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Cheryl Renee David

Cheryl David’s client reviews

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  • A+

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jeff

    Cheryl David and her team went above and beyond to help me on my path to immigration. They helped me navigate the tricky parts, eased my mind about everything I was worried about, and prepared us for the interview process. They are knowledgeable, understanding, prompt, and friendly. They are life-savers!! Would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone with complicated or straight-forward immigration applications.

  • A second chance. ..

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Randy

    I had a very complex immigration matter and while online came upon miss David's firm.She was very professional, as was her associate miss Lindsey Gauzza who was assigned to assist me, after a few times in immigration court I was extremely happy that Cheryl and Lindsay resolved my deportation issue.
    I feel that I have a new life now and am extremely grateful for the time and effort they put towards my case. ..You guys are the best, thanks so much.

  • permanent green card granted after fourteen years

    5.0 stars

    Posted by rose marie

    Lindsay is a superstar, got me off deportation list with a lot of hard work and research. Three days prior to fourteen years, I got my green card. No more temporary, no more work permits. Cheryl and Lindsay were very honest . love you guys, I dedicate my future to these amazing ladies. Lindsay you are amazing, Cheryl you are amazing. Love you guys. Wish your business ongoing support.

  • Changed Our Lives

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    The law office of Cheryl David was more than just a "lawyer" Cheryl & Michelle David went above & beyond to improve our chances for Approval. Honestly our case wasn't very strong, it didn't seem to be coming together. We went to a few different lawyers who took our money & just saw us as a case # more than people. Cheryl and Michelle genuinely cared & did everything possible to keep us informed, they communicated with us constantly (Almost daily for over a year), coming up with small bits of important information that over time framed a stronger case. We got an approval of our I-601 Waiver & was issued a Visa. Everything went smoothly, they kept our mind at ease throughout the entire process. I've still gotten advice & information from them even after our case was over. I highly recommend them...!!!

  • Appreciation letter to Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mukesh Patel

    Dear Cheryl and Michelle David

    Two weeks ago I received letters from USCIS that my adjustment of status have been approved and another letter informing me about my green card is on the way. Finally on Oct. 29, 2014 I received my green card and I could not described my emotions. I'm on cloud 9. Excitement, hope for a better future and peace of mind is what my family can finally have. Finally, we can live the American Dream without fear. Thank God for helping obtained my green card.

    Our green card were made possible with the moral support, excellent representation, thoroughness and dedication of Atty. Cheryl R David and Michelle David. We were so impressed with Atty. Cheryl R David for his dedication, great personality and being as one of top immigration lawyers she did an excellent job in handling our case.

    Tip my hat also to Michelle David for being so patient in preparing all the necessary requirements and documents that we need to submit.

    Thank you to all your team of professionals. Again Thank you very much Atty. Cheryl R David and legal assistant Michelle David. From the bottom of my heart thank you so much for a job well done.

    Our family will forever grateful to you!


    Mukesh & Shruti P

  • Unsatisfied with lawyer professionalism and customer treatment

    2.0 stars

    Posted by Tim

    I've visited Ms. David office two days ago. Payed 160 USD for a consultation regarding my immigration case based on L1 visa. Office personnel was polite and friendly. After my first words about my case Ms. David informed me that she is not familiar enough with L1 visa and has to call her colleague/another lawyer. We had 20 min. conversation over the phone with some person on the other side of the line, Ms. David was only commenting some statements. I didn't receive any useful information and didn't get any directions for further steps. All I was told to send some documents of my company when I come back to my country (they didn't even specify what documents should I send).
    Overall, it was an absolutely useless meeting, I've lost 160 USD and an hour of time.

  • So thankful for finding them

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jessica

    I was recommended to this firm by a friend, who is also an immigration lawyer but was leaving the country so he couldn't help me. And, I could not have been happier. (That says something too, when your competitors recommend you) First, for me, it was important to feel a connection to my lawyer, to feel like she understood me and we could communicate well. Cheryl, within the first few minutes, proved to me she was unlike the other lawyers who I "interviewed" for the job. Conversation ran smoothly, she asked all the right questions, answered mine with ease and with confidence and most importantly spoke the truth. After our initial meeting, she directed me towards Michelle who then sat down and embedded herself in my story with my fiancee. She left no small detail untouched.

    I think the best reviews are the most honest. So I will copy and paste the email I wrote to Michelle after my fiancee and I received our VISA. This was from the heart and direct.

    "Dear Michelle,

    The work you have done in supporting both Victor and myself in being together is beyond what we could have imagined. Your dedication and focus with helping us to get all the material we needed and then reading through all of it with a fine tooth comb and creating an incredible summary of our lives together was just truly amazing and skillful.

    We appreciate everything you have done and look forward to working with you again when he comes to the states."

