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S. Perez v Dr Jose Nabut and North Broward Medical Center

Case Conclusion Date: 06.25.1994

Practice Area: Medical Malpractice

Outcome: Jury Verdict $2,500.000.00

Description: The Jury found General Surgeon and then No. Broward Hospital Chief of Surgery Dr Nabut liable for negligence during a gall bladder removal surgery- a laparoscopic cholysystectomy- by failing to properly identify the anatomy, by failing to perform an intraoperative cholangiogram, which with the injection of a radioactive dye would have provided a "road map" to the common bile duct, resulting in a complete dissection of the duct. This breach of the standard of care was not recognized by Dr Nabut during surgery and our client was closed with bile leaking into the abdominal cavity and adjacent organs including the liver. Ulimately she suffered from complications associated with liver damage and caused by a delay in recognizing the duct dissection, leading to likely lifelong infections, digestive difficulties and pain and suffering.

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