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Curtis James Romanowski

Curtis Romanowski’s Client Reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Deb


    Curt is a gem of an attorney. I highly recommend anyone looking for a matrimonial attorney to contact him without hesitation. I was going through a divorce and Curt made the experience better.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Frederick Rotgers

    Top of the Line Divorce Attorney

    Curt was recommended to me by a friend, and I am taking that friend out to dinner to thank him! Curt is thorough, incredibly knowledgeable, scholarly and highly effective as a negotiator in a collaborative divorce situation. Gentle in his manner, but incisive in his thinking and approach, Curt assisted me in getting a settlement that both I and my ex- can live with. As an originator of the concept of collaborative divorce, Curt is at the cutting edge of thinking in this important area, and it shows! Thank you Curt.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Truly Committed to My Success

    I am a physician and parent to a boy and girl, both doing very well now, as am I, I am very happy to say. I was referred to Mr. Romanowski by another physician-colleague of mine who had just used him in her divorce and was delighted with the outcome. And now, as it turns out, another of my colleagues has used him as well. Also very happy.

    For a guy with a very funny sense of humor, he takes his work very seriously. It was not at all unusual for me to get an email from him at 2:00 or 4:00 in the morning, because he just thought of something else that might help me. I can also recall a few times where I was up late and emailed to him, not really expecting a response any time immediately. Actually the following week would have been fine for me since the questions had no urgency, but he responded probably only three minutes after I clicked send.

    There was no doubt that Curt was truly committed to my success and for that I am thankful.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Thomas

    Above and Beyond

    My wife and I are grandparents and hired Curtis Romanowski to represent us in a heart-wrenching emotionally exhausting case involving our troubled daughter and beautiful granddaughter. We both think that Curtis Romanowski as our Family Law attorney went way above and beyond the norm to help our unique family tragedy and situation. We knew we had picked the right attorney as soon as we sat in his office. It was just this feeling of comfort that we both had in his presence. Curtis worked very hard for us all . Also even though he was actually injured and knowing that he was not in the least bit comfortable physically (at the time), the fact that he still was with us IN PERSON at The Middlesex Family Courts System and not sending one of his subordinates to appear with us instead made us feel so grateful at the extra effort he put in for us. How could we not come out on top with all this good firepower on our side of this sorrowful family tragedy? Not only do we as Grandparents and now full guardians, but our Granddaughter also........... our very bright shining star ( 7TH grade school Honor Roles and now 8TH grade also ) came out on top of this also. Now she is talking about college. Thank you so much Curt .................. You and your firm will always be FIVE STAR in our book.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Bindya

    Best Lawyer!!!

    Mr. Romanowski & his office helped me with a separation/ Divorce matter.

    I hired Mr. Curtis about 9-10 months ago when I received a notice from my ex-husband.

    I had very unique situation but Mr. Curtis and his teams (Ms. Alison Sutak) knowledge and professionalism have helped bring the case to a correct outcome.

    During the complete case they cited many examples when needed. Mr. Curtis made sure I understood everything, he explained many times to me in non-legal terms too so that I had complete clarity about where the case was currently and what is coming-up in my case.

    He and his team always looked for ways if the case could be settled through mutual agreement between me and my ex-husband, so that my money is not wasted in unwanted trials.
    Mr Curtis and his team strongly believe in resolving the case through mutual agreements & win-win outcomes, if there is a possibility which is remarkable I feel.

    His demeanor had been outstanding through the case, during the case he was aggressive when needed and calm and composed otherwise.

    He is not only a wonderful lawyer but a great reader of human minds!

    His presence next to me in the court made me feel highly confidant and very relieved.

    Although my case ended without a trial (settlement was reached at the ESP), but the way he prepared for all the legal proceedings , I am sure we would have won the trial if the situation would have arisen.

    I recommend Curt’s work with absolutely no reservations.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Terrific Lawyer!

    A friend told me about Mr. Romanowski on Thanksgiving week a while back, actually. After our marriage started going on the rocks, holidays became quite unbearable. Christmas was tough enough with the kids and all, but I didn’t think I could make it through another Valentine’s Day. I was scared, depressed and lost over twenty pounds just worrying and not eating. When I met with “Curt” the first time I couldn’t have been there more than a half hour and I started to cry. By the time I left, I had hope and confidence that it would all turn out for the best.
    Now, I couldn’t be happier. I really think the sensitive way he handled everything actually helped my ex and me get along better after the divorce than ever since the kids were born. The marriage counselor did NOTHING. The kids are doing great and everything makes sense to them, if that makes any sense. Thanks Curt. Happy Thanksgiving!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Very Pleased!

    I used Mr. Romanowski for my divorce and I must say, after all of the attorneys I had contacted, Mr. Romanowski was the only one who had me feeling very comfortable with putting “my life in his hands” so to speak. He was very attentive and knowledgeable. He helped me through one of the toughest times of my life and I am very grateful to have had such a wonderful attorney in my corner.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Bill

    Certified Matrimonial Attorney says Romanowski is the “Lawyer’s Lawyer”

    Let me begin by stating that I am a Certified Matrimonial Attorney myself with over 20 years of experience practicing every variety of family law conceivable and working with hundreds of lawyers as colleagues or adversaries.

    I attend continuing legal education in New Jersey divorce and family law regularly. I can say that I enjoy positive personal and professional relationships with just about every important family lawyer in Central Jersey, and then some. Given that, I chose Curt Romanowski to represent me in my own divorce, after suffering through about three horrendous years of grueling litigation.

