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Virginia Monica Paula Onu

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  • Thank you!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Leslie

    I could not have asked for a better person to have in my corner. Monica helped make a very difficult situation a little easier to navigate. She communicated every step of the way so that there were no surprises. I knew exactly what to expect and was impressed as to how well prepared Monica was entering mediation. She made sure I was prepared as well, for any and all outcomes. In the end, she was able to successfully represent me in my divorce and made sure that settlement was in my best interest.
    I would definitely recommend her as she always makes sure to do what is best for her clients. Not only is she knowledgable, but she is a kind and compassionate person. This made working with her very easy.

  • Best choice you can make

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    You've already done the hard part I'm not sure how you've found Ms. Onu but now that you have take my advice and hire this extremely talented and competent divorce attorney.
    I can be a bit difficult to work with at times and going into my divorce was going to be a challenging time for me and whoever my attorney was going to be. I interviewed Monica not so much as to see what she was about, but to see if she was willing to take on a client that was going to need to be in mountain climbing terms "short roped" through this process. Luckily she didn't hesitate and took me on as a client, I didn't know it at the time but this was the best decision I could have made in this process. Not only is she very competent and capable at what she does, she has a great manner with her clients. I can't tell you how many times she talked me off a ledge or prevented me from doing something I would later regret.
    Our first day before a judge at pretrial orders I was unsure how these proceedings would go. She sleighed it, to the point I actually felt sorry for my ex, I was amazed and could not have been more proud standing next to my attorney, she made me look like a genius and set the tone for the rest of the divorce.
    The divorce is a process and Monica has it down, she is an expert at what to do and knows when it needs to get done and will guide you through the maze of legal requirments of which there are many.
    During the divorce she offered not only priceless legal advice but I also looked forward to and needed her calming conversations and emails that would reassure me we were on the right path that she had my back and was diligently working for me. I can't say it enough you cannot be in more capable hands than this woman.
    There were times I know she was challenged with my short comings but she not once showed frustration and I know she had to be. She only offered positive straight forward advice, direction and focus, she allowed me make my own decisions but advised me on the pros and cons of each and stood behind whatever decision I made as if it was her own....Which it may have been I just didn't know it at the time.
    I was happy with the end result of my settlement. I received what I set out to receive which was not to leave anything on the table and to come away with a fair and equitable settlement that I could live with for years to come.
    Monica did for me what I asked and made it as painless as these things can be, I can't imagine what the process would have been like with a less skilled and caring attorney.
    You've done the hard part, now call her and get this done.

  • Compassionate, skillful, tough advocate!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Portia

    I am an attorney and have been the primary breadwinner for 21 of the 23 years of my marriage. When my now ex-husband told me that he wanted a divorce and that he wanted it to be final in 2 months, I knew that I would need a tough advocate. Because I have three children -- two of which are still teenagers living at home, I wanted the divorce to be as amicable as possible while still protecting my rights and assetts.
    My ex hired a nasty, contentious attorney who advised him that becasue of my high income and the long tenure of our marriage, he should take me for everything that I had. Virginia was tough as nails when she needed to be and clearly got the message across that we would fight if we had to. Fortunatley, that turned out not to be necessary.
    Virginia was extremely responsive -- answereing e-mails within 24 hours and always available to answer my questions. She was careful to explain the pros and cons of my decisions .
    In the end, my ex got a fraction of what he initially demanded from me. Virginia clearly out-manuevered the opposing counsel
    I recommend Virginia highly and without reservation.


    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Family client

    Monica is the essence of the term “Legal Advocate”; knowledgeable, impeccable integrity, and dedicated. She worked long hours on my case, even working from home on a few occasions.
    She was very supportive and always kept me informed about my case. She obviously has a great relationship with the court staff. She was able to get me a great deal on my case. She also handled my case like it was the only one on her plate.

    Monica has always performed with exceptional professionalism, diligence and honesty. I highly recommend her for your legal matters. She is trustworthy and works above and beyond to earn it.
    If you have the opportunity to bring her on as your legal advocate, do so. It will make all the difference later.

  • Supportive of amicable divorce

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    My divorce was after a 9 years marriage. There were more than a few assets and real estate, but my husband and I wished for an amicable division and I was assigned to the task. I chose a lawyer as I felt it important that all the asset divisions were recorded correctly and all the "t's" crossed and "i's" dotted, to avoid future bad surprises. Initially, I called Ms. Onu for information a couple times and she patiently and calmly educated me without trying to sell anything. Imagine, a lawyer actually answering a phone in person! I liked her very calm demeanor and she was very knowledgeable. After a period of time, I went in for a free consultation. She gently made me aware of what my rights were with WA State law, she accepted my comfort level of splitting assets. (after-all, she was representing me). That day, I retained her services. I could tell that she could handle the most complicated of divorces, but she never balked at my $1700 divorce and commented that it is refreshing sometimes to see people get along. She quickly worked with contacting my ex-to-be and thoroughly accounted for all assets and properly divided everything in accordance with the law. Ms. Onu was very professional, thorough, efficient, reachable and was always quite prepared for each meeting and also in front of the judge. She prepared for multiple, anticipated outcomes and thought of things I did not consider. Ms. Onu really knows her stuff! I securely feel this chapter of my life is buttoned-up without anything to worry about in the future to haunt me. This is a good feeling. And I can move on with my life with peace of mind.

  • Be wise. Be cautious.