    There is nothing I would have done differently, oh yes.. hire them from the beginning. It would have saved us a LOT of time rather than trying to do it on our own. If you are thinking of doing it on your own, I strongly suggest rethinking. There are too many details, hiccups and unknowns to figure this out without a lawyer. And this is the law firm to help straighten out all the kinks.

  • Superb service, knowledge and professionalism

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mauricio

    I had a very complicated case to say the least, I was very discouraged by my situation and to be quite honest thought there was no way out of it (wont get into details). Ms. David was recommended by two different attorneys and she lived up to and even exceeded my expectations. Ms. David and her office are extremely knowledgeable, respectful and helpful, even in a case as difficult as mine they assured me the entire way that they will be able to take care of everything; They kept me updated throughout the entire process and in due time everything was taken care of. I would HIGHLY recommend her services

  • Extremely intellectual and a Trusted Attorney who yields excellent results.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Carol

    I want to share with all who is reading this, that our lives were touched by one of the most intelligent, powerful, and astounding attorney, Ms. Cheryl David. Cheryl and her staff are all very dependable and very affluent in speaking on all issues regarding your immigration case. Below is a detailed narrative of our case and experiences.
    Cheryl speaks from her heart on your case; she understands what separation means to a family during the deportation proceedings. Cheryl is very aggressive, respectable and takes on a great challenge of winning a losing case. Our case appeared to be one of those cases. Cheryl is super methodical and knows very well all areas of immigration matters, the changing laws, rules and motions. Please read our story which confers to our testimony of Attorney Cheryl David.
    My brother is married to a US Citizen and the father of two American children. He followed his childhood sweetheart to this country and was illegal for many years. His wife sponsored him and he was denied legal status. During the interim, my brother was involved in 4 DWI’s and was arrested on his last charges. He was obviously illegal in the US and thus was taken to Hudson County.
    During the agony of all that was happening we met Attorney Cheryl David whom we initially heard of but were already working with another Attorney. We severed links and continued onwards with Ms. David.
    My family including my brother’s wife and children were devastated. We underwent mental counseling but Cheryl made the last 7 months realty of unifying our family again. Ms. David and her office staff are very diligent, very compassionate and understand what separation from loved ones means. Ms. Cheryl David is very versatile with all aspects of immigration she worked my brother case in ways that we thought were impossible. Cheryl undertook a serious case and never gave us false hopes. She looked at both sides of the tunnel with us; she discussed with us the possibility of immigration not allowing my brother to stay in the US amongst other issues. However, on the day of trial Cheryl with the court room full of cries and swollen faces, Cheryl brought a new lease of life to all of us. Because of her expertise and superb knowledge she managed to conquer a battle in the courtroom. Cheryl WON our case any my brother came home after 7 months.
    In summary, without any hesitation and just when you feel that life is against you, please speak with Cheryl for all your immigration answers.

  • Superb service, incredibly friendly staff, Cheryl doesn't take NO for an answer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Immigration client

    My case was not an easy one and C. David's firm helped my family's American Dream become a reality. My parents' political asylum had been denied and they received several notices to leave the US through the years. This decision, we felt, was irrational since my parents had more than enough evidence that they had been victims of extortion in our native country.

    We reached out to Cheryl David when my mother was detained (arrested) by immigration officers immediately after a scheduled appointment she had with the USCIS. My mother was then taken to different facilities throughout the northeast in a matter of 3-4 days with no explanation while, at the same time, Cheryl was building a strong appeal to have my mother released. My mother was released on day 7 after being detained and shortly after was given the chance to appear in another scheduled appointment to receive her green card. We still don't know how she made this possible; it's truly remarkable.

    Cheryl David and her team do not take NO as an answer. Our appeals, especially on my father's case, were rejected many times with no logical explanation and this seemed to have bothered Cheryl. We appreciate every effort she made to insist with USCIS and the US Government to have our cases reopened. This made her seem as if she were part of our family and she exhibited true concern for all of us (This is the key to her success in my opinion). She was always available to answer questions--even at times we were frustrated or lost our temper.

    My father's interview with an immigration agent took place three months before my wedding abroad. The goal was for him to receive his green card so he could travel to my wedding. Instead, they told him they needed to review his case further but that he would receive a decision in 60 days. When we reached the 60 days we were afraid he wouldn't make it to the wedding and, worse, that he would not receive his green card for some reason. This is where Cheryl and her team come into place. For the next few days they made calls, wrote letters, and investigated why this was happening. Long story short, I said good-bye to my father at JFK airport on Wednesday before the wedding because we didn't get an answer by then. On Thursday, Cheryl's team reached out to me while I was abroad to tell me they pulled off one of her miracles and my father would come to the wedding. That is the best gift I received.

    In summary, ample knowledge, charisma, and persistence begin to describe Cheryl and her leadership skills.