    In the divorce and family law business, Curt is the “go-to guy.” The “Lawyers’ Lawyer.” His spontaneous command of the case law (you can say “Is there a case on point for thus and such?” and he would have the answer, sometimes before you’re even through asking your question) is amazing. And I’ve never known any lawyer, certainly not a family law attorney, have such an immediate and strategic command to the laws of evidence. It’s mind-boggling. He must never get any sleep. I know from my own circle of lawyer acquaintances that no one wants to go against him in trial.

    Just the other day, I received my latest edition of the rules of court (2015). I started thumbing through chapter five where the rules governing the family part appear and was delighted to see that Curt’s authoritative work was referenced so many times I lost count. Hundreds. I know how hard this guy works at our profession. He is the best of the best family law educators and writers. He’s extremely down-to-earth and not at all an “egg head,” for all he knows. He knows just what to say and do to calm everyone down to get things done productively. He can take somebody who’s red in the face and make them laugh without missing a beat. Obviously, I highly recommend him to anyone in need of excellent divorce and family law representation. I would place my trust with him without blinking an eye.

  • 2.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    Not Fair Mr. Romanowski

    I had setup an appointment where I was offered a free initial consultation. First the office is at a difficult location to get to as the intersection is very busy and for parking you have to compete with bank customers. I was 10 minutes late to my appointment and was made to wait for a while. Second towards the end of my free consultation I was informed that I am looking for specific answers and recommendations and I would need to make a decision to either engage his office or end the meeting.

    I took the retainer contract and I was intrigued by some of the information i was offered, so I called to book a one hour "paid" appointment.

    I showed up on time for my appointment and I was promptly seated in the conference room. Curtis arrived after a few minutes - I could hear him on the phone - he has a loud voice. I clicked on my stop watch on my iphone. He spent a good 20 minutes insisting on noting my name, address, phone number, etc. and same information about my husband. He also chit chatted about how he knows the judget who had been assigned to the case and how he has been part of a panel. However, it was ironic that he could not remember judge's last name. And yes details about my financials.

    Anyhow - I had already lost around 30 minutes of my time when the real consultation began. He did answer my questions with authority but he used broad generalities. I accept that in many cases that is the best one may be able to do. Unfortunately - the main information I was looking to get - I did not receive - the best I got were broad generalities. My overall impression was that Curtis used the time I paid for his services to pitch his agenda of getting me to sign a retainer which by the way was exhorbitant - but since he now knew my net worth and income and my husband's net worth and income - I presume he tailored his $ demand to it.

    One more thing - he had to step away in the middle of our consultation to take an important call - he was gone for over 10 minutes.

    However there are four specific things I want to call out where I was short changed:
    1 - I paid for full 60 minutes but the real advice I received was for at best 20 minutes. I lost 5-10 minutes waitng for him to arrive in the meeting room, 10 minutes to a phone call he took in the middle, 20 minutes to him collecting information to conact me and such to sign his retainer later which by the way his office called and emailed a few times, so I only received 20 minutes of REAL advice and value for the 60 minutes I paid.

    2 - The advice I received was too general partly because we were short of time as he had eaten up time in the shananigans he ran.

    3 - I felt I was sitting through a commercial that I paid for to listen to how good he is and why I should sign this retainer for over $ 10,000 to get real help and advice.

    4 - He was less than fair in his responses as he was trying for me to sign his retainer and kept alluding to the fact that the intake process for his engagement covers this and many more details and that is the only real way for me to receive value for his services.

    I paid a very high fee for the one hour consultation and in all fairness I did so to judge two things:
    1 - Is he worth the price he is charging.
    2 - Is he fair with charging his time.

    He definitely fell short on both counts in my case - especially the fairness part.

    I am also a little disappointed that even though I read many reviews on him - but only found out about experiences like mine when I inquired about him from couple of other attorneys who felt that Mr. Romanowski's is at his best when promoting himself.

    Lost one hour of fee for very little value. In the grand scheme of things it is insignificant to engage the right attorney for the matter - but I felt cheated.

    Curtis James Romanowski’s response: “This was obviously orchestrated by a competitor. Office records confirm there was no such consultation and no retainer in excess of $10,000. These are records we are required to keep. Hearsay alleged comments from other competitor lawyers are also included and are highly inappropriate. A poor rating for "Kept me informed" is particularly inappropriate, since this was alleged to be an initial consultation with no duty of any contact whatsoever thereafter. Notably, the only "clients" having ever rated my services as anything short of excellent, either never retained me (like this one) or retained me only briefly, and opted not to go forward with the engagement. Notably, the 2015 Rules of Court refer to my work as authoritative no less than 300 times. We stand on substance at Romanowski Law Offices. Always have. Will never offer anything less.”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by KW

    A+ Knowledge of the law and Representation

    I knew I would need the best to represent me as I knew my situation was considered a high conflict divorce. As it turns out everything that is said would be thrown at you in a high conflict divorce is true and I don’t believe that I could have selected a better attorney to represent and defend my case and to help pull together the best protection for my child, as Mr. Romonowski. Having seen Mr. Romanowski defend me in a DV trial at the start of my divorce along with other crazy allegations, I only know that it was due to his defense and knowledge of the law that I had prevailed, regardless of the evidence at hand. His presentation to the court was impressive if not sure brilliance. Having evidence is good for defense, but also having the best representation like Mr. Romanowski's is the key to prevail.