    2.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Monica is a great attorney if your only desire is to crush your ex into a pulp. Really. Most people I have seen go through a divorce, would love to see that happen to their ex, but underneath their hurt, pain and abuse, what they are really looking for is distance and time to heal from a failed marriage. Monica will not get you that. She will get you motions and subpoenas and trial. As long as Monica is confident that she can win your battles, you will keep fighting, long after even you have forgotten what you are fighting about.

    One might wonder what is so wrong in having an attorney who can intimidate the wits out of an ex you cannot stand...well, if you have kids to raise with this ex of yours, you will end up with such a broken relationship that no victory in a court of law would give your children a happy childhood. After you have paid your exorbitant legal bills, you will have to sit back and watch your kids bear the brunt of two parents who cannot stand each other now more than even when they were married.

    For Monica, clients are a means to her end, but for me, my attorney should be the means to MY end. Clients deserve an attorney who will counsel them towards what is best for them and their children. Clients deserve an attorney who will guide them with integrity when they are most vulnerable, without greed for visibility and wealth.

    Please interview attorneys before selecting them. Remember that they work for you, and not you for them. Monica knows her stuff, but she is not looking out for you. Find someone who will listen to you and put your children first through what might be the worst chapter of your life.

    A different attorney would have not made my failed marriage work, but they most definitely would have made my divorce more palatable, economical and sensitive than what Monica made it out to be.

  • Highly recommended attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Divorce client

    English is not my first language and I was not familiar with the US legal system. Virginia is trustworthy and can be relied on. She worked efficiently and effectively. With her assistance, I went through my divorce process easier than I thought and I am pleased with the result. I am glad she was my attorney.

  • Heart of gold for her clients, knuckles of brass for the opposition.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    I'm a father who fought for primary custody in the state of Washington. It's been no picnic facing down the subtle but dangerous stereotypes. But with Monica's help, I got what was best for the kids.

    Virginia (Monica) Onu quickly found what to focus our energies on in my dispute, and from then on she kept me positioned accordingly. She knew what my soon-to-be ex-spouse was going to do before my ex-spouse even thought of it. She prepared the documents for the judges to reflect me well with great supporting documentation. She fought to protect my kids from physical harm. She didn't let me wiggle out of things that made me disturb the dynamics of my relationship's status quo. And when my wife tried to immediately slack on the court's orders, Monica swiftly made it into a very aversive experience. My ex no longer thinks the rules are just guidelines that she can reinvent according to her whims.

    I chose Monica because she's got a lot of criminal work in her background that, to me, compliments her years in family law. I wanted an attorney who's home court IS court. I'd read her reviews, and knew she doesn't go into negotiations ready to sell you down the river to avoid court. She's the opposite of that, and only avoids court to help you save money. She really comes alive negotiating with difficult people on the opposing team, and doesn't capitulate by giving away what's all-important. She has no interest in anything but the truth, which keeps you on strong footing with the judges, and tends to look better and better the more the opposition attacks it.

    I have little emotional problem with this divorce. However, staying emotionally sturdy through the child custody battle side of it, has been a different matter. The thought of failing to protect my kids, and losing my ability the provide them with what they need to succeed in life has been incredibly exhausting. Monica has successfully kept me putting one foot in front of the other through what turned into a long battle because my ex wanted a 50/50 parenting plan so she could get out of paying any kind of support. Clearly, I believe this would have been very bad for the kids. Monica protected my kids with every tool in her arsenal and it's made a huge difference. I suggest you give her a call like I did.

  • I highly recommend Ms. Onu as your Family Law Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by PatriciaM

    I am an attorney, and in June 2009, I found myself in desperate need of an excellent family law attorney. My ex-husband, who had moved out of state, called to inform me that he was going to stop paying child support. My two boys were 18 and 16, and both were headed to college.

    I contacted my probate attorney for a referral to a good family law attorney, and she strongly recommended Ms. Virginia (Monica) Onu. We met the next day and Monica had my motions filed, my ex-husband served and court dates within a matter of weeks. Not only did she do an incredible job of getting a favorable ruling on the child support and college expenses, but, at no cost to me, she quickly and easily walked me through the process of collecting over $50,000 in back child support that I had long since given up on collecting. Within 60 days of meeting Monica, I had a judgment for the entire amount and his wages were being garnished by the State of Washington.

    I cannot recommend Ms. Onu highly enough. She is thorough, thoughtful and efficient. My attorney fees were extremely reasonable and well within the amounts she estimated at the outset. Given the outcome of my case, she was worth every single penny and more! I am confident you will be thankful for having retained her services. She is an excellent family law attorney.

  • Excellent Lawyer!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Deborah

    Virginia was my first experience with a lawyer( at age 55). I came to Virginia to file for divorce. I'm not a business woman, nor was I very involved in our household finances. Virginia explained all my options in a way I throughly understood. she also explained everything, every step of the way. Virginia is extremely thorough! expecially in requesting documentation from the respondent. Virginia basically held my hand through the whole thing. at one point she sensed I was becoming frustrated with the paperwork from the respondent. She went over each question with me and we answered them together. This was a huge load off my back and totally worth the money.
    I found her rates were extremely fair. Her bills were meticulously documented. I also found she was more of a low to moderate time biller, rather then someone who watches every minute and bills you for it.
    I found Virginia was honest, well educated and well informed. She was on top of any situation that arose. Anytime I emailed her, She got back to me within 24 hours.( Usually the same day)
    I'm very pleased with the outcome of our case. The settlement was fair to both parties.( Although the respondent Did not want to be fair at first).
    I would highly recommend Virginia to any one of my friends, or anyone reading this. she had my best interests in mind.

    both parties. ( Although the respondent Did not want to be there at first