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Melissa Huelsman’s reviews

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  • If you are facing foreclosure, you need to meet with Melissa

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Foreclosure client

    We were referred to Melissa Huelsman from our bankruptcy attorney. Our lender had denied our 2nd attempt to modify and was preparing for foreclosure.
    At our first meeting she was very knowledgeable and very up front to the pros and cons of litigation/mediation and the costs. She took the time to understand where we were at the time and what our end goal was. That was in 2012.
    The initial servicer, in mediation #1, came unprepared and completely flippant as to everyone's time in the room. Melissa new the questions to ask so all could see this person representing the servicer, 1, had no authority and 2, had no desire to find the person who did have authority. We parted frustrated, but Melissa had a plan.
    2nd mediation, again the servicer would not provide the documents required under Washington State law. Melissa swooped in and asked some very clever questions, to which the servicer came back and basically said, yea, we know but we decided we don’t want to. At that point (after much banter) and the mediators continually asking, if the servicer knew they were not acting in good faith, the meeting was over. The servicer got a complaint filed against them to Washington State. (Which we didn't know would assist us in the future.)
    We were frustrated but Melissa said to wait it out, she knew that bad press for servicers is not good! Melissa knows when to be patient and when to strike.
    Time went by and sure enough the loan was sold to a new servicer.
    Through the next span of time that ended up being about 1 1/2 years, she represented us for 2 additional mediations. The 2nd started to show some promise, mainly because Melissa Huelsman new every detail of our loan and our situation. Her knowledge of Washington State law and predatory lending laws is outstanding.
    We never made it to mediation #3. The servicer postponed several times, then a few days after the final postponement, we received word from Melissa that the servicer was offering us a modification, to review it, and she would call us that night. We talked late into the night about the modification and the work Melissa and her team had been doing to get this negotiation done, make sure we were protected and that moving forward with the modification was in our best interest. We were very satisfied with the results.
    It was a long haul, but we knew Melissa Huelsman and her team had our back the whole way. From the day we hired her, we just felt safe and well represented.
    In our opinion Melisa A Huelsman is an excellent attorney. She knows her stuff, goes forward confidently into mediation, is very, very detail oriented, is tough and to the point but is still kind and respectful to everyone in the room. She seems to know and understand every detail that will assist in a successful mediation for her clients. Not only would we refer Mellissa to people who need her services, we already have!

  • Melissa Huelsman

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Rhonda

    Melissa is beyond professional and has expertise knowledge as an attorney. She fought for us and what was right and got us a beyond fair outcome. I am proud to say she is our lawyer! She is punctual and straight forward, she restored our faith in lawyers.

  • The Best in The Great Northwest

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Barbara

    As a new client of Ms. Melissa Huelsman's, I walk away from our initial consultation regarding a predatory lending situation with a renewed sense of confidence in our judicial system here in the great state of Washington. Ms. Melissa strikes me as a veritable fireball of enthusiasm in her field of legal expertise.

    Straightforward, no nonsense honesty is engrained in her persona. Her Biography reads like a who's who in the world of consumer advocacy. Ms. Melissa's victorious accomplishments taking on large financial institutions is to be commended. Bringing the hammer down on MERS scams proves she is fearless in the face of any formidable adversary large or small, powerful or weak.

    If you or someone you know are facing issues regarding the loss of security associated with a foreclosed domicile, run, don't walk, to LOMAH for advice on bringing swift resolution to your desparate circumstances..

    Be prepared to hear the truth and to tell the truth, as to do otherwise would clearly be a waste of her valuable time. An Attorney possessing the skills of forthrightness and fearlessness is rare in today's litigation oriented society, but thankfully I found a hound that bites hard in this woman and that is exactly what I need in the midst of this crises.

    Although I am a new client and have absolutely no idea how our case will play out in the long run, I guarantee there will be no more wrestless days and sleepless nights. To put it simply, I feel confidant as I place my trust in her high degree of competency that "this too shall pass".

  • If you need foreclosure/ home loan help hire Melissa ASAP

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jenna

    We hired Melissa when we were facing foreclosure, and were denied by our lender for modification 4 times. Melissa is an excellent attorney. She is straight forward and doesn't give false hope.
    She only agreed to take our case because she thought we had a chance to win.
    Throughout the process she was responsive, courteous, and went above and beyond to answer our questions and make sure we understood everything that was going on with our case.
    As our case proceeded and we settled with out bank she put us in touch with a non profit organization that could help us finish the terms of the modification with our lender. She suggested this to us because the service from them would be free. She could have said nothing and finished that portion of the modification and charged us but she was really looking out for our best interest.
    Melissa kept in touch after all was said and done, and she even checked over the final modification paperwork for us.
    I would recommend her for anyone in WA state facing mortgage problems. My only regret is that we didn't find her sooner in here process!
    Thank you Melissa!

  • Great lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tam

    I hired Melissa a few years ago and have been extremely satisfied with her in all areas of business. It's hard to say that one "enjoys" any legal experience, however I appreciated her honesty and integrity during a challenging time. Her knowledge is extensive and she always took the time to answer my questions. I would highly recommend Melissa to anyone seeking legal counsel.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Foreclosure client

    A true warrior amongst lawyers, with no tolerance for mortgage company representatives that are accustomed to rolling over people with inexperienced staff, sloppy preparation, and questionable legal practices. Her knowledge of the current state of affairs, the people involved in the industry, personal, and corporate personalities, and probable outcomes is encyclopedic. You could not ask for a more formidable adversary to oppose a mortgage holder intent on pursuing their own agenda at your expense. Highly recommended.

  • Foreclosure Mediation & Prededtory Lending

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Roland

    In 2008 the Recession brought a drastic downturn in automobile sub-prime lending. I had been successfully employed in this industry for 15 years. Clearly in 2009 it was over and, I had held on for too long. This resulted in falling behind on our mortgage payments. My wife and I unsuccessfully sought-out a loan modification with our lender several times during the next 9 month period.

    Then the government sponsored Home Affordable Mortgage Program (aka: HAMP or Obama Plan) arrived on the scene. It was made available to lenders like ours. Because of our attachment to the house we had called "home" for 13 years we chose the HAMP plan over selling it and taking our equity of approximately $250,000. We thought we had entered the Trial Period of the Plan. It consisted of making three months of reduced payments. These payments were supposed to be an amount close to what our actual HAMP payments would be after we completed the qualification period. This was all documented in the the Plan contracts sent to us by our lender.

    Three months in to the Trial Period we were felt our position was good and that we were successfully completing the qualifying period. We were now waiting on the modification "contracts". Then, on the SIXTH! month the lender quit withdrawing funds from our account. When we asked why they responded that we had asked to "be removed from the Plan." Not true! After the lender agreed to review recorded phone conversations they admitted the mistake was theirs. They offered to put us back into the HAMP Plan. After a couple more months of no payment withdrawl we found we never were put into a HAMP modification plan. Moreover, we were being foreclosed upon in very short order! It was time to go see Melissa Huelsman!

    We elected to litigate with Melissa representing us against the lenders' very capable attorneys. She quickly secured us several Temporary Restraining Orders of foreclosure. The TRO's resulted favorably in "stays" spanning a two and one-half year period. We were very happy! Similarly, favorable opinions were given on her arguments regarding the main issues in our case. Those issues were the actions taken by the lender in violation of the Deed Of Trust Act and the Consumer Protection Act. As well, it was found we would be due Damages for Lost Equity. The end result was that we won our case in a Judicial Mediation. We were awarded a favorable settlement with the lender.

    In our opinion Melisa A Huelsman is an excellent attorney. She clearly has all it takes to mount a formidable campaign whether taking the offensive or the defensive position. She's smart, fair, knowledgeable, experienced, detail oriented, down-to-earth, tough as nails and personable all at the same time. She also seemed to be well liked by the court and comfortably confident in her knowledge and expertise in foreclosure and predatory lending law. She's a WINNER!

  • Excellent Foreclosure Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Foreclosure client

    Melissa's knowledge, experience, and understanding helped me through a very complicated and difficult situation. Her performance in both court and mediation were outstanding. She obtained not one, but TWO settlements on my behalf. She's truly a leader in her field. I'd recommend Melissa and her courteous, efficient staff to anyone who finds themselves in need of foreclosure/bankruptcy legal services.

  • Best of the best

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Randy

    My wife and I were days away from losing our home because our lender played games with our loan modification and we found ourselves many thousands of dollars in debt with them. Melissa stepped up and found the best solution for us (bankruptcy) at the time and the future. Every time we (my wife and I) would meet with her we would come away knowing that she’s got our back and we can expect the best possible outcome available to us. She’s not afraid of the big banks and is working to help create laws that will return our banking system to something that is geared more for protecting the people rather than the banks.

  • No-Show in Court...and more reasons not to hire her

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Foreclosure client

    Extremely unresponsive. Unreliable. Did not show up in court to my one and only hearing. Said she was in California. Took all the money I had upfront but failed to provide an accounting even after she stopped representing me. She failed to negotiate on my behalf with the lender. Instead, I had to negotiate myself, although I had paid her. When I asked for my money back for failing to represent me, failing to appear in court, failing to negotiate, she refused to refund my money or provide a billing statement. I would not trust her to represent anyone, especially those in vulnerable situations, facing once-in-a-lifetime crises.