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Richard Allen Woodrow

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  • Woodrow is the Best in Thurston County

    5.0 stars

    Posted by James

    I hired Woodrow on a Assault D.v charge and he got it all dismissed. He is the best in Thurston County, everyone knows Woodrow is the best! he is the only one in Thurston County to get a not guilty on a Murder Charge.

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  • Review

    1.0 star

    Posted by Mat

    I met with Richard Woodrow for the first time on July 30, 2015 after receiving a ticket. He explained that he would charge $250/hr with a cap at $1,500. On December 6, 2015 I received a court date. I went to Richard Woodrow for legal counsel on December 8, 2015. At that time, his secretary asked me to sign a $1,500 flat rate contract, I refused reminding her of the $250/hr that was agreed upon in July and I left the office with the intention of hiring another attorney. Richard Woodrow’s secretary called me roughly a half an hour later. She said she had spoken with Richard Woodrow about the first consultation and that he remembered quoting a rate of $250/hr. Richard Woodrow agreed to honor that $250/hr but only if the case were to be dismissed. Which he had previously assured me would not be an issue. I returned to the office to sign the contract for either $250/hr if the charges were dismissed or a flat rate of $1,500 if the case went to trial. I was still asked to pay the $1,500 up front, but was assured that if the charges were dismissed I would only be charged the $250/hr and issued a refund of the remainder. On January 6, 2016 at 8:30am I was scheduled to appear in court. On January 6, 2016 at 8:15am Richard Woodrow’s secretary called to say he would meet me at the courthouse, but could not stay for my hearing. Richard Woodrow arrived at 8:20am. I sat on the bench across from him for a few minutes before I realized he did not recognize me. As I approached him I again clarified that if we got the charges dismissed today, I would only be charged the $250/hr. Richard Woodrow said it was about as likely that we would be struck by lightning inside as it was that the charges would be dismissed today. This new stance was opposite everything we had discussed prior. During the few minutes I had to consult with Richard Woodrow as we waited to sign in at the courthouse, I asked several questions about my case, he informed me that he could not have filed any paperwork or requested any documents until after our next court date was scheduled. As we waited to check in with the prosecutor the two men in front of me both had their cases dismissed after providing medical documents. The same documents I explained to Richard Woodrow that I had during my meeting with him. Richard Woodrow asked me to go sit down. Moments later when asked directly, he lied to the prosecutor and said I did not have proper medical documentation. At that time I stood up from my seat interrupting their conversation and informed him he was wrong and provided her with my documents. At that time all charges were dismissed and we were out of the courthouse within 5 minutes. We signed out of the courthouse at 9:06am. As we left the courthouse, I inquired about receiving my refund. Richard Woodrow asked if I could give him 1-2 days to talk to his secretary about the billing. I called Richard Woodrow’s office on January 8, 2016 @ 12:37pm and was told by the secretary that she hadn’t spoken to Mr. Woodrow and could not talk now because she was on her lunch break. She never called back. I called again on January 11, 2016 @8:32am and January 13, 2016 @8:40am and was told each time by the secretary that Richard Woodrow was still working out his final fee. He was not required to appear in court on my behalf nor did he make himself available to attend my hearing, as I have proof of through the voicemail his secretary left me. The Monday before my court date I became nervous about Richard Woodrow's lack of communication leading up to the hearing and requested a meeting. His secretary refused, stating he already had everything under control. Under control to me would have been remembering or even knowing my medical history, since that was the entire basis for my defense. Richard Woodrow clearly had not studied the case nor did he bring any documents to the courthouse. I was able to dispute the charge with my credit card and received a full refund.

    Hired attorney
    Richard Allen Woodrow’s response: “Matt hired me to represent him on a criminal charge filed in Federal magistrate court. I met with him two or three times and appeared in court with him one time. The case was dismissed. Immediately after the hearing Matt started to call my office demanding his money back. Matt was informed that the contract he signed stated that this was a "Flat fee in the amount of $1,500.00" Matt was informed that my office is in Olympia and Federal court is in Tacoma. I felt and Matt agreed that the distance I must drive to court and the fact that Federal court could take an hour or so for arraignment and negotiations that $1,500.00 was a fair price. Matt was informed that I bill at $250.00 an hour. A flat rate was explained to Matt. He knew that at any time he could terminate our relationship and I would refund his money to him. He also knew that, and I quote from the contract:: "A flat fee arrangement: In this type of arrangement the attorney and client agree that the client will be charged a flat fee, and no more, for the specific undertaking described herein. This may be amended, but only by the mutual consent of the parties. All monies will be deposited in Attorney's business account and not into the trust account. The flat fee is the attorney's property upon receipt. The services provided by the Attorney shall include all matters up to and include trial in this matter. The total amount of the fee shall be 1,500 dollars." Later on in the contract it states: "Client agrees to pay 1,500.00 flat rate." This contract was signed by Matt on December 16th, 2015. My office filed a notice of appearance on behalf on Matt. After the dismissal of the charges Matt demanded that all monies be returned to him. Due to Matt's rude behavior to my secretary I agreed to give his money back to him. On March 25, 2016 i agreed to return all of Matt's money to him. He filed this review 5 days later. His original complaint said that I kept his money. Mat lied. After he was contacted by Avvo and my office he indicated the money was returned to him. . When a person comments about an attorney on Avvo they are advised that they must and I quote: " Stick to the facts. Reviews that contain unsupported accusations will not be approved." Matt's claims are unsupported, false and defamatory and will be addressed in a different forum. It is unfortunate that people in today's society can post anything on websites like this and not be truthful about services that they received and contracts that they have signed. Matt was happy that his charges were dismissed but unhappy that he had to pay to have that happen. I am sorry that Matt felt that having the charges dismissed and all of his money returned to him left him feeling dissatisfied with my services. I returned the money not because I felt that I didn't earn the money but because of Matt's erratic and hostile behavior towards my staff. I feel that Matt's issues affected his ability to fully, fairly and ethically assess his position.”
  • Woodrow's the man!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ashley

    Seriously choosing Woodrow was the easiest and best decision I've ever mad. I'm not going to go into too much detail but I was looking at 10 years in prison but Woodrow knew what he was doing and reduced my charges from a class A to class c with time served. Seriously if you need an attorney call Woodrow!!!

  • DUI

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kyle

    Recently got a DUI and Mr. Woodrow did some serious good work. Got the charges lowered to negligent driving with no jail time. He's an understanding guy with an awesome work ethic. You should see him in the courtroom through, he's super intelligent. Thanks god for his help!

  • Mr. Woodrow yous my boy!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Brett

    ^Whos this dbag^ Mr. Woodrow is a bonafide badass
    BrettK1984 on 06/12/2011
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    Disregard the latter review. Mr. Woodrow has now twice saved my bacon. I got on friendship diversion (w serious charges that normally dont qualify for the program) then got a dui while still in the program which shouldve got me kicked out of the program and sent to prison but he got me out of that too. Im on diversion twice simultaneously which is unheard of because of him. Hes a slick mufugga who dont suck off prosecutors or jerk you around like so many lawyers often do. On top of that I didnt even pay him for months and ended up figuring a way to pay him after he got me out of it. Needless to say me and my family couldnt be happier with him in every way. Your a damn good man and look fly in a suit too! This other dudes just mad cuz he did something super retarded and got knocked for it Im sure so quit hatin! Thanks Mr. Woodrow! -Brett K.