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Kristopher Joel Hilscher

Kristopher Hilscher’s client reviews

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  • Sharp, Clear and Focused

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Pete

    Kris Hilscher represented me in both a professional and kind manner. He was able to take on my case given short notice and absorb the information quickly. He listened to what I was looking for in my representation and provided various strategies and the pros and cons of them. He made clear and decisive points concerning the law and potential outcomes quickly, and advised me if something needed more research.

    Not only was Kris helpful in the courtroom, but he was able to handle my frustrations with the case as well. This gave me great reassurance in the strength of our case and his representation. He took an interest in the case and resolution that made me feel like more than a billable.

    My representation was excellent - the case was resolved quickly. Kris kept me informed and involved the whole way and followed through to ensure that everything was OK at conclusion.

  • Honest, hardworking, and knowledgeable are only the tip of the iceberg when describing Kris Hilscher.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Brian

    When I came to Younce & Vtipil I only needed a separation agreement, or so I thought. My life started to spin out of control with accusations of violence that were simply not true. I was introduced to Kris Hilscher and from day one, not only was he very knowledgeable, he got to know me. Kris got to know my family and my life in a way that I wasn't expecting from a lawyer. Kris took my case head on and has saved me and family in so many ways. Kris worked through the false accusations and got my name cleared, then he moved on to my original desire of getting my son back to me and we won. Throughout it all, he has been polite, especially since I have had SO many questions, timely, honest, caring, on and on. There are't enough words to say what his work means to me. I came to Younce & Vtipil for help with my life and Kris Hilscher delivered in more ways than I could imagine.

  • the standard that all attorneys should strive for

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Peyton

    Kris Hilscher should be the standard that all attorneys strive for. Not only is he trustworthy and kind, but he is a person who truly knows the legal system inside and out. Kris' work ethic is unmatched. He worked tirelessly over a weekend in order to avoid a trial that would have cost us thousands of dollars (thousands that would have gone into his pocket if he had just let it pan out on its own); his priority was "taking care of us" and getting us justice in the most cost-effective way possible, not draining our back account. Without Kris as our lawyer, I'm confident that we would have never gotten our little boy back as soon as we did, and we are forever grateful to him for changing all of our lives.

  • Thank you Kris!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by JLN

    Attorney Kris Hilscher is a dedicated and hardworking attorney. He is honest, and forthright. By being so straightforward we knew exactly what to expect.

    Mr. Hilscher is: honest, trustworthy, inspires confidence, uses “plain talk” that a non-law person such as myself could understand. He patiently explained the law and offered scenarios as examples to my situation. He made me comfortable, and dispelled any fears that I had involving my case.
    I whole-heartedly recommend Attorney Kris Hilscher, we ended up with an outstanding result that I do not think we would have gotten otherwise.

  • Custody and Child Support

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Angela

    Mr. Hilscher was an awesome lawyer in all aspects of both of my cases! Very respectful and informative towards me. He always told me the truth and informed me the options that could arise, and some did. Needless he got me what I wanted and deserved and that's all I ever asked for. I am very satisfied with his services and the way he presented himself and helped me. Thank you so much Kris for being more than a lawyer but like a friend and someone who really cares. Defiantly would recommend to others!!!