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Randolph Ian Gordon

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  • A truly elite law office in Seattle that encompasses honesty, professionalism and the pursuit of outstanding results.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by David M

    My case was a motor vehicle accident that took place more than one year ago. From the beginning the case a handful because it was a multi-vehicle accident involving numerous individuals and insurance providers. I fought for over 8 months and decided that the best plan of action was to seek legal counsel because it was affecting my work and personal schedule. I was fortunate to be referred to Randy and I can tell you without any doubts or hesitation that Randy was the bright spot in this whole process. You will be fortunate enough to work with Jennifer who was a joy to work with. She helped me out tremendously and walked me through things when I was uncertain, never judgmental and always there when you needed her. Randy and Jennifer make a great team and without going into any details the outcome of my settlement has made me a lifetime client and friend.

  • Ready to rest assured your case is in THE BEST hands? Hire Randy Gordon!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Dawn

    How would it feel to know you can return to focusing on what's important -- your recovery and reclaiming your life -- because you have someone who will get the best settlement for your case? This was my experience with Randy Gordon! I would highly recommend that you call and meet with him, for your legal representation needs.

    Randy is a very caring man who correctly responded to his calling to become a lawyer. His litigation experience, expertise and negotiation skills have made a huge difference to my family, my sanity and my ability to move on after two motor vehicle collisions that were no fault of my own.

    Randy has also taken the time and care to hire great staff. Jennifer is personally warm and genuine while being a consummate professional. Kathy, Randy's receptionist, is also delightful.

    It's true, I can't recommend them all enough!
    All of us will forever be deeply grateful and appreciative.

    - Dawn, Will and Sarah

  • Don't waste your time, start with the best!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Marlene

    Randy Gordon was not the first attorney I consulted after I was injured in an automobile accident. Other attorneys had told me that my case was too small, and that perhaps a Junior Associate would “take it”. I was told I would be destroyed on the stand. But, that was before I met Mr. Gordon, who looked me straight in the eye, and said, “there is no small case or big case, you have a legitimate claim, and I will do anything I can to get you a just settlement”.

    Not only did Randy Gordon keep his initial promise, he went above and beyond. I was already happy with the settlement he negotiated; yet he continued to bargain with my own insurance company, in order to reduce the amount of money I would have to pay back. From the very first day, Randy worked tirelessly on my case. He was personally present at every interrogatory with adjustors, and had me come into the office whenever I needed to make statements or conference calls in order to provide much needed support. I know Randy Gordon handles million dollar cases, yet whenever I was in his office or on the phone with him, I was always treated as if I was his only client.

    Randy Gordon exudes such charisma and positive energy that even opposing parties can’t help but like him. I truly respect and admire Mr. Gordon greatly, however, I also consider him a friend. As a mother of seven, and grandmother of five, if any of my loved ones needed an attorney, I would insist that Randy represent them.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by David

    I was referred to Randy several years ago by a mutual friend following a car accident. I had just begun a new job and Randy being sensitive to this, on our first meeting, came to my office after hours. Immediately, I was impressed with his professionalism, his friendliness his integrity and his genuine high degree of compassion. Throughout the next several months, Randy, without hesitation, always made himself available to answer any question I may have had. From fees to expenses and reimbursements, Randy explained everything in a clear and concise way. In the end, his efforts were successful.

    Fast forward to 18 months ago and again, I was in need of legal representation. My first and only choice was to place a phone call to Randy. Again, his compassion and ability to clearly outline the path we’d need to take left no doubt in my mind he was the only choice. With his guidance and high degree of knowledge regarding the law, a positive outcome was achieved. Even after reaching a successful result, he continued to work to make sure that I received the maximum amounts available, including negotiating with insurance companies regarding potential claims for reimbursement.

    On several occasions, I have referred others to Randy; all of whom were more than pleased with the results he obtained for them. Over the years, Randy and I have gotten to know each other on a personal level. It’s not just my privilege to know Randy as an attorney but also as a friend.

  • Randy is the best personal injury attorney in Puget Sound!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kathy

    I was referred to Randy Gordon by a good friend who told me he is the best. After meeting him I found him to be personable, caring and an expert in his field. He not only took my case information he explained everything to me in detail so that I understood what I was up against and how he could best represent me. He displayed excellence in his ability to work with the insurance companies, doctors and other practitioners. He and his staff kept excellent records and spreadsheets, outlining what had been spent, what I should be reimbursed, and what I could expect when we went to settlement and mediation. I highly recommend Randy for any personal injury case. When I hear of friends or acquaintances who have been hurt and need representation, I always refer them to Randy Gordon, he is the best!

  • Insurance Case

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Anne

    Randy is an extremely thorough and compassionate attorney. From the beginning I felt very confident that my case was in excellent hands. Randy and his team knew what they were doing and in my opinion are leading the way when it comes to insurance cases. The prompt response from the insurance company in my favor proved it. The research that went into my case, the information that was constantly available to me, the correspondence back and forth, the updates, always keeping me in the loop was deeply appreciated. Even after the favorable response from the insurance company Randy stayed with us through to the end, until every check was delivered to us. When a question was asked of me by the insurance company he answered for me. He made sure we were properly taken care of, with no additional fees charged to me.

    Going forward I consider Randy Gordon my attorney for any legal matters I will encounter in the future. I hope to have the opportunity of referring him to everyone I come in contact with. I know several attorneys, I have worked with many in the past. Randy Gordon is a thoughtful, caring, man who happens to be an attorney. It has been my pleasure to have him represent me.

  • Don't use anyone else!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Contracts client

    I contacted Randy almost a year ago when a large corporation threatened and followed through with their threats to disrupt the smooth operation of my small business by reneging on a contract we had in place.

    Randy, from the very beginning, listened to my story and asked the appropriate questions to see if my case was winnable. After my hour consultation, Randy had a firm grasp on the case and even laid out the strategy that he felt we needed to follow. A year later, the case was over and the strategy he laid out from our initial meeting did not detour one iota!

    While I cannot comment on the case, and can say that I am thrilled with the outcome and the excellent representation I received.

    If you are looking for an attorney who is dependable, reliable, and economical, look no further. Randy is a pit bull that will take your cause and make it his own.

    When I need representation in the future, I will look no further than Randy Gordon.

  • A Lawyer I Would Trust My Kids With

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Personal Injury client

    I am a former personal injury client of Randy's. Before I met Randy, I had contacted tens of lawyers who dismissed my claim after only a few minutes of conversation. However, when I first met with Randy he took the time to listen to my entire story. Afterwards, he explained all aspects of my case without using a ton of legal jargon. Randy was forthright and honest when he explained the positive and negative aspects of my case. He told me that he and his firm would do everything they possibly could for me -- and they did.
    Throughout the litigation process, Randy and his staff kept me well informed of the goings on of my case. He became personally involved, such that the pain and suffering I felt appeared to become his own. Randy and I met on a number of occassion to develop the best strategy for reaching a positive resolution of my claim.
    In the end, Randy's diligent efforts led to a very successful settlement of my claims. Anyone thinking of retaining the services of an attorney would be wise to give Randy Gordon a call.