    4. Mike sets goals. One of the things Mike told me is you need to set an end game. Something that will prevent your divorce from going on forever. We have all heard about the divorces that went on longer than the marriages. That is not Mike’s game. He wants to move forward with a real finish line that everyone can see.
    5. Mike is a legal expert. He can answer any legal question you present him with. If you are like me, you know very little about family law in Florida. You need your attorney to know these laws by heart and Mike does.
    6. On a personal level, Mike has made it public that he has been through the divorce process himself. This gave him immediate credibility from my perspective.
    7. Finally, Mike and Donna are accessible. I have talked to many individuals that said they had a hard time reaching their attorney. I never had that problem. I was always able to reach either person when I needed to.

    I started this review by saying that you should choose Mike as your attorney from the beginning to avoid the pitfalls that I experienced. If you already have an attorney and he/she doesn’t bring the 7 characteristics I described above, frankly, you need to switch.

    Remember, with the schedules of all the players involved, each step in the process will take 3-6 months. So if your initial mediation or hearing went bad, it will probably take you 6 months to even get an opportunity to readdress it, let alone change it. Consider the fact that whatever the final judgment or settlement is may impact you for the rest of your life. You need to have best defense you can get.

    There are many cheaper attorneys out there. Poor representation can cost you dearly. If you hire Michael Fluke, you will be well defended.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Excellent Attorney

    Michael represented me during my divorce/child custody case. He is a very reliable, thorough and knowledgeable attorney. He helped me focus on the most important aspects of the case. He listened to what I had to say and was very understanding of my situation through every step of the process. I appreciated his patience and attention to details. I am very happy that he represented me and would ask him to represent me again without hesitation. His assistant, Donna is excellent as well. If you are ever in need of a family law attorney I highly recommend Michael!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Satisfied Divorce Client

    Top notch divorce attorney - highly recommend

    I am hard to please and very seldom write any reviews, much less positive ones, but with Michael I felt I had to. I couldn't be happier with how he handled and won my case. I came across him on the web after letting go of my prior two attorneys, the first for lack of service, the second for lack of experience. Michael demonstrated a deep knowledge of case law, superb courtroom skills, and was very responsive. Throughout the process, I felt I had the best lawyer on my side and didn't have to worry about the outcome. He is very frank in discussing options and his coolness and focus in the courtroom are quite impressive. He also comes across as a genuine and compassionate individual with strong ethics. I feel very fortunate to have found him.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Divorce client

    A True Advocate

    I called Michael after firing my first attorney who, although having good reviews, didn't live up to them and didn't spend the time to truly understand my situation (as evidenced by my getting blindsided in the first mediation). My case, while straightforward in some ways, was highly complicated when it came to division of marital assets including a business and residence. Michael took the time to understand the unique aspects of the case and spent even more time with me formulating a strategy. This strategy not only addressed the issues at hand but also wove in plans to counter what we suspected would be the other side's strategy in mediation. And Michael stood firm in mediation, standing up to an overly aggressive attorney with unreasonable demands that a court would assign only our worst day. After another round of mediation Michael was able to get the other side to come to an agreement that was fair to me while avoiding unnecessarily going to court. A far cry from what my other attorney was on the path to getting me!

    Michael is an attorney who DOES live up to his reviews. Retain Michael -- he will put in the time and effort to understand your case and will work tirelessly for you to get you the results others cannot.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Ian Arthur


    I can't even begin to tell you what a great lawyer Mike Fluke is. This is my 2nd divorce (ugh) so I thought i knew what i was doing. If it wasn't for Mr. Fluke I would be crying in my beer every night. He made sure I was always informed on the details of my case. He made sure I got the best deal for me. In the end that's what you want the best deal for yourself. He didn't waste my time or his by dragging the process out. His assistant Donna was great also. I would hire him again in a minute.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Tammy

    The Best

    I was in the midst of a nasty divorce with two children and had a horrible attorney. I had no other choice but to switch attorneys mid stream. This is a risky move to do during a divorce but I knew this was my only option and my best option if I could find the best attorney around. After doing my homework and investigation I decided to go with Michael Fluke. I knew after our first meeting I had made the right choice. He is not only professional and knowledgeable but he is top notch! He took my case, became familiar with it instantly, new exactly what needed to be done, spent as much time as needed on it, and represented me better than anybody could of possibly done. He kept me focused and thinking smart and not greedy. In the end, I was extremely happy and couldn't of asked for anything more. Mr. Fluke is the best of the best! I would highly recommend him to anybody. If you are looking for someone to represent you and you want to win...look no further! Thank you Mr. Fluke for everything you did in successfully putting closure to a very difficult time in my life.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Dan

    A Most Excellent Advocate

    At my first interview with Mr. Fluke, he impressed me as an honest, frank, and knowledgeable attorney. As my divorce case carried on, month after month, with twists and turns, he continually gained my respect and trust not only for his knowledge and counsel, but for his honesty, frankness, and sincere caring.

    Mr. Fluke never sugar coated the potential outcomes I could expect, but laid out the options accurately and professionally. Good decisions require good information. Mr. Fluke provided me with great information that I could use to make my decisions. As he got to know me better, he recommended courses of action that he felt were better from my point of view and my risk tolerance while saying that he would just as eagerly and happily take a different approach if I preferred. In the end, I emerged in a much better position than I ever expected, all thanks to Mr. Fluke.

    I noticed throughout my case that judges, opposing lawyers, and law enforcement knew and respected him. I'm sure there are several good lawyers out there, but you really need not look further than Mr. Fluke. The past months have been the most difficult in my life. I could not have hoped for a better advocate at my side to guide me through the minefield. I heartily recommend him.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jeff

    Superior attorney!

    Having dealt with numerous attorneys over the years, I fully endorse Mike Fluke. He has a superior knowledge of the law and trial procedure. The thing I find best about Mike is that he tells you what you need to know - even when its not what you want to hear - he'll always be straight with you. What makes Mike a truly unique attorney however is his work ethic, expertise and composure - he is 100% prepared (whether for deposition, mediation or trial) with the facts, the case strategy and the law. He is always courteous and respectful with everyone involved but I'd hate to be his opposing counsel when it comes time to go trial.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by Marcus

    Better Research on my end

    I was deployed for a year in Afghanistan and had absolutely no clue how to handle a child custody case. Mike assured me that I wasn't his first overseas case and he would provide me with all information needed to find some middle ground. Prior to mediation Mike Fluke informed me that the mediator was a friend of his and she would be fair. That proved to not be the case. I was in-between jobs when I returned to the US. The mediator put my child support at $560 a month because of my pay overseas. With no information of my childs mothers income or savings. They also deemed that I didnt provide any child support for the 5 months I was in Afghanistan. Even with reciepts on the table Mike fought this in no way. When I requested 3 days every week. Mike stated, "I really didnt think she would give you that". So in a nutshell I was doing his job. Not something you expect from a superb lawyer. To say the least I withdrew Mr. Fluke as my lawyer. I requested my documents be sent to my new address via email and neither he or his receptionist responded. I paid Mr.Fluke $10,500 while I was overseas, just to have piece of mind. He did maybe 2 hours of work at best. And has provided no documentation otherwise. When I call his office they hangup the moment they know it me calling. I would not recommend Mr.Fluke and his office in any legal way. And I would hope maybe a real Family Lawyer will aid me in handling my legal woes